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10th Match, Group D, Providence, May 4 2010, ICC World Twenty20
(3.3/20 ov, target 121)14/1
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• The Bulletin by Andrew Miller

Rain saves England in tense washout

England inched their way into the Super Eights after a tense washed-out contest at Providence, as the same Guyana weather that had contributed to their downfall against West Indies came to their aid

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Scorecard summary
England120/8(20 overs)
Ireland14/1(3.3 overs)

Well, on that rain-sodden note it's goodbye from your commentary team - Sahil Dutta and Liam Brickhill. Andrew Miller's bulletin will be up presently, but, alas, it will be somewhat incomplete due to the inclement weather in Guyana. Do join us tomorrow for Cricinfo's coverage of Australia v Bangladesh and South Africa v Afghanistan. There's still time for an upset in this tournament, and let's just hope that we can get two full games in! Until then, goodbye.

So England head through and, barring an upset in tomorrow's games, will be in the same group as India, Sri Lanka and Australia. Ireland put up a spirited performance in this game and would have fancied having a crack at a gettable total, but they have been thwarted by the weather. England would also have felt that, on this wicket, 120 was defendable, and we would have had a cracker of a match, were it not for the weather.

4.45pm Right, the game is off, and, with each team getting one point, England go through to the Super Eights courtesy of their superior net run-rate, Ireland are out. The players are shaking hands, and what a pity the game has ended like this. Both sides will have felt they could have won this game outright.

Consolations for Vic, from Pete in Australia: "Vic, at least you're not in a dry spell mate!" Oh, what we'd do for a dry spell in Guyana!

Rick, rightfully, is telling me to pull myself together: "Blaspheme! - for goodness sakes man, pull yourself together. At least the airports are open..."

"The rain is making cricket like my relationships," writes Vic, hilariously. "Nobody is sure what's going on!"

4.35pm It. Is. Raining. Again. One might almost be driven to blaspheme, this is so frustrating.

4.34pm Right, we should have a 4.45pm start, and it'll be a nine-over chase. Will let you know the target as soon as I do.

4.32pm "Stumps are in, covers are off..." Gnasher tells us. "No target news yet." Although we should have a re-start in 15 minutes if there is no further rain. Mm. Likely, that.

4.28pm Rain is easing, covers coming off once more! And 4.59pm is the cut-off point for play to resume, so we have half an hour. Which should leave enough time to get nine overs in...

"How about the next World 20-20 in Antarctica? Sure it won't rain there..." suggests Digish, helpfully. It is a farcical situation though, and, as Gnasher tells us "Meanwhile, Father Christmas is in the, I don't know why either."

4.23pm Crikey, on come the covers again as the rain returns.

4.12pm Cross your fingers, covers coming off! No news on when we'll have a start though. Apparently the umpires are trying to work out how much time has been lost, how many overs can be fit in, and thus what the target will be. Trying to work it all out is a Kafka-esque task...

4.09pm Not sure what's going on at the ground at the moment, the rain appears to be clearing somewhat though, and I'll let you know developments as soon as anything happens. We are definitely losing overs now, so there will be changes to Ireland's target.

There are rainclouds all round the ground, so it's hard to tell how long this rain will last. It appears to be easing already but we may now start losing overs, meaning the target score will be altered as well

What a shame, it's raining heavily again and the players are coming off as the covers come on. Ireland needed 27 in 5 on D/L, but we've only had three and a bit overs so far

Sidebottom to N O'Brien, no run

predictably, Sidebottom drops the length back and O'Brien rocks back to defend, although he's practicing his pull shot now

The rain is coming down again!

Sidebottom to N O'Brien, FOUR runs

even better! Great intent being shown by O'Brien, who picked up the length early and clipped firmly over mid on for another boundary. Sidebottom appears to have lost his swing

Sidebottom to N O'Brien, FOUR runs

great pick-up from O'Brien, and he's sent a leg stump delivery out to square leg for a welcome boundary. That was just asking to be hit.

Sidebottom continues...

end of over 32 runs
IRE: 6/1CRR: 2.00 RRR: 6.76
William Porterfield4 (10)
Niall O'Brien1 (2)
Tim Bresnan 2-0-5-0
Ryan Sidebottom 1-0-1-1
Bresnan to Porterfield, no run

tight bowling from Bresnan, not giving the left hander any width to work with on either side of the wicket and he ends with a dot

The lights are on at the ground now

Bresnan to Porterfield, no run

much better, and Porterfield knocks this one to mid off once again

Bresnan to Porterfield, 1 wide

well, he's just slightly lost his radar there, sending the ball shooting past the leg stump. Good pace and carry on that though

Bresnan to Porterfield, no run

accurate stuff from Bresnan, and Porterfield can only push a length ball to mid off

Bresnan to Porterfield, no run

on a length on off stump and Porterfield leans forward, making a solid connection but straight to the fielder in the covers

