2nd Match, Harare, Feb 10 2003, ICC World Cup
(25.1/25.1 ov, target 191)104/5
Zimbabwe won by 86 runs (D/L method)
player of the match
Craig Wishart
Zimbabwe (and Rhodesia)

And here we go again....

The rains come down, quite heavily too and the players have gone off the field

The covers have come on and the players have left the field. Fortunately however, 25.1 overs have been bowled and this means that this constitutes a macth even if there is no further play

Hello and welcome back, there seems to be a slight improvement in conditions

The players are warming up in the outfield and there's a chance that play will get under way in about 10 minutes time

The rain is now extremely heavy at the Harare Sports Club

It now looks certain that the game is all over

We have not got official word yet but that should follow shortly. Of course, if the game is called off at the cuurent position Zimbabwe will be winners as they are well ahead

News is now coming in that Zimbabwe have indeed won this match. By the Duckworth Lewis method Zimbabwe have won by 86 runs. Thank you so much for being with us today.

Craig Wishart's 172* provided amazing entertainment early on and it was a pity that the rains came down and played spoilsport.

Stay with CricInfo for all the action from what promises to be a cracker of a tournament! Till the next game, it's goodbye from us!

Flower to Kotze, no run

flat and on the stumps, tapped to the bowler

end of over 256 runs
NAM: 104/5CRR: 4.16 RRR: 9.48 • Need 237 runs from 25 overs
Louis Burger4 (10)
Deon Kotze5 (2)
Guy Whittall5-0-20-2
Grant Flower5-1-13-1
Whittall to Burger, no run

full and straight once more, defended

Whittall to Burger, no run

full and straight, defended

Whittall to Kotze, 3 runs

worked away through square leg

Whittall to Kotze, 2 runs

full and down the leg side, tickled to deep fine leg

Whittall to Burger, 1 run

tapped to the on side

Whittall to Burger, no run
end of over 243 runs • 1 wicket
NAM: 98/5CRR: 4.08 RRR: 9.35 • Need 243 runs from 26 overs
Louis Burger3 (6)
Grant Flower5-1-13-1
Guy Whittall4-0-14-2
Flower to Murgatroyd, OUT

short and a bit of width, Murgatroyd cuts, the ball flies off the edge to short third man where Wishart takes a good catch

Gavin Murgatroyd c Wishart b Flower 10 (19m 26b 1x4 0x6) SR: 38.46
Flower to Burger, 1 run

full toss on the off, driven to long on

Flower to Murgatroyd, 1 run

on the pads, flicked to midwicket

Flower to Burger, 1 run

on the pads, swept well to deep fine leg

Flower to Burger, no run

flat and on the off, defended carefully

Flower to Burger, no run

well flighted and on the off, defended

end of over 232 runs • 1 wicket
NAM: 95/4CRR: 4.13 RRR: 9.11 • Need 246 runs from 27 overs
Louis Burger1 (2)
Gavin Murgatroyd9 (24)
Guy Whittall4-0-14-2
Grant Flower4-1-10-0
Whittall to Burger, 1 run
Whittall to Burger, no run

full and straight, pushed to covers

Whittall to Keulder, OUT

full and on the off, Keulder moves to the leg side and creams the ball inside out, Ebrahim at short cover leaps in the air and pulls of a blinder of a catch! Top cricket that!

Danie Keulder c Ebrahim b Whittall 27 (53m 46b 3x4 0x6) SR: 58.69
Whittall to Murgatroyd, 1 run

outside the off, cut well to the man on the off side fence

Whittall to Murgatroyd, no run

straight and just short of a length, defended carefully

Whittall to Murgatroyd, no run