Buenos Aires, Jan 27 2009, ICC World Cricket League Division Three
(48/50 ov, target 211)161
Hong Kong won by 49 runs
player of the match
Hong Kong INNINGS (50 overs maximum)
Roy Lamsam  b Bazil6073-10082.19
Manoj Cheruparambil c Mohamed b Bovell85123-8269.10
Zain Abbas run out (†Hall)03-000.00
Hussain Butt  b Mohamed02-000.00
Tabarak Dar (c)c †Hall b Mohamed717-1041.17
Irfan Ahmed c †Hall b Morris06-000.00
Jamie Atkinson c Gordon b Morris27-0028.57
Munir Dar c †Hall b Bovell2535-1271.42
Ilyas Gull  b Bazil02-000.00
Najeeb Amar c †Hall b Bovell117-20157.14
Nadeem Ahmed not out 36-0050.00
Extras(b 4, lb 7, nb 2, w 4)17
TOTAL(46.3 Ov, RR: 4.51)210
Fall of wickets: 1-128 (Roy Lamsam), 2-128 (Zain Abbas), 3-129 (Hussain Butt), 4-143 (Tabarak Dar), 5-144 (Irfan Ahmed), 6-150 (Jamie Atkinson), 7-189 (Manoj Cheruparambil), 8-193 (Ilyas Gull), 9-204 (Najeeb Amar), 10-210 (Munir Dar, 46.3 ov)
Kenute Tulloch412005.00---21
Kervin Ebanks512905.80---00
Ryan Bovell8.304835.64---11
Alessandro Morris1004124.09---00
Kevin Bazil913924.33---10
Saheed Mohamed1012222.20---00
Cayman Islands INNINGS (target: 211 runs from 50 overs)
Ainsley Hall c †Atkinson b Nadeem Ahmed2343-5053.48
Ramon Sealy c Zain Abbas b Nadeem Ahmed2237-4059.45
Keneil Irving c Cheruparambil b Munir Dar1130-0036.66
Saheed Mohamed  b Ilyas Gull211-0018.18
Steve Gordon c Tabarak Dar b Zain Abbas2238-2057.89
Ryan Bovell  b Ilyas Gull313-0023.07
Pearson Best (c) b Zain Abbas1924-1179.16
Alessandro Morris  b Ilyas Gull729-0024.13
Kevin Bazil lbw b Zain Abbas2048-2141.66
Kenute Tulloch c †Atkinson b Zain Abbas105-01200.00
Kervin Ebanks not out 69-1066.66
Extras(b 5, lb 6, w 5)16
TOTAL(48 Ov, RR: 3.35)161
Fall of wickets: 1-50 (Ainsley Hall), 2-51 (Ramon Sealy), 3-64 (Saheed Mohamed), 4-64 (Keneil Irving), 5-73 (Ryan Bovell), 6-100 (Steve Gordon), 7-113 (Pearson Best), 8-134 (Alessandro Morris), 9-149 (Kenute Tulloch), 10-161 (Kevin Bazil, 47.6 ov)
Irfan Ahmed502905.80---20
Najeeb Amar722503.57---00
Nadeem Ahmed1051821.80---00
Ilyas Gull1022832.80---00
Munir Dar712213.14---00
Zain Abbas902843.11---30
St Albans Club, Buenos Aires
TossHong Kong, elected to bat first
SeriesICC World Cricket League Division Three
Player Of The Match
Manoj Cheruparambil
Manoj Cheruparambil
Hours of play (local time)10.30 start, First Session 10.30-14.00, Interval 14.00-14.45, Second Session 14.45-18.15
Match days27 January 2009 - day (50-over match)
Canada Image
Ashook Brijcoomar
Cayman Is Image
Hubert Smythe
Reserve Umpire
Argentina Image
David Gibson
PointsHong Kong 2, Cayman Islands 0