1st Test (D/N), Perth, Dec 12 - 15 2019, ICC World Test Championship
416 & 217/9d
(target 468)166 & 171
Australia won by 296 runs
Player Of The Match
30, 5/52, 23 & 4/45

Thanks for joining us over the last four days. We've enjoyed bringing you every ball of this Test. Until next time, this is Shashank Kishore saying goodbye on behalf of Alex Malcolm. Cheers!

Mitchell Starc is the Man of the Match for his nine-for. "Tougher than normal to bowl in this heat, full credit to the group. Even the part-timers did a great job for us. Never nice to see a bowler go down. It's going alright for me, I have a clear mindset. A couple of technical changes working with Andre Adams at New South Wales has worked. Few days off, play a bit of golf, rest up and prepare for Boxing Day Test."

Tim Paine: "We batted really well in the first innings to set the game up. Conditions was in our favour in the second innings. Really proud of our bowling attack, to take 20 wickets in 105 overs with two seamers in this heat is pretty incredible. Lyon was superb as well."

Kane Williamson: "It was challenging, we knew we were up against a tough side. Tactically they were outstanding, ahead from get-go. They were a long way ahead after the first innings. Important for us to reflect and look for those improvements, we have some time to reflect. Conditions were much different to the surfaces in Hamilton we were used to."

David Warner and Kane Williamson are having a chat. Wonder what that is about. Join us for the presentation shortly

kieran: "Only positives for NZ out of this match is Southee and Wagner bowled well, stuck at it despite the conditions. Lot of work to do in the batting dept. Losing Lockie in that first innings was a real blow. Poor batting discipline by NZ in the first innings, especially Kane and Henry Nicholls. Santner will have a question mark, he was ineffective in comparison to Nathan Lyon, and just can't play the short ball. Needs ducking practice. Come on batting coach what are you doing?"

8.00pm Yesterday, we were all wondering if Australia needed to put New Zealand back in for a few overs. They didn't, and as it turned out, it wasn't needed. With nearly two full days to bat, New Zealand have keeled over in under three sessions. The second innings batting was once again shaky, the only semblance of resistance coming with de Grandhomme and Watling kept them at bay for an hour and a bit. Once de Grandhomme fell, it was a collapse you really saw coming on the face of some hostile fast bowling.

Plenty to think about for New Zealand - not least of all their opening conundrum - ahead of the Boxing Day Test. Do they persist with Jeet Raval or to they bring in Tom Blundell? Do they tinker their batting order? Australia, meanwhile, have the simple matter of having to replace the injured Josh Hazlewood.

Lyon to Southee, OUT

edged, taken and that's the Test for Australia. This one drifts away and skids through, Southee plays down the wrong line to get a thin edge and Smith does the rest.

Tim Southee c Smith b Lyon 4 (10b 0x4 0x6) SR: 40
Lyon to Southee, no run

gets well forward and blocks

Lyon to Southee, no run

tossed up on middle, defended back

end of over 657 runs
NZ: 171/9CRR: 2.63 
Tim Southee4 (7)
Lockie Ferguson1 (7)
Mitchell Starc 14-5-45-4
Pat Cummins 19-6-31-2
Starc to Southee, 1 run

bunt this gently into the off side, wide of cover as they jog through

Starc to Ferguson, 1 run

eased between gully and point to get off the mark

Starc to Ferguson, no run

yorker-length on the stumps, squirted back

Starc to Southee, 1 run

toe-crusher from around the stumps, turned wide of square leg

Starc to Southee, 4 leg byes

off the thigh pad, races to fine leg, beating Cummins

Simon: "Tough call for man of the match. 140 and 50 for Labushagne - clearly the standout bat. But 9 (maybe 10) wickets for Starc - clearly the standout bowler. Both very deserving."

Starc to Southee, no run

walks across to pull, but is beaten. Stifled appeal but Nigel Llong says not out

end of over 641 run
NZ: 164/9CRR: 2.56 
Lockie Ferguson0 (5)
Tim Southee2 (3)
Pat Cummins 19-6-31-2
Mitchell Starc 13-5-42-4
Cummins to Ferguson, no run

has a swipe across the line, misses.

Cummins to Ferguson, no run

hops back and across to defend

Cummins to Ferguson, no run

brutal stuff! Fiery bouncer on the body, Lockie looks away, hang his glove out but this flies over him

Cummins to Ferguson, no run

fends, was in the air for a while but safe

Cummins to Ferguson, no run

attacks the body, he gets out of the way somehow

Cummins to Southee, 1 run

hops across and chips this into the vacant midwicket region.

end of over 639 runs • 1 wicket
NZ: 163/9CRR: 2.58 
Tim Southee1 (2)
Mitchell Starc 13-5-42-4
Pat Cummins 18-6-30-2
Starc to Wagner, OUT

snorter! Gets the edge in trying to fend another short ball, kisses the edge through to Paine. Australia one strike away as Lockie comes out at No. 11

Neil Wagner c †Paine b Starc 8 (5b 0x4 1x6) SR: 160
Starc to Wagner, SIX runs

flies over third man for six! Would you believe it if I told you all Wagner tried to do was get out of the way of this bouncer? Tried to fend, too late. Beaten for pace, it flies off a leading edge for six

Starc to Wagner, 2 runs

chipped but safe, down towards long leg for a couple, he's off the mark

Starc to Wagner, no run

stunner from Starc! Angles one across Wagner while he's probably expecting stuff around his ribs, whizzes past the outside edge

Starc to Southee, 1 run

bunts this gently past silly point as they scamper a single

Starc to Southee, no run

hops back and across to turn this to short fine leg

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