2nd Semi Final (N), Durban, Sep 22 2007, ICC World Twenty20
(20 ov, target 189)173/7
India won by 15 runs
Player Of The Match
70 (30)
Match centre 
Scorecard summary
India188/5(20 overs)
Australia173/7(20 overs)
end of over 206 runs • 2 wickets
AUS: 173/7CRR: 8.65 
Mitchell Johnson4 (1)
Brad Haddin5 (8)
Joginder Sharma 3-0-37-2
RP Singh 4-0-33-0

The players from both sides congratulate each other and the Indians are all out there celebrating. They came into this tournament rank outsiders and now India have beaten the best side in the world to set up a huge, huge final against Pakistan at Johannesburg

Stay with us and we'll bring you some of the comments from the post-match presentation.

Adam Gilchrist On the match: "Amazing spectacle. The crowd here enjoyed it a great deal. Today there were some moments when India were better than us. They ended deserved winners"

On how the game went: "We had to bat well. India had to bowl well. It was that sort of total. Some of their bowlers did a really good job. A couple of shots didn't go for us and we lacked momentum."

On India's bowling: "All credit to India. They sized up the conditions and bowled well. It just shows that if you put a score on the board in the big games it puts pressure on the opposition."

On the Twenty20 experience:"Bit of a learning curve for everyone. We came from four months off. India have been playing some cricket recently. Yuvraj's hitting everything out of the park, their bowlers

Mahendra Singh Dhoni "Before I start I should say I read an article by you in Cricinfo. You'd said Australia were the favourites. Today I think me and the boys, we proved you wrong." Well, there you go, India's Twenty20 and ODI captain reads Cricinfo. And apparently it's inspired him.

On the job his bowlers did: "We didn't have bowlers of extraordinary pace but they bowled right areas. Some of our bowlers didn't have that much pace. Like Joginder Sharma. People said he'd go for runs. He did really well today, bowling sensibly."

"We played without fear. If we play like this, with everyone supporting each other we're going to win more matches than we lose. We need to enjoy ourselves when we go out to the middle"

Yuvraj Singh, the Man of the Match, says: "We needed runs on the board playing against a team like Australia. I just went out there and played as well as I could. I'm happy the way I'm hitting the ball and want to continue like this in the last game. India v Pakistan is always a big game and it's a dream to get a match-up like that."

This is Anand Vasu, your commentator, signing off for the moment. It's been an absolute pleasure bringing this game to you. We hope you enjoyed the Cricinfo experience. Mahendra Singh Dhoni certainly did!

Joginder Sharma to Johnson, FOUR runs

short one banged in, it's pulled for four but none of the Indian fielders care. India are in the final and it's against arch-rivals Pakistan! This has been a cracker of a game and India have pulled one over Australia

Joginder Sharma to Lee, OUT

full, straight yorker and Lee has no chance as he has a big heave. The leg stump is uprooted and the Indians erupt in celebration. Another wicket as India really drive this win home

Brett Lee b Joginder Sharma 2 (1m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100
Joginder Sharma to Lee, 2 runs

low full-toss on the off stump, thumped over the leg side, just two and now 20 needed from 2 balls. India are through to the final barring a no-ball

22 needed from 3 balls

Joginder Sharma to Hussey, OUT

short of a good length and outside the off, big heave to the on side, that one goes high rather than far, Yuvraj Singh runs across to wide long-on and holds the catch. Now surely that is the end of that. Big, big wicket for Joginder in a big over

Michael Hussey c Yuvraj Singh b Joginder Sharma 13 (28m 12b 0x4 1x6) SR: 108.33
Joginder Sharma to Hussey, no run

full and very straight, driven back down the pitch to the bowler. Another dot ball. This is now really tough for Australia

Joginder Sharma to Hussey, no run

fullish and outside the off, driven at, through to the keeper, no run. Great result from the first ball for Joginder and India

22 needed now from the final over. It's Joginder Sharma to bowl it. Real pressure here.