Bresnan to N O'Brien, 1 run

it's drop and run now, O'Brien simply taps the ball down at his feet and they're off for a very sharp single

Bresnan to N O'Brien, no run

ooh, and an airy swish outside off stump from Niall O'Brien first ball

Two slips for Bresnan now

end of over 21 run • 1 wicket
IRE: 4/1CRR: 2.00 RRR: 6.50
William Porterfield4 (6)
Ryan Sidebottom 1-0-1-1
Tim Bresnan 1-0-3-0
Sidebottom to Stirling, OUT

what a catch! Michael Lumb, take a bow! The ball was short again and this time Stirling was waiting for it. He absolutely murdered it out to square leg and a boundary seemed a certainty, but Lumb sprinted round to take a brilliant diving catch metres from the rope. A superb effort, and Stirling is nonplussed as he trudges off

Paul Stirling c Lumb b Sidebottom 0 (6m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Sidebottom to Stirling, no run

down the pitch comes Stirling now, but he's beaten on the inside edge by some good movement through the air from Sidebottom. The wicket may just have juiced up slightly in the break

Sidebottom to Stirling, no run

big appeal! The ball was back of a length, and Stirling went back to pull but missed. Huge appeal from 'keeper and bowler, but to no avail!

Sidebottom to Stirling, no run

good, sharp ball to start from Sidebottom, pitching middle and leg and tucking up the right-handed Stirling quite nicely

The umpires are heading back out onto the field, closely followed by the players, and it appears that play is only moments away. And the good news is, no overs have been lost so we still have a full game with the same target here!

3.42pm Indeed, it is much, much brighter now and the covers are almost entirely off. There's still rain around, but it seems to have swung past the ground for now.

3.38pm Good news! "Rain seems to have stopped, for now at least, but some very dark clouds still around," Gnasher tells us from the ground. "Covers coming off."

3.33pm If the match is washed out entirely, which, I must say, still seems unlikely at this point, England will go through on superior net run rate after Ireland's dismal showing in their first game against West Indies. It's far more likely that we'll get play with an altered target though, bringing D/L into play and making everything infinitely more complicated.

3.26pm The rain appears to have eased off a little, but the ground is very dark and there appear to be several stormclouds circling. More covers are coming out now too, covering the square and the bowlers' run-ups.

Well well well... Will Duckworth/Lewis come in to play once again? We still have half an hour's grace before we start losing overs, and the rain is already starting to ease.

It's really bucketing down now, and the covers are coming out... And Andy Flower is thumping his desk in frustration as the players run off the field. It'll be an anxious England dressing room at the moment.

And its starting to rain now...

Sidebottom to Porterfield, 1 run

more movement, but Porterfield plays for it this time, sending the ball down to third man for a single

Sidebottom to Porterfield, no run

yes he does! Movement in the air away from the left hander, who prods tentatively half forward and is well beaten

And it'll be Sidebottom to start proceedings from the other end. Will he find some swing with the new ball?

end of over 13 runs
IRE: 3/0CRR: 3.00 RRR: 6.21
Paul Stirling0 (2)
William Porterfield3 (4)
Tim Bresnan 1-0-3-0
Bresnan to Stirling, no run

thats nipped away off the seam, and though Stirling made to leave it I have a feeling he felt for that as it zipped past. Good ball, but no harm done

Bresnan to Stirling, no run

Bresnan zones in on the top of off stump, and Stirling leans forward to push the ball defensively behind point. Looking solid so far

Bresnan to Porterfield, 3 runs

fantastic shot, a full ball is driven firmly through the covers. Pietersen chases it down to keep them to three, but Ireland are away

Bresnan to Porterfield, no run

on a length and bunted back past the bowler to mid off

Best performances - batters
Eoin Morgan portrait
EJG Morgan ENG
45 runs (37)
5 fours
0 six
Productive shot
leg glance
20 runs
2 fours
0 six
Luke Wright portrait
LJ Wright ENG
20 runs (24)
0 four
1 six
Productive shot
off side drive on front foot
6 runs
0 four
1 six
Best performances - bowlers
Boyd Rankin portrait
WB Rankin IRE
Kevin O'Brien portrait
KJ O'Brien IRE
Match details
Providence Stadium, Guyana
TossIreland, elected to field first
SeriesICC World Twenty20
Match numberT20I no. 160
Hours of play (local time)13.30 start, First Session 13.30-14.50, Interval 14.50-15.10, Second Session 15.10-16.30
Match days4 May 2010 - day (20-over match)
New Zealand Image
Billy Bowden
New Zealand Image
Tony Hill
TV Umpire
Pakistan Image
Asad Rauf
Reserve Umpire
Australia Image
Steve Davis
Match Referee
Australia Image
Alan Hurst
PointsEngland 1, Ireland 1
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