9th Match, Bengaluru, Aug 27 2018, India A Team Quadrangular Series
(37.4/50 ov, target 158)159/6
SA A won by 4 wickets (with 74 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
5/19 & 2 catches

3.48pm The match in Alur has started again, and the South Africans will be rooting for India B to beat Australia A. Follow our updates.

And that's it from us for this game. See you in the final.

3.45pm Time for the presentation.

Shreyas Iyer: Right from the start when we lost the toss we knew there was going to be a little bit for the bowlers. But we played really bad up front, the batting wasn't up to the mark. The score was definitely not par, we were thinking 200 or 225 even after losing four wickets up front.

I need to step up and put some runs on the board and get back on form (in the four-dayers against Australia A that follow). The boys have been very positive throughout and the B team has been doing well.

Khaya Zondo: The guys did well, we planned before the game that we were going to bowl first. We had to chase a nice low total to get a bonus point and give ourselves a chance to get into the final.

Expectedly Dane Paterson is the Man of the Match, for his five-wicket haul.

3.35pm South Africa A win by four wickets.

Not quite a 'clinical' performance from South Africa A, who pulled through nonetheless because their seamers, led by Paterson, ensured they made good use of a deck that had assistance first up after Zondo won the toss. Once India A lost five wickets with less than a third of the innings done, it was always a question of whether they could still get to a respectable total or not. They got to one that allowed them to fight, but that was it.

South Africa A still have problems aplenty against spin, and if they do make the final, those won't go away in two days. They might have to think of a change in tactics against spinners rather than doing something technically drastic. Still, this is a good win and should give them confidence. Remarkably, it's their first win on the tour of India so far, having lost the first unofficial Test and drawn the second. The warm-up game was also drawn, while their first two one-dayers were washed out before India B and Australia A beat them.

Krunal to Frylinck, FOUR runs

steps out and launches it over the in-field for four and South Africa A have won by four wickets, with the bonus point. They will still need Australia to lose, but at least they've done what they could

Krunal to Frylinck, no run

beaten. No room to cut but still went for it and the ball bounces over the stumps

Krunal to Frylinck, FOUR runs

makes room and steps away, but can only get a thick outside edge. Luck is with South Africa though and it runs away for four

Krunal to Behardien, 1 run

steps froward and drives, where mid-off fumbles and allows a single

Meanwhile, the rain has stopped in Alur. But play hasn't started yet

end of over 374 runs
SA-A: 150/6CRR: 4.05 RRR: 0.61
Farhaan Behardien17 (19)
Robbie Frylinck7 (6)
Shivam Mavi 6-1-27-0
Krunal Pandya 8-1-28-2
Shivam Mavi to Behardien, 1 run

short ball and pulled away but only for a single. The 150 is up and South Africa A can sight victory now

Shivam Mavi to Behardien, no run

driven with power again, but without timing and short cover intercepts it

Shivam Mavi to Behardien, no run

punched to short cover off the back foot

Shivam Mavi to Frylinck, 1 run

cut powerfully and that will go down as a dropped chance, but it was a tough one. Suryakumar Yadav at point got two hands to it diving to his left, but the ball was travelling, and he couldn't hold on

Shivam Mavi to Behardien, 1 run

short and pulled away to square leg

Shivam Mavi to Frylinck, 1 run

cut away to third man

Mavi is back. 12 needed off 25 to qualify with bonus point

end of over 365 runs • 1 wicket
SA-A: 146/6CRR: 4.05 RRR: 0.85
Robbie Frylinck5 (4)
Farhaan Behardien15 (15)
Krunal Pandya 8-1-28-2
Nitish Rana 1-0-4-0
Krunal to Frylinck, 1 run

taps it to long-off for a single

Krunal to Frylinck, FOUR runs

the power of Frylinck in evidence. That was just a short-arm punch but travelled to the point fence

Krunal to Frylinck, no run

fuller and on the legs, Frylinck flicks but straight to midwicket

Krunal to Frylinck, no run

on offstump and he gets a thick inside edge to mid-on

Krunal to Muthusamy, OUT

soft dismissal. length ball and he turned it straight to square leg. South Africa's qualifications hopes are precarious once again.

Senuran Muthusamy c Yadav b Pandya 16 (36m 25b 1x4 0x6) SR: 64
Krunal to Muthusamy, no run

on leg stump and leading edge drops on the offside

Meanwhile, in Alur: Good news for South Africa fans. It's raining and Australia A are 132 for 4 in 24.1 overs. The par score is 141, so Australia are behind

end of over 354 runs
SA-A: 141/5CRR: 4.02 RRR: 1.13
Farhaan Behardien15 (15)
Senuran Muthusamy16 (23)
Nitish Rana 1-0-4-0
Krunal Pandya 7-1-23-1

Match State: Drinks

Rana to Behardien, no run

turnign in from off and hit to midwicket inside the circle

Rana to Behardien, no run

cut to point

Rana to Behardien, 2 runs

drives through the covers and some good running gives them two

square leg comes in and fine leg drops back

Rana to Muthusamy, 1 run

cuts it off the back foot to deep point

Rana to Muthusamy, no run

waits on the ball and steers it away, but only to short cover

Rana to Behardien, 1 run

stays back and tucks it away to square leg

21 needed in 37 balls for the bonus point. Spin trial to continue, with Nitish Rana handed the ball. He had a golden arm during the IPL.