(22.1/50 ov)94/0
Cayman Is won by 10 wickets (with 167 balls remaining)
player of the match
Ryan Bovell
Cayman Islands
Argentina INNINGS (50 overs maximum)
Grant Dugmore  b Wright2250-2044.00
Lucas Paterlini  b Wright26-0033.33
Pablo Ferguson c Willis b Bovell919-1047.36
Matias Paterlini lbw b Bovell02-000.00
Martin Siri c †Hall b Bovell06-000.00
Gary Savage  b Bovell13-0033.33
Hernan Williams  b Wright319-0015.78
Alejo Tissera  b Bovell1217-0170.58
Esteban MacDermott (c)lbw b Morris1258-0020.68
Pablo Ryan not out 940-0022.50
Hernan Fennell c †Hall b Morris87-01114.28
Extras(lb 3, nb 3, w 9)15
TOTAL(37.2 Ov, RR: 2.49)93
Fall of wickets: 1-9 (Lucas Paterlini, 2.6 ov), 2-25 (Pablo Ferguson, 8.4 ov), 3-25 (Matias Paterlini, 8.6 ov), 4-27 (Martin Siri, 10.6 ov), 5-30 (Gary Savage, 12.3 ov), 6-40 (Grant Dugmore, 16.2 ov), 7-43 (Hernan Williams, 18.1 ov), 8-61 (Alejo Tissera, 22.4 ov), 9-81 (Esteban MacDermott, 35.5 ov), 10-93 (Hernan Fennell, 37.2 ov)
Conroy Wright801932.37351002
Kervin Ebanks712002.85301020
Ryan Bovell72951.28371001
Kevin Bazil811902.37370120
Alessandro Morris7.222323.13340110
Cayman Islands INNINGS (target: 94 runs from 50 overs)
Steve Gordon not out 2570-3035.71
Ainsley Hall not out 6264-6296.87
Extras(b 2, nb 1, w 4)7
TOTAL(22.1 Ov, RR: 4.24)94
Pablo Ryan502805.60203021
Hernan Fennell7.121602.23331000
Lucas Paterlini301505.00121100
Esteban MacDermott20904.5080100
Alejo Tissera512404.80204020
Indian Association Ground, Singapore
TossArgentina, elected to bat first
SeriesICC World Cricket League Division Five
Player Of The Match
Ryan Bovell
Ryan Bovell
Hours of play (local time)09.30 start, First Session 09.30-13.00 Interval 13.00-13.45, Second Session 13.45-17.15
Match days22 February 2012 - day(50-over match)
Malaysia Image
Narayanan Sivan
Singapore Image
Sri Ganesh
Reserve Umpire
Singapore Image
Mithilesh Mishra
Match Referee
Sri Lanka Image
Graeme Labrooy
PointsCayman Islands 2, Argentina 0