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2nd T20I (N), Sydney, December 06, 2020, India tour of Australia
(19.4/20 ov, T:195) 195/4

India won by 6 wickets (with 2 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
42* (22)
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11:08pm And that is all from our coverage of the second match. Good night, and catch you soon!

Kohli: Yeah meant a great deal. We've played as a team in T20 cricket. The fact that we don't have Rohit and Bumrah, our established white ball players, in and still doing well makes me happy. Everyone has played 14 games at least, recently - so they know what their plans are. We just kept them down to a total which we thought was quite chaseable with the short boundary. It's contributions from the whole team that make you feel better because young players are taking their opportunities. The reason was Hardik coming into the team in 2016 was pure ability. He has raw talent. And now he realises that this is his time, the next 4-5 years, to be that bankable player that can win you games from anywhere. His plans are right and I'm glad to see that. We had a word before the game to ride the atmosphere, and the energy from the fans. [The scoop] there was indeed an AB shot! I told Hardik Tye wasn'texpecting it and he said he didn't either. I'll text AB tonight, see what he thinks of it.

Wade: It was good fun [to be captain], a lot more fun till Hardik came out. I think we might have been a little short - not a lot, but then it doesn't matter when Hardik is in [this sort of form]. All in all we played some good cricket, we just mis-executed in some places and that was it. Was great to see Sweppo and Zamps. These guys have played a lot of T20. Unfortunately we couldn't execute in the end.

Hardik: It's pretty simple. I really like to see the scorecard and play. It lets you know the kind of shots and options you have. All my matches, I've realised you always have more time than you realise in T20 matches. No matter the target - we've got 80-90-100 in the last five before, and I take confidence from that. As a unit we believe in playing positive, it gives everyone a chance as well. I thought Matarajan would have been Man of the Match, he gave us a target about 10 runs lower than it would have been.

Hardik Pandya is the Man of the Match.

AussieBren: "Gutsy call to give the debutant the 20th over! I know Sams is more than capable but the pressure on the young man!"

Vignesh: "Natarajan should be player of the match today. On a batting track he was brilliant today"

Lucky: "Henriques given only 1 over is a crime on this pitch. We already saw in the ODIs that the medium pacers at SCG are hard to hit that well. "

Abdul Pak: " was so clear in his mind what to do. I love his attitude."

Surprised: "Superb strokeplay from Hardik. But why did Sams bowl around the wicket when he was bowling very well over the wicket and making batmen reach for the wide off side deliveries...?!!"

WATCH: Sanju Samson's wicket (Indian subcontinent only)

WATCH: Virat Kohli falls while chasing a wide one (Indian subcontinent only)

10:45pm Birthday boy Shreyas Iyer and Hardik Pandya walk off the winners tonight. Rusty for the most part, Pandya but he's shown up right at the end with two crisp hits to seal it. Iyer did his part too, a neat little cameo from him. That's 2-0 to India, who bounce back from the ODI series loss.

Sams to Hardik, SIX runs

slogs it well over deep midwicket! Full and angled into the arc once again from around the wicket. He set up for it, picked that it was back of the hand, and swung cleanly through it. Wins India the series

Sams to Hardik, no run

beaten with a smart bouncer. Follows him down leg side. He looks to improvise with the upper cut but that's past him

Sams to Hardik, SIX runs

pumps that wide of long-on! He continues to stay around the wicket. And slides this length ball into Pandya's arc. He nails it on the up

Sams to Hardik, 2 runs

slower ball, sliding into the body. Swishes across it, gets a thick inside edge to deep square leg's right

end of over 1911 runs
INDIA: 181/4CRR: 9.52 RRR: 14.00
Hardik Pandya28 (18)
Shreyas Iyer12 (5)
Andrew Tye 4-0-47-1
Adam Zampa 4-0-36-1

It was Tye's over halfway through, but those last three balls have gone India's way. 11 off it. They need 14 off the last one. Sams will bowl it, around the wicket.

Tye to Hardik, 1 run

short of a length and wide outside off. Cut straight to backward point, who might have got Pandya at the non-strikers with a direct hit

Tye to Hardik, FOUR runs

drilled to sweeper's right. Good length and wide outside off, backs away and throws his hands at it again. Bat turns in the hands again, but this time he's in more control as he gets it in front of sweeper

Tye to Hardik, FOUR runs

sliced over short third. Full toss outside off. Throws his hands at that. The bat turns in the hand and it flies off the outside half of the bat

Tye to Hardik, no run

beaten again. Full slower ball wide outside off this time, shuffles and scythes and misses

Highlights (Indian subcontinent only): Zampa claims Dhawan's wicket

Tye to Hardik, no run

slower ball, short of a length and wide outside off. Beaten on the attempted cut

Grant Robinson: "Tough being a spinner. Beaten batsmen time and time again and then someone gets it somewhere near the middle. "

Tye to Hardik, 2 runs

Iyer takes on long-on's arm and finishes the second. Full slower ball at off stump, drilled to long-on's left

Tye to bowl the 19th

end of over 1812 runs
INDIA: 170/4CRR: 9.44 RRR: 12.50
Shreyas Iyer12 (5)
Hardik Pandya17 (12)
Adam Zampa 4-0-36-1
Daniel Sams 3-0-27-1
Zampa to Shreyas Iyer, FOUR runs

short and wide outside off, waits on it this time and chops that between cover and point

Zampa to Shreyas Iyer, no run

short at off stump, cuts straight to backward point

Zampa to Shreyas Iyer, SIX runs

a no-look slog wayyyyy over deep midwicket! Full and sliding onto his front leg. He gets to the pitch, watches the ball onto the bat and continues to watch that spot as his perfect bat swing sends this a long way

Zampa to Hardik, 1 run

Wade reviews for lbw. A quicker one slides rapidly onto Pandya's pads in front of leg stump. But there looked to be an inside edge as he looked to whip it through. Hotspot confirms it

Zampa to Hardik, no run

googly at a length on leg stump, through his attempted slog too early. Gets an inside edge to short fine

Zampa to Shreyas Iyer, 1 run

full and at leg stump. Backs away and looks to loft this straight. Comes off the thick outside edge and lands safely to long-off's left

end of over 179 runs • 1 wicket
INDIA: 158/4CRR: 9.29 RRR: 12.33
Hardik Pandya16 (10)
Shreyas Iyer1 (1)
Daniel Sams 3-0-27-1
Adam Zampa 3-0-24-1
Sams to Hardik, FOUR runs

chopped past short third man.<.b> Yorker wide outside off, jumps back in the crease and chops down on that. It's off the outside part of the bat and quickly past the fielder

Sams to Hardik, 2 runs

slower ball, good length and wide outside off. Shuffles across and slaps this to sweeper's right

Sams to Hardik, no run

short and wide, sliding across off stump. And hurries him and beats his cut

James: "Not a bad first wicket in international cricket for Sams!"

Sams to Hardik, 2 runs

slower ball, short and wide outside off. Cut firmly to sweeper's left

Sams to Shreyas Iyer, 1 run

full slower ball at leg stump, flicked to deep square's right

Sams to Kohli, OUT

outside edge is taken! Short and wide outside off. Steps out and chucks his hands at that. It was very wide. He had to reach out to make connection. Comes off the outside edge of the low part of the bat. Loops above Wade who times the jump well

Virat Kohli c †Wade b Sams 40 (24b 2x4 2x6) SR: 166.66
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