2nd Semi-Final (N), Colombo, Oct 5 2012, ICC World Twenty20
(16.4/20 ov, target 206)131
West Indies won by 74 runs
player of the match
Chris Gayle
West Indies

So now we know, 12 teams whittled down to two and it will be Sri Lanka v West Indies in the final on Sunday, 7pm IST, once again in Colombo. And shortly beforehand the Women's final takes place between England and Australia, 2.30pm start for that one. We'll be here as per usual bringing you all the best coverage, reaction and analysis. So make sure you join us then. From Sid Monga and myself, Alex Winter, see you Sunday...

So to the Presentation and George Bailey: "We were absolutely outplayed," he says. "Gayle was subdued for a while but while he's at the crease he's always in your mind. But we set ourselves to get to the semi-finals and I don't think there's one area specifically where we can improve on. But from tonight you can probably say all three!"

"We did what we had to do, everybody turned up. Chris and Marlon set it up for us and then the bowling turned up too," he says with a smile. "If you look at the quality in the dressing room, if we go out on the field and execute we can beat any team." Man of the Match for his 75 from 41 balls is Chris Gayle, the big man came good today for his side, can he do it in the big one on Sunday...

Start the Gangnam Style, West Indies have won by 74 runs and qualify for the World T20 final against Sri Lanka on Sunday. Congratulations to all in the Caribbean, their first final since 2006 Champions Trophy. They have been totally dominant today. Their big hitters fired with the bat, Chris Gayle in particular, as they posted a wonderfully entertaining score of over 200, the highest total in this year's competition. Australia also needed their big bashers to come off but Warner and Watson were removed in a hurry and the rest fell away but for a fine counterattack from George Bailey though the captain's knock was in vain.

Rampaul to Starc, OUT

swing and miss, bowled him and it's all over. A length ball, clips the off bail, perfect delivery to end the game, aimed for the leg side and was a long way off

Mitchell Starc b Rampaul 2 (17m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 40
Rampaul to Doherty, 3 runs

goes to play to leg, comes off the pad into the gully, slip fields again, and again the silly throw gives away an overthrow, in fact two of them

Rampaul to Doherty, no run

bumper, good line, ducked under

Rampaul to Starc, 1 run

full just outside off, slapped down to long on

"Oddly, after 14 overs, both sides had scored 113. Pretty even game then?" Err, yer James...

end of over 166 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 127/9CRR: 7.93 • RRR: 19.75 • Need 79 runs from 24b
Xavier Doherty6 (5)
Mitchell Starc1 (3)
Sunil Narine3-0-17-2
Ravi Rampaul3-0-12-2
Narine to Doherty, FOUR runs

floated up and lifted over mid off, fine strike this is, timed really well, gave himself room and struck through the line

Narine to Doherty, no run

goes for the reverse sweep again, this time off the stumps, misses again and the turn takes it past off stump

Narine to Doherty, 2 runs

cut into the covers where there's a misfield so they take two

Narine to Doherty, no run

goes for a reverse sweep from outside leg stump, struck on the pad

Narine to Doherty, no run

back to a wrong'un, defends it on the crease

So Last Rites here for Australia...

Narine to Hogg, OUT

goes down the wicket, misses with a cut, the keeper whips off the bails, did Hogg get back? No he did not, sharp work from the keeper, had the bails off in a flash and Hogg didn't get back in time

Brad Hogg st †Ramdin b Narine 7 (8m 7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100

"So what's been the best semi-final? Would you rate a high scoring game with one man hitting to all corners better than an an all-round team effort like yesterday?" Well Bud, I think we've had 20 overs of good cricket and the rest has been not very entertaining at all, yesterday's pitch was useless and this innings is a non event...

end of over 158 runs
AUS: 121/8CRR: 8.06 • RRR: 17.00 • Need 85 runs from 30b
Brad Hogg7 (6)
Mitchell Starc1 (3)
Ravi Rampaul3-0-12-2
Kieron Pollard1-0-6-2
Rampaul to Hogg, 1 run

full on leg stump, flicked down to long on

Rampaul to Hogg, 2 runs

dabbed into the gully from outside off, slip goes across to field, a stupid throw at the non-striker's end brings two

Rampaul to Hogg, 1 wide

back of a length down the leg side

Rampaul to Hogg, 2 runs

leg stump, turned into midwicket, two as the deep midwicket has to come a long way in

Rampaul to Hogg, no run

bumper, Hogg steps away, bowler follows him and ducks and falls over

Rampaul to Starc, 1 leg bye

length ball, strikes the pad, they go for the run as the ball runs back up the wicket

Rampaul to Hogg, 1 run

length outside off, angled down to third man

Sean isn't convinced that Bailey has redeemed himself: "Not trying to be cynical, but not sure that knock should save Bailey's career for the following reasons: 1. He hasn't delivered in this tournament, 2. He's occupying a position that could possibly be better filled, and 3. He really had no choice but to hit out." Rampaul back to heavy-ball um out...