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18th Match, Group C, Tarouba, January 20, 2022, ICC Under-19 World Cup

Pakistan U19 won by 24 runs

Player Of The Match
42* (37) & 1/33
Pakistan Under-19s INNINGS (50 overs maximum)
Muhammad Shehzad c Allah Noor b Noor Ahmad4351-4284.31
Haseebullah Khan c †Mohammad Ishaq b Bilal Sami211-0018.18
Abdul Faseeh c Bilal Sayedi b Izharulhaq Naveed6895-6271.57
Irfan Khan c Allah Noor b Noor Ahmad413-0030.76
Qasim Akram (c)run out (Nangeyalia Kharote)3855-4069.09
Abbas Ali  b Izharulhaq Naveed516-0031.25
Ahmed Khan  b Izharulhaq Naveed01-000.00
Maaz Sadaqat not out 4237-70113.51
Mehran Mumtaz c & b Naveed Zadran1112-2091.66
Zeeshan Zameer c Nangeyalia Kharote b Naveed Zadran38-0037.50
Awais Ali not out 11-00100.00
Extras(lb 4, w 18)22
TOTAL50 Ov (RR: 4.78)239/9
Fall of wickets: 1-11 (Haseebullah Khan, 2.5 ov), 2-71 (Muhammad Shehzad, 18.2 ov), 3-92 (Irfan Khan, 22.3 ov), 4-165 (Qasim Akram, 36.2 ov), 5-173 (Abdul Faseeh, 38.2 ov), 6-173 (Ahmed Khan, 38.3 ov), 7-184 (Abbas Ali, 42.3 ov), 8-210 (Mehran Mumtaz, 46.3 ov), 9-218 (Zeeshan Zameer, 48.3 ov)
Bilal Sami1005815.80338020
2.5 to Haseebullah Khan, Beauty from Sami. Back of length, gets some extra bounce with some pace, Haseebullah tries to fend it and ball hits the upper part of the bat and goes in the air, Ishaq behinds the stumps, runs back and takes a very good catch. 11/1
Naveed Zadran1005525.50354260
46.3 to Mehran Mumtaz, Slower ball, tries to play a big shot, mistimes it and goes in the air back to bowler who takes a simple return catch, umpire is checking noball, replay shows that Zadran foot landed just inside the crease, Mumtaz has to go back. 210/8
48.3 to Zeeshan Zameer, Nangeyalia takes a brilliant catch at long-on. Full ball, on middle and leg stump, hits high in the air and Nangeyalia at long-on gets underneath it and took a brilliant catch just inside the rope. 218/9
Nangeyalia Kharote1013503.50393100
Noor Ahmad1004624.60414180
18.2 to Muhammad Shehzad, Superb bowling! Tossed up, googly on off stump, Shehzad tried to defend on the front foot, got the edge to slip, Allah Noor took a simple catch. 71/2
22.3 to Irfan Khan, Once again googly just outside off, Irfan goes for the drive, gets the edge and Allah Noor took it in the slip. 92/3
Izharulhaq Naveed1004134.10364010
38.2 to Abdul Faseeh, Low full toss on leg stump, Faseeh came down the wicket and hit high in the air to deep midwicket, it went straight at the throat of Bilal who took it with ease just inside the rope. 173/5
38.3 to Ahmed Khan, That is a superb googly, nicely tossed up, on off stump, Ahmad tried to play on the front foot, went through the gate and hit the stumps. Izharulhaq on a hat-trick. 173/6
42.3 to Abbas Ali, Brilliant bowling by Izharulhaq. Flipper on off stump and bit of spin as well, Abbas goes back and tries to cut, gets beaten by pace and ball hits the off stump. 184/7
Afghanistan Under-19s INNINGS (Target: 240 runs from 50 overs)
Bilal Sayedi  b Maaz Sadaqat4281-3151.85
Nangeyalia Kharote c †Haseebullah Khan b Awais Ali1232-0037.50
Allah Noor run out (Abbas Ali)2849-1257.14
Suliman Safi (c)run out (Zeeshan Zameer/Qasim Akram)1616-11100.00
Ijaz Ahmad Ahmadzai c Abbas Ali b Awais Ali3948-2281.25
Mohammad Ishaq c Irfan Khan b Qasim Akram1215-1180.00
Khaiber Wali lbw b Qasim Akram02-000.00
Izharulhaq Naveed run out (Muhammad Shehzad)1127-0140.74
Noor Ahmad c †Haseebullah Khan b Awais Ali2918-13161.11
Bilal Sami not out 511-0045.45
Naveed Zadran not out 02-000.00
Extras(b 8, lb 3, nb 1, w 9)21
TOTAL50 Ov (RR: 4.30)215/9
Fall of wickets: 1-38 (Nangeyalia Kharote, 10.3 ov), 2-79 (Bilal Sayedi, 25.1 ov), 3-104 (Suliman Safi, 28.6 ov), 4-113 (Allah Noor, 29.6 ov), 5-130 (Mohammad Ishaq, 33.3 ov), 6-130 (Khaiber Wali, 33.5 ov), 7-167 (Izharulhaq Naveed, 42.3 ov), 8-199 (Ijaz Ahmad Ahmadzai, 46.5 ov), 9-213 (Noor Ahmad, 48.3 ov)
Zeeshan Zameer9.505405.49311321
Ahmed Khan611101.83280030
Muhammad Shehzad0.10000.0010000
Awais Ali903634.00382220
10.3 to Nangeyalia Kharote, back of length, just outside off and angling across the left hander, tries to chase that one, ended up a thick outside edge through to keeper, Haseebullah took a sharp catch behind the stumps. 38/1
46.5 to Ijaz Ahmad Ahmadzai, Good length ball, on middle and leg stump, goes for the big shot and tries to clear the midwicket fence, mistimes it and Abbas at deep midwicket took a simple catch. 199/8
48.3 to Noor Ahmad, short in length, on leg stump, goes for the big shot, gets the top edge and Haseebullah behind the stumps takes a simple catch. 213/9
Mehran Mumtaz1013103.10414000
Maaz Sadaqat603315.50220310
25.1 to Bilal Sayedi, Maaz strikes! Arm ball, on off stump, Sayedi goes back and tries to play across the line, misses it and ball hits the off stump. 79/2
Qasim Akram913924.33372310
33.3 to Mohammad Ishaq, Akram strikes! Tossed up, on off stump, tried to play a big slog sweep, got the top edge and Irfan at midwicket took a simple catch. 130/5
33.5 to Khaiber Wali, Tossed up, on off stump, Wali tried to play a sweep shot, misses it and took it on the pad just in line of off stump, huge shout for lbw, umpire took his time and raised his finger. 130/6
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Brian Lara Stadium, Tarouba, Trinidad
TossPakistan Under-19s, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Pakistan U19
Maaz Sadaqat
Match numberYODI no. 1399
Match days20 January 2022 - day (50-over match)
Buddhi Pradhan
Martin Saggers
TV Umpire
West Indies
Jacqueline Williams
Reserve Umpire
David Millns
Match Referee
West Indies
Denavon Hayles
PointsPakistan Under-19s 2, Afghanistan Under-19s 0
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