15th Match, Group C, Chattogram, Jan 31 2016, ICC Under-19 World Cup
(43.4/50 ov, target 289)159
England U19 won by 129 runs
player of the match
Jack Burnham
England Under-19s

So that's all we have for you from Chittagong. England are through to the quarter-final. Zimbabwe have another shot at it when they play West Indies next, and that match in will be a straight shootout to decide the other team that goes through from Group C. Thank you and goodbye.

"Very happy, we haven't just snuck by teams. We've got big wins and the batters are getting big runs," Brad Taylor says, "Everyone's chipping in, Burny with a hundred as well today. Callum can be really effective at times, thought giving him a go would work and it came out brilliantly. [Who would he like to play in the quarter-finals?]In the past we've beaten Pakistan, but not beaten Sri Lanka. So Pakistan will be our preference. I don't think the spinners bowled as well today as they have in the previous games."

"Obviously it was a bit tough," says the Zimbabwe captain Brandon Mavuta, "Need to make better use of the Powerplay and that bowlers need to put the ball in the right areas. Ives played well, showed that there are many guys who are able to bat. What's left is to forget about what happened today and focus on the next game and win that"

3.30 pm A comprehensive finish for England. They put a massive 288 on the board, and then their bowlers took charge. Sohaib Maqsood was zippy, with a brilliant awaswinger and potential for reverse swing. Sam Curran has a deadly inswinger for a little left-arm fast bowler and Mason Crane is a legspinner to look out for in the international circuit; the way he gets the ball to drift and dip is something special. Plays for Hampshire, like another rather famous leggie once did. But Jack Burnham for his 106 off 104 balls to set up this 129-run victory is the Man of the Match. "Lovely day, loved every minute of it. Got to make the most of every opportunity I get. I thought if I could take it deep, I know I have the power to clear the ropes. Hope to do it again. Love hitting sixes. Practice sometimes. You try to hit along the floor as often as you can, but sometimes. Couple of the lads love a game of golf, so will do that in our downtime"

Mahmood to Ives, OUT

knocked leg stump out of the park and Ives will not get his hundred. Poor lad, stays hunched over his bat after hearing timber and collects the handshakes. It was full, it was curling back at him, his feet were rooted outside leg to try and make sure he has room to open up the off side but he couldn't adjust to the pace of the swing through the air

Jeremy Ives b Mahmood 91 (149m 132b 12x4 0x6) SR: 68.93
Mahmood to Ives, no run

full toss on leg stump, pushed to mid-off

Mahmood to Ives, no run

digs out the yorker on leg stump

Mahmood to Ives, FOUR runs

length ball on middle, but it has been pasted to the point boundary. Great footwork from Ives to make room outside leg and take advantage of the room he had so cleverly created

end of over 433 runs
ZIM19: 155/9CRR: 3.60 RRR: 19.14 • Need 134 runs from 42b
Rugare Magarira3 (19)
Jeremy Ives87 (128)
Mason Crane10-2-23-1
Saqib Mahmood9-2-35-3

Also Namibia have beaten South Africa, and knocked the defending champions out of the Under-19 World Cup, by two wickets in a thriller at Cox's Bazar

Crane to Magarira, no run

flighted on off stump, Magarira leans forward to block and it nearly carries to short mid-off

Crane to Ives, 1 run

well bowled! Saw Ives advancing and slips it down the leg side. Manages a little pad to get it to fine leg and get across to the other end

Crane to Magarira, 1 run

tossed up, ends up a full toss on leg stump, reverse swept to third man

Crane to Magarira, no run

good length ball turns into the right-hander, No. 11 did not read that at all. Struck on the pad as he moves across the line to block outside the line

Crane to Ives, 1 run

pulls him away outside off with his loop, Ives does well to drive it along the ground through the covers

Crane to Ives, no run

tossed up on middle, drilled so straight that he disturbs the stumps at the other end

end of over 42Maiden
ZIM19: 152/9CRR: 3.61 RRR: 17.13 • Need 137 runs from 48b
Rugare Magarira2 (16)
Jeremy Ives85 (125)
Saqib Mahmood9-2-35-3
Mason Crane9-2-20-1
Mahmood to Magarira, no run

goes short on middle, ducks under it and Ives has the chance to push for his ton.

Mahmood to Magarira, no run

slower ball on off stump, Magarira defends to mid-off who takes his sweet time getting to the ball to tempt a single. But they won't take it off the fifth ball

Mahmood to Magarira, no run

looks for the yorker on middle, with a touch of curl into the bat, Magarira turns it to midwicket

Mahmood to Magarira, no run

back of a length delivery outside off, Magarira shoulders arms and walks away

Mahmood to Magarira, no run

banged in short on middle and leg again, gets under it again

Mahmood to Magarira, no run

banged in short and Magarira has ducked under it, gets a thumbs up from his senior partner Ives, who is eyeing a hundred. Has enough time to do it if the No. 11 hangs around

end of over 412 runs
ZIM19: 152/9CRR: 3.70 RRR: 15.22 • Need 137 runs from 54b
Jeremy Ives85 (125)
Rugare Magarira2 (10)
Mason Crane9-2-20-1
Saqib Mahmood8-1-35-3
Crane to Ives, no run

flighted on off stump, Ives comes forward to try and nudge it into the leg side and gets struck on the pad outside off

Crane to Ives, no run

gets turn even off a flatter length, pitched it outside off and gets it to rip past the outside edge

Crane to Magarira, 1 run

and silly mid-off comes into play straight away. Goes for the reverse sweep and toe-ends it over Taylor and into the covers

Crane to Magarira, no run

tossed up just outside off, leans forward to defend. Two slips and a silly mid-off in play

Crane to Ives, 1 run

pushed through on middle and leg, whipped to long-on

Crane to Ives, no run

looped up outside off, Ives looks to hack it through midwicket and is soundly beaten