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11th Match, First Round Group B (D/N), Hobart, October 21, 2022, ICC Men's T20 World Cup
(17.3/20 ov, T:147) 150/1

Ireland won by 9 wickets (with 15 balls remaining)

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A monumental victory for Ireland. The players are joyous as was their game today, taking them through to the next stage. Who will join them, find out as Scotland play Zimbabwe also in Hobart. Thanks for tuning in here. On behalf of my fellow commentator, Shashank Kishore, and our scorers Thilak Rama and M Venkat Raghav, I'm Ekanth, signing off.

Lots of questions will be asked about West Indies but for now, they will get some soul-searching time.

Siva: "Like my friend was just saying, what's interesting is this is not an Irish scramble for victory, it's a proper thrashing of a decent team. The other super 12s better beware "

Keyur: "This is why T20 Cricket can be level playing field for associate teams. After first match loss of SL against Namibia, people predicted SL and WI to be added to Group of India and Pakistan to make it even stronger - here you go, none of them are joining that group!"

Andy Balbirnie:It means everything, we had a disappointing loss last year. We changed a lot of things. To come back and beat two-time champions is delightful. Once we put ourselves in the super-12s, anything can happen. We can play three games here which can be great. It was a really good wicket today. His batting made it easier for me and vice-versa, Tucker and the bowlers were superb. Proud day to be Irish

A teary-eyed Nicholas Pooran is at the presentation: It's tough, we haven't batted well in this tournament and didn't today either. Ireland batted fantastically and bowled well. King is batting well, Alzarri bowled well. But we are disappointed and have disappointed the fans back home.

Gareth Delany, POTM: Incredible day for us, to get over the line in the fashion we did was amazing. Nathan Hauritz came up with the plan to keep it simple and be defensive, knowing they would come hard. Personally it's a dream come true, delighted. Campher's knock the other day gave us a chance and now we're through. Look forward to the next few weeks.

Uzair: "CONGRATS IRELAND! A very clinical win from Ireland. Let's not forget Ireland is a full ICC member. Ireland deserved to go qualify for Super 12s."

Dezz: "This then is a lesson to WI to make sure they qualify directly next time, rather than face the preliminary round!"

The win was set up by Delany, who restricted West Indies to a score probably 20-25 under par. Stirling and Balbirnie chanced their arm in the powerplay. West Indies held back Holder, didn't give Mayers the opening over - likely due to recent form - and McCoy and Hosein could not break through. That meant that whenever a risk came off, runs flowed. Ireland made 64 in the powerplay which was deal-sealing. Stirling took the backseat to steer the chase after Balbirnie fell. Tucker was out on a no ball and blazed through after.

6:15pm: Shipping up to Boston is playing and probably will for longer. Captain Pooran, Coach Simmons, and the rest of West Indies' set up watch sadly as their campaign ends early. Stirling shakes hands with the opponents after the completion, he's been out of form but what a time to regain it!

McCoy to Tucker, FOUR runs

Flayed over cover and Ireland are through! Bear hugs and smiles all over in the Ireland dug out and the crowd. It was a full ball outside off and Tucker cleared away from the stumps and swung!

Start the tuck-tuck

McCoy to Stirling, 1 run

Scores level! Full outside off, driven to deep cover. Stirling hands it over to Tucker to finish the job.

McCoy to Stirling, no run

Length on off, defended to point

Should be the last over. McCoy loses his run up and will reload.

end of over 174 runs
IRE: 145/1CRR: 8.52 RRR: 0.66 • Need 2 runs from 18b
Paul Stirling65 (46b 6x4 2x6)
Lorcan Tucker41 (34b 1x4 2x6)
Jason Holder 4-0-23-0
Alzarri Joseph 4-0-39-0

More Ireland fans dancing now as the team verges win.

Holder to Stirling, 1 run

Top edge off the pull falls safely at midwicket. It was a slower bouncer outside off, Stirling went across and whacked it.

Holder to Stirling, no run

Slower one again, beats the bat this time. It was wide, Stirling identified it and looked to drive it through cover with a big follow-through. Missed it.

Holder to Stirling, no run

Slow and full on middle, clipped to midwicket

Holder to Tucker, 1 run

Bouncer to Tucker who was charging down, it's well-directed but is played well. Bunted into the ground to deep third.

Imtiyaz: "If the Qualifiers are anything to go by, this promises to be a spectacular World Cup, filled with upsets, surprises and disappointment!"

Holder to Stirling, 1 run

Length just outside off, waits for it and taps it on the head, to deep third.

Holder to Tucker, 1 run

Slow and wide, very full too. Driven to deep cover

end of over 168 runs
IRE: 141/1CRR: 8.81 RRR: 1.50 • Need 6 runs from 24b
Paul Stirling63 (42b 6x4 2x6)
Lorcan Tucker39 (32b 1x4 2x6)
Alzarri Joseph 4-0-39-0
Obed McCoy 3-0-22-0

Joseph walks back despondently, Hosein and Pooran look down too.

Joseph to Stirling, no run

Yorker around fifth, Stirling opens the face fully and tries to dab it to third. Misses.

"Ireland!" chants return, one hit can win it now

Joseph to Tucker, 1 run

Full ball just down leg, Tucker top edges a flick. It's in the air and falls safely at midwicket.

Kamran: "Considering that all 3 Ireland batsmen have been able to time the ball decently and all West Indies bowlers have taken a beating, can we assume that the wicket is playing better now than it did earlier today?" Yes, and that Ireland's bowling was great.

Joseph to Tucker, no run

Full outside off, driven to mid-off.

Joseph to Stirling, 1 run

Full, slower ball outside off, tucked to midwicket

Joseph to Stirling, 2 runs

Through the hands of King at cover! It was full outside off, Stirling nailed a cover drive but it was flat and just over the head of King, he tried to clasp it but it burst through.

Joseph to Stirling, FOUR runs

Stirling shows off his finesse!, goes wide across off. The length ball is along the tramline, the batter - on the move - paddles it with power. Gets it fine and over the man.

Just 14 off 30 needed

end of over 158 runs
IRE: 133/1CRR: 8.86 RRR: 2.80 • Need 14 runs from 30b
Lorcan Tucker38 (30b 1x4 2x6)
Paul Stirling56 (38b 5x4 2x6)
Obed McCoy 3-0-22-0
Akeal Hosein 4-0-38-1

Donald Alexande: "Those near misses against the Kiwis earlier this year have taught Ireland to win, a quick study."

McCoy to Tucker, no run

Length outside off, defended to point

McCoy to Tucker, SIX runs

Swung away over long-on! Tucker made ample room, McCoy looked to follow with a length ball. There was enough room to swipe across and he boy did he middle it! 90-metre six brings about cheers of "Ireland, Ireland!" in the crowd

McCoy to Stirling, 1 run

Length over off, goes back into the crease and defends it with an open face gently. Cover runs across to the left but they pinch one

Adhitya: "So happy for Stirling's knock. He played a similar one when Ireland came really close towards victory in the T20Is this year. "

McCoy to Tucker, 1 run

Short slow ball, sits up just over middle for the pull to deep midwicket

McCoy to Tucker, no run

Back of length over off, clipped to deep square leg

McCoy to Tucker, no run

Length outside off, underedges a cut into the pitch, back to the keeper.

Win Probability
IRE 100%
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Over 18 • IRE 150/1

Ireland won by 9 wickets (with 15 balls remaining)
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