9th Match, Group D, Kingston, Mar 17 2007, ICC World Cup
(41.4/47 ov, target 128)133/7
Ireland won by 3 wickets (with 32 balls remaining) (D/L method)
player of the match

From an exhausted Martin Williamson, goodnight and many thanks for all your kind comments and observations. Check out the match gallery and the bulletin. We will be back tomorrow to see if Canada can upset England or Netherlands can beat Australia. It will take something amazing to match today for drama and excitement. A bad day for Pakistan, and a bad day for India who lost to Bangladesh. A good day for neutrals and those who have backed the inclusion of the Associates in the tournament ...

The Irish players pour onto the field while the Pakistan players, after congratulating their conquerers, head for the dressing-room. Ireland are probably through to the Super Eights - it would need something amazing from Zimbabwe to deny them - while Pakistan are on their way home. The one plus is that is was not settled on Duckworth-Lewis and that both sides had a chance to sort things in the middle.

Mahmood to Johnston, SIX runs

Johnston swings and clubs the ball out of the ground over long-on. The crowd go mad as Billy Bowden's bent fingers are raised aloft ...

The crowd are torn between those celebrating and those who cannot watch. Almost all the Pakistan fans, understandably, have gone home.

Mahmood to Johnston, no run

full, driven to mid-on

Mahmood to K O'Brien, 1 run

tip-and-run, Johnston was yards short if the throw from Nazir at cover had hit, but it wasn't close. The scores are tied

Wichka emails: "The commentators were biased and didn't give the fair overview. They should be sacked. All commentators should not show bias regardless of which country they are from." A bad loser? Surely not ...

Mahmood to K O'Brien, no run

solid forward defensive shot, no risks with two needed

Bob Woolmer looks like thunder and the others on the balcony seem stunned.

end of over 411 run
IRE: 126/7CRR: 3.07 RRR: 0.33 • Need 2 runs from 36b
Trent Johnston3 (12)
Kevin O'Brien15 (50)
Mohammad Hafeez4-0-15-1
Umar Gul9-0-24-0
Hafeez to Johnston, no run

fired in at off stump, squeezed to square leg

Hafeez to K O'Brien, 1 run

worked past mid-on, there's a man in the deep so just the one. More cheers ...

Hafeez to K O'Brien, no run

forward and flicked round the corner but there's a man there on the one

Hafeez to K O'Brien, no run

pushed to leg, it goes nowhere

Hafeez to K O'Brien, no run

steps but to cut but he misses it ... there's nobody in the deep on the off, just three in the ring

Hafeez to K O'Brien, no run

forward defensive, kills the spin

Inzamam has used all his front-line seamers, so it's Hafeez. Six inside the circle ...