19th Match, Pool B (D/N), Sydney, Feb 27 2015, ICC Cricket World Cup
(33.1/50 ov, target 409)151
South Africa won by 257 runs
player of the match
AB de Villiers
South Africa

Well, there's not much more that can be said except for looking out for both teams and how they take the events of today forward. Thank you for joining us on ESPNcricinfo today. This is Alagappan Muthu, saying I love pizza and pasta too, AB! Oh, and if you're bored, catch up with Match Point which is set to begin any moment now...

AB de Villiers is Man of the Match "They're quite a few things that played a role. the credit had to go to the guys up front and Rilee's energy inspired me. That affected me and I wanted to play like that and then I started timing the ball and it all came off. Watching the ball is very important., Get to know your own game, play within your weaknesses and strengths and wait to play to your strenghts. I dont see it as a risk. I read the situation, I try to read the bowler and I understand my own momentum and I earn the right to go after the bowlers. I didn't know that, Should have got it at the Wanderers [Fastest 150]. The bounce of the ball went my way, but I'm sure West Indies will bounce back"

"Very enjoyable day. I like to focus on the team, Really good performance after the MCG performance," continues AB, "Our top three are natural players, they assess conditions very well. They did it perfectly today, Rilee came in and injected momentum and I followed. Its about understanding you wont carry the momentum through the 100 overs and playing around that. Very happy with Farhaan, he asked me if he had to give me singles and I just said play your game and he hit a six next ball. Tahir has great control and variations. had some stomach problems last night, had a rough night and Doc gave me an injection and I was on my way. Like sea food, love pasta and pizza"

"Did pretty well early on, keeping the run-rate down," says Jason Holder, "But AB took the game away from us. If you take away his innings, it looked a totally different score. We dropped chances, and chasing 400 was always tough. But had we held on to some of those chances, we could have had 350 to chase and could have had the chance. Our death bowling need to be looked at. Just need to take the positives from today and go on to India. Need to put it behind us, but need to correct the errors moving forward. Still up for the quarter finals. Need to play good cricket"

Manoj: "Is ABD kidding by using word weakness? " Get to know your own game, play within your weaknesses and strengths and wait to play to your strengths"."

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Prince: "After seeing this incredible match, Mohit sharma supposed to be man of the match in Ind vs SA match.!!"

9.15 pm Could that game have gone more according to plan for South Africa? Good camaraderie from both teams as they shake hands. Hashim Amla and Faf du Plessis weathered a sluggish pitch and some very disciplined West Indies bowling. Then Rilee Rossouw injected momentum with some impressively calculated ball-striking. Made a case for himself to be a permanent man in the XI. Then AB de Villiers simply thumped them. He ran like mad, he hit like a man possessed and he just defied description once he got going. Almost made the bowling not matter, but Kyle Abbott did his team a huge favour by removing Chris Gayle for 3 and then Marlon Samuels for 0. Even Jason Holder's fifty - although an impressive innings by its own - mattered very little in the context of the match. West Indies can only push this match as far away out of mind as possible and come back. South Africa have regained every ounce of momentum that makes them such strong favourites

Morkel to Benn, OUT

pops up to slip and that's done! Joint biggest defeat in World Cup! It was short and on Benn's body, he can't get away from it and pulls his hands up to try and block. Only ends up sliding it to the slip fielder

Sulieman Benn c Amla b Morkel 1 (2m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33
end of over 337 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 151/9CRR: 4.57 RRR: 15.17
Sulieman Benn1 (2)
Jerome Taylor15 (18)
Dale Steyn 7-0-24-1
Morne Morkel 5-0-23-1
Steyn to Benn, 1 run

shortish on off stump, pulls past square leg

Steyn to Benn, no run

goes short on leg stump and Benn tucks his head under his shoulders and swings his bat only to protect himself from getting hit in the chest

Sulieman Benn is the last man in

Steyn to Holder, OUT

moves away and tries to pull a shortish delivery that was following him and skews a catch to mid-on. Had tried to make room to open up the off side but Steyn had spotted it and bested him.

Jason Holder c Amla b Steyn 56 (56m 48b 3x4 4x6) SR: 116.66
Steyn to Holder, no run

fuller delivery on off stump, kept out

Two more runs and they avoid the biggest defeat in World Cups as well

Steyn to Holder, SIX runs

What. A. Shot! Pressed forward and took a length ball from outside off and smeared it over the extra cover boundary. If every brutality is elegant, it's Jason Holder

Steyn to Holder, no run

back of a length on off stump, Taylor defends

Imran: "Imran Tahir has been a good addition to the SA bowling attack, with 2 wickets per match average. However, despite four 4-wkt hauls and now a fiver, he hasnt won a Man of the Match award.. Chasing Saeed Ajmal...Err.." ---- Right, enough of this. Unleash Dale Steyn

end of over 327 runs
WI: 144/8CRR: 4.50 RRR: 14.72
Jerome Taylor15 (18)
Jason Holder50 (44)
Morne Morkel 5-0-23-1
Kyle Abbott 8-0-37-2
Morkel to Taylor, 2 runs

fuller delivery outside off and Taylor's shown he loves to drive on the up. Lifts it over extra cover and Rossouw catches up with it right on the edge of the boundary. Good sliding save

Morkel to Taylor, FOUR runs

fuller delivery outside off, hammered over extra cover like a top-order bat! Well, he does have a Test ton to his name and shots like that are the reason why. Got forward to the pitch of this ball and creamed it

Morkel to Taylor, no run

banged in short on middle, Holder ducks under it

Morkel to Holder, 1 run

shortish and outside off, punched through the covers to bring up his fifty. Raises his bat, but there is no cheer in him

Morkel to Holder, no run

beaten outside off again as this is a back of a length delivery nibbles away

Morkel to Holder, no run

back of a length and outside off, looks to guide it to third man and misses

Morkel's back

end of over 318 runs
WI: 137/8CRR: 4.41 RRR: 14.31
Jason Holder49 (41)
Jerome Taylor9 (15)
Kyle Abbott 8-0-37-2
Imran Tahir 10-2-45-5

Sudharsan Naras: "Will it be nice to see Holder score a Hundred? I am sure no player has ever conceded a 100 and then came back and scored one :P. Still a long way though."

Abbott to Holder, 1 run

fuller delivery outside off, caressed into the covers for a quick single

Abbott to Holder, 2 runs

full toss, with a little inswing. Clipped to the of deep square leg and picks up a couple

Abbott to Holder, FOUR runs

shortish and outside off, that time he had the room to work with and Holder nails a pull to the midwicket boundary. Big man, lots of power

Abbott to Holder, no run

full on off stump, pushed to mid-on

Abbott to Taylor, 1 run

goes short, it's a top edge and it too lands safely! Rossouw was running back from square leg and dives headlong after the ball, Tahir was running up from long leg. Bisects them. But Taylor was nowhere near in control of this terrific short ball. Rose above his eyeline and did not give him the room to free his arms

Abbott to Taylor, no run

fuller delivery outside off, bunted to mid-on off the bottom of the bat