end of over 195 runs
AUS: 167/5CRR: 8.78 RRR: 22.00
Brad Haddin5 (8)
Michael Hussey13 (9)
RP Singh 4-0-33-0
Harbhajan Singh 4-0-24-1
Singh to Haddin, 2 runs

driven down to long-off, a couple of runs and end of a quality over from RP Singh

Singh to Haddin, no run

very full and outside the off, going away with the angle, another huge swing and a miss and nothing but air. No contact between bat and ball and another drop of gold for India, a dot ball

24 now needed from 8

Singh to Hussey, 1 run

short of a driving length, on the off, heaved over the infield but it won't go all the way, just the single

25 from 9 needed now

Singh to Haddin, 1 run

full and on the off, driven at, thick inside edge back onto pad

Singh to Haddin, (no ball)

Very high full-toss from RP Singh. A beamer from RP Singh that hits Haddin on the head almost. He just manages to fend it away with glove. No-ball called and RP apologises

27 from 10. Getting harder for Australia

Singh to Haddin, no run

quick one outside the off, angling away from Haddin who swings and misses, through to the keeper

27 needed from 11 now

Singh to Haddin, no run

short of a length and outside the off, big swing and a miss from Haddin

27 needed from 12 now. This is going down to the wire. RP Singh comes on.

end of over 183 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 162/5CRR: 9.00 RRR: 13.50
Brad Haddin2 (2)
Michael Hussey12 (8)
Harbhajan Singh 4-0-24-1
Irfan Pathan 4-0-44-2
Harbhajan to Haddin, 1 run

very full and on the pads, speared in, not much the batsman can do but work the ball to the on side. End of a fine over from Harbhajan

Harbhajan to Hussey, 1 run

fullish and outside the off, driven inside out through cover and that's a couple more to Australia in a good over for India

Harbhajan to Hussey, no run

tossed up and outside the off, again driven, no chance of a run and a priceless dot ball

Harbhajan to Hussey, no run

very full and on the stumps, Hussey drives but can only get a thick inside edge back onto pad

Harbhajan to Haddin, 1 run

short of a good length, outside the off, tossed up a touch more, defended to off for a quick run

Harbhajan to Clarke, OUT

Yorker! Michael Clarke doesn't expect this from Harbhajan and has no answer as he walks down the crease and the ball just spears into the leg stump. Another really quality bit of bowling and this might just be the wicket that tilts the scales in India's favour

Michael Clarke b Harbhajan Singh 3 (2m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100

India are struggling a touch with bowling options given Joginder Sharma has disappeared for runs. It's Harbhajan to bowl.

end of over 1711 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 159/4CRR: 9.35 RRR: 10.00
Michael Clarke3 (2)
Michael Hussey11 (5)
Irfan Pathan 4-0-44-2
Joginder Sharma 2-0-31-0
Pathan to Clarke, 1 run

slower ball, on the pads, once again Clarke works it away and this time it'll just be the single as short fine-leg fields

Best performances - batters
Yuvraj Singh portrait
Yuvraj Singh INDIA
70 runs (30)
5 fours
5 sixes
Productive shot
leg glance
31 runs
1 four
3 sixes
Matthew Hayden sits waiting for his turn in the nets
ML Hayden AUS
62 runs (47)
4 fours
4 sixes
Productive shot
leg glance
17 runs
2 fours
1 six
Best performances - bowlers
S Sreesanth
S Sreesanth INDIA
Mitchell Johnson player pic
MG Johnson AUS
Match details
Kingsmead, Durban
TossIndia, elected to bat first
SeriesICC World Twenty20Australia tour of South Africa
Player Of The Match
Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh
Series resultIndia advanced
Match numberT20I no. 45
Hours of play (local time)First Session 18:00-19:20, Interval 19:20-19:40, Second Session 19:40-21:00
Match days22 September 2007 - night (20-over match)
Pakistan Image
Asad Rauf
England Image
Mark Benson
TV Umpire
West Indies Image
Billy Doctrove
Reserve Umpire
New Zealand Image
Tony Hill
Match Referee
England Image
Chris Broad