Final, Lord's, Jun 21 2009, ICC Women's World Twenty20
ENG Women won by 6 wickets (with 18 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
Player Of The Series
199 runs
end of over 1710 runs
ENG-W: 86/4CRR: 5.05 
Claire Taylor39 (32)
Jenny Gunn2 (3)
Nicola Browne 3-0-18-1

England's players rush on to the field and are now doing a lap of honour around Lord's. They've been outstanding and are so far ahead of their competition. There's a decent crowd at Lord's, too, acknowledging the world champions. Massive celebrations between the players and why not? They won the 50-over World Cup in Australia earlier this year and now this ... fantastic. They difference in quality between the England side and the rest is simply massive.

The presentation ceremony is just about to begin ... there's a fair number of people on the dais. The Player of the Final is Katherine Brunt who took 3 for 6 and won the game for England ... two maidens in her four overs as well. Splendid effort and the award is richly deserved. "Jenny smashed me in the face with the ball during practice," says Brunt when asked about the black-eye she's sporting. "We did get a bit twitchy at some point ... It was probably the most ideal place for us, we love coming to Lord's. For the first time we've had such a great amount of support. It's great for women's cricket."

The Player of the Tournament is Claire Taylor for scoring 199 runs in the competition including a match-winning knock under pressure in the semi-final and a valuable contribution today as well. "It feels really good, shell-shocked," says Taylor, who looks rather serious and grave for someone who's won such a massive award.

The New Zealand players walk up to receive their medals. "We were not nervous, we were outplayed," says Amiee Watkins. "We've had a good tournament but obviously it's really disappointing to lose. Around 120 might have been a defendable score."

Right, big-moment time ... England come up to get their winner's medals and their captain and MBE Charlotte Edwards brings up the rear. "I didn't think it could get better than Sydney but it has today, she says. "It was a good toss to win and it was our best bowling and fielding performance of the tournament today. I'm glad it came in the final."

Edwards goes up to collect the trophy from David Morgan and gets drenched with champagne by her team-mates. It's photograph time now ... and it'll be champagne time soon.

So that's one final down and one to go. Sri Lanka and Pakistan are due to take the field at 3.00 pm. The toss will take place in just under an hour and our build-up will begin from around 2.00 pm ... do join Will and me for that game. Cheers.

Browne to Taylor, FOUR runs

Taylor's done it with a smashing loft over the head of the fielder at mid-off, that shot was symbolic of how dominant England have been today, they are the first World Twenty20 champions in women's cricket

Four to win for England ...

Browne to Taylor, 2 runs

Taylor continues to find that gap at point and collects two more

Browne to Taylor, 2 runs

driven firmly by Taylor through cover

Browne to Gunn, 1 run

driven slightly wide of the fielder at mid-off which allows the batsmen to run a single even though they decided late

Browne to Gunn, no run

Browne beats the outside edge with one that seams away from the right-hander

Browne to Taylor, 1 run

good length and straight, pushed to cover on the front foot

end of over 164 runs • 1 wicket
ENG-W: 76/4CRR: 4.75 RRR: 2.50
Claire Taylor30 (28)
Jenny Gunn1 (1)
Sophie Devine 3-0-12-1
Devine to Taylor, 1 run

full and wide outside off stump, Taylor drives crisply towards deep cover

Devine to Gunn, 1 run

she pushes forward and gets an outside edge down to third man

Jenny Gunn is the new batsman ...

Devine to Greenway, OUT

Greenway slogs across the line but gets beaten by a slower ball, it's dead straight and crashes into middle stump

Lydia Greenway b Devine 3 (3m 7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 42.85
Devine to Greenway, no run

full ball outside off, driven on the front foot towards mid-off

Devine to Greenway, 2 runs

Greenway leans forward and chips the ball from middle and off over midwicket, she clears the infield

Devine to Greenway, no run

driven off the front foot towards the bowler

Devine's back for another go ...

end of over 152 runs • 1 wicket
ENG-W: 72/3CRR: 4.80 RRR: 2.80
Lydia Greenway1 (3)
Claire Taylor29 (27)
Nicola Browne 2-0-8-1
Browne to Greenway, 1 run

dabbed off the back foot towards third man for a single

Browne to Greenway, no run

full and wide outside off stump, driven off the front foot towards cover

Browne to Greenway, no run

loud appeal for lbw but that pitched outside leg

Browne to Greenway, 1 wide

Browne pitches short down leg side, only 15 needed now

Lydia Greenway is the new batsman ...

Browne to Morgan, OUT

caught! The ball was short from Browne and Morgan pulled it straight to McGlashan at midwicket, it was hit hard and the fielder took a good catch at head height, probably too late for New Zealand though

Beth Morgan c McGlashan b Browne 6 (18m 17b 0x4 0x6) SR: 35.29
Browne to Morgan, no run

driven off the front foot towards cover where the ball doesn't get past Bates

Browne to Morgan, no run

short and wide outside off stump, Morgan swipes and misses

England are only 16 away ...

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