5th Match, Pool B, Nelson, Feb 15 2015, ICC Cricket World Cup
(45.5/50 ov, target 305)307/6
Ireland won by 4 wickets (with 25 balls remaining)
player of the match

6.55 pm: Well that is all she wrote at the Saxton. Ireland pull away with a famous victory, winning this one by four wickets, as they get their tournament off to a rollicking start. West Indies, well, they will have to go back and try to arrest this decline in performance as they regroup ahead of their next clash against Pakistan in Christchurch. I suspect their will be a grisly post-mortem following all this...And can we call Ireland giantkillers anymore? The rest of the teams in the group better start paying attention.

This is also the first time a team has won chasing in the tournament, so that should put that theory, to rest. And spare a thought for Holder, who was making his World Cup captaincy debut. It's alright Jason, cricket can be like that sometimes..

Well that is it from us. We sincerely hope you enjoyed our coverage of today's epic encounter. Till the next time, this is Rohan Sharma signing off on behalf of ESPNcricinfo. Have a Guinness, will you?

William Porterfield, Ireland captain: It is obviously fantastic to win. This sets us up nicely for the next few games. Belief has been growing within the squad for a long time and we know what we are capable of, not just in this game but the other games in the competition as well. 300 was probably about par as we knew the pitch was good with a very quick outfield, so we felt it was well within grasp. Stirling and Joyce kicked on beautifully for us before Niall finished off the chase. I believe Ireland can qualify for the knockout stages. We are going into different conditions as we move on to Brisbane now. We just want to keep proving ourselves to the others.

Jason Holder, West Indies captain: It was a tough loss and obviously putting up 300 should have been enough, but it wasn't today. They came and added impetus for us (Lendl and Sammy) towards the end, but it wasn't enough. We tried to be better with our bowling at the Powerplay and the death overs, but we weren't able to pull them back. I think we just need to be a bit more precise when we set fields. We are just giving away too many boundaries during the middle overs

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Paul Stirling, Man of the Match: Great to get that first win of the competition and hopefully we can make it two for two in a week's time. It was a good toss to win and insert WI, we realised that and got quick early wickets.

The Man of the Match is Paul Stirling for his valuable 92 at the outset to set this up for Ireland

6.43 pm: A famous victory at the Saxton Oval as the World Cup is treated to their first upset, although maybe not so seeing the way Ireland bossed this affair. They began with a disciplined bowling performance that rocked West Indies to 87 for 5, before giving it away towards the end, but they have managed to redeem themselves with this wonderful chase.

Another World Cup, another huge Irish upset. Phil Simmons, their West Indies-born coach, will be mighty pleased with his boys.

6.41 pm: St. Patrick's day is just a month away, but you wouldn't have guessed it as Ireland celebrate like it is 1979. The Irish contingent within the crowd is having a whale of a time as well. The giant-killers do it once more as they add West Indies to their series of conquests as they continue to assert the qualities of the Associates. A famous victory in Nelson for the Shamrock Nation, shaped by the bats of Paul Stirling (92) and Ed Joyce (84), and it wouldn't have been complete without an O'Brien contributing, in this case, Niall with his unbeaten 79. They played with fearlessness and positivity, reminding the bigger nations about what cricket is really all about.

Taylor to Mooney, FOUR runs

Mooney hits the winning runs as Ireland cricket reaches greater heights! ends up getting away this pull which catches the edge to fly over the keeper to the boundary

Taylor to Mooney, no run

looking for the blockhole as this is drilled straight to mid-off

Cries of "Ireland, Ireland" going across

Taylor to N O'Brien, 1 run

manages to chip this fuller one over to the man at long off as there were some premature roars of celebration, but its not over yet folks

Taylor to Mooney, 1 run

able to scurry a single as this is worked away to the leg side to get Niall back on strike, much to the crowd's relief

Taylor to Mooney, no run

attempts a ramp to this shortish length that flies outside off to the keeper at a good height

Taylor to bowl with Mooney on strike

end of over 4511 runs • 1 wicket
IRE: 301/6CRR: 6.68 • RRR: 0.80 • Need 4 runs from 30b
Niall O'Brien78 (59)
John Mooney1 (1)
Kemar Roach6-0-52-0
Jerome Taylor8-0-65-3

Ireland need just the boundary now, although West Indies will be looking to keep them away from that for as long as possible

Roach to N O'Brien, no run

loud call for no as he defends this one on middle and off towards the off side

Roach to Mooney, 1 run

misfield at cover makes it just four to win as Chris Gayle at cover fumbles this straightforward take

Ireland within a meaty blow of victory in Nelson

Roach to N O'Brien, 1 run

now gets to the other end with a drop single as Ireland reach 300, which is greeted with much enthusiasm from the Saxton faithful

Roach to N O'Brien, FOUR runs

and with those two blows he seems to have eradicated all the tension that was beginning to fester. Digs deep before bending his knee to slice this through the extra-cover region for four. Beautiful cover drive

Roach to N O'Brien, FOUR runs

keep calm and trust in the Niall as he is able to glance this length delivery slipping down leg to the long leg boundary. Brings the equation down to 10 now

John Mooney now strides out to the middle. Played an important hand in Ireland's victory of England in 2011. Can he produce again with the bat today? He was struggling with his hamstrings before though

Roach to N O'Brien, 1 run, OUT

steers this one past point towards the deep. Kevin chugs hard to try and get to the non-strikers when they return for the second, but he is well short of his ground. Doesn't even bother to wait for the umpire's call as he walks back to the pavilion. Ireland in a spot of bother here now as the innings heads towards its denouement

Kevin O'Brien run out (Smith/Roach) 0 (3m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0