2nd Test, Melbourne, December 26 - 29, 2020, India tour of Australia
195 & 200
(T:70) 326 & 70/2

India won by 8 wickets

Player Of The Match
112 & 27*
INDIA 2nd Innings
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WATCH: Highlights of India's superlative win on day four and debutant Shubman Gill's stroke-filled 35 not out (Indian subcontinent only)

I'll leave you with Kohli's thoughts. Hope you've enjoyed our coverage. You can catch all the highlights of this Test right here on ESPNcricinfo. There will be post-game reactions, analysis and much else. Also, we're awaiting Cricket Australia's decision on the venue of the third Test. So do stay tuned in for all that. For now, this is Shashank Kishore saying goodbye on behalf of Varun Shetty and Chandan Duroah. Cheers, wish you all a very happy new year. See you in 2021!

Ajinkya Rahane joins Sony for a post-game chat. "Would've been easy for us to get bogged down thinking about Adelaide, but we decided to not do that. Wanted to come in with intent and attitude. Collective effort of individuals was the message. We knew we'd get the results if we did that. Coming in, we wanted to bat first. It was important to bowl with discipline, which we did really well, especially Ashwin who came on in the 10th over and created that pressure. Really impressed with both our debutants. First-class cricket matters a lot, if you play 3-4 years of first-class cricket and India A before coming to the international level, it helps a lot. The way Siraj bowled with discipline and patience was great to see."

Aakash Chopra says: "Shubman is a special player. We are witnessing the early days of India's future batting superstar. Remember his debut. You might have to revisit it a good few times while writing eulogies in 2030. How he started as an opener and then settled down in the middle order for good."

Virat Kohli tweets: "What a win this is, absolutely amazing effort by the whole team. Couldn't be happier for the boys and specially Jinks who led the team to victory amazingly. Onwards and upwards from here."

Missed Cameron Green's enterprising 45? Readers in Australia can watch his innings here .

Ajinkya Rahane is the Man of the Match for his 112 & 27*. "Really proud of all the players, credit to our debutants Gill and Siraj. The way they showed character was amazing, unfortunately we lose Umesh but credit to everyone. The five bowling options worked out really well. We were thinking of one allrounder and Jadeja did really well. Shubman has done well in first-class cricket, showed intent and composure. Siraj bowled with a lot of discipline. Sometimes as debutants, you can get carried away, but guys who play first-class cricket for four-five years know what to do, it makes a captain's job easier. The talk was all about showing attitude, intent and character. One hour took the game away from us in Adelaide, but we still have a lot to learn. Australia applied themselves in the second innings, the last five wickets. Umesh is recovering well, we're excited about Rohit coming back. I spoke to him yesterday and he's really excited about coming back."

Tim Paine: Very disappointed, played poor cricket, sloppy cricket. Let's not take anything away from India, they forced us to make mistakes. They bowled beautifully, we haven't adapted as well as we would've liked. Disappointed as a batting group, two Tests to go, so we'll work hard and come back. Cameron Green has started really well, with more Tests he can blossom into a fantastic cricketer. We will be staying together, there was some potential for a few guys to play in the BBL but with the border closure, we'll probably just stay together and see where we go from here.

Gaurav Sundararaman asks: 36 all out. Losing the toss and fielding in an away Test and losing a bowler. No Kohli, Ishant and Shami. Two debutants. Imagine Aus beating India in India without Smith, Starc and Lyon and Batting last with two debutants. India's greatest overseas Test win?

Former India fast bowler Dodda Ganesh says: "To me, this win is on par with the Perth win of 2007/08."

2.50pm India lost two wickets in a small chase, but they've knocked off these runs quite effortlessly in the end, with Rahane and debutant Gill stamping their authority. This is India's fourth win at MCG, their second in a row as well. Two years ago, Bumrah was India's hero. This time around, it's skipper Rahane, who surely has done enough to earn the Man of the Match award? A polished 27 not out to go with his 112. This is Rahane's third win in as many Tests as captain.

The most pleasing aspect of this win: there have been contributions from most. Siraj and Gill, both debutants, won't forget this game forever. With India a pacer down due to Umesh Yadav's injury, Siraj stepped up to shoulder responsibility admirably in Bumrah's company. Ashwin continues to thrash any perceptions there may have been about his performances overseas, while Jadeja, who replaced Kohli, has left an imprint already. So much to savour for India as they look back on a memorable win.

Lyon to Rahane, 1 run

Rahane, quite fittingly, hits the winning runs, India level the series! This was short, spinning into middle and leg, Rahane pulls it to backward square leg, where there's a misfield. The ghosts of Adelaide buried emphatically.

Lyon to Rahane, no run

works this with the spin to square leg again

WATCH: Mayank Agarwal's poor run continues as does Cheteshwar Pujara's (Indian subcontinent only)

Lyon to Rahane, no run

steps out, Lyon shortens his length, Rahane whips this straight to Green at square leg

Lyon to Rahane, no run

works this to midwicket, looks for a single but is sent back.

Lyon to Rahane, no run

right behind the line as he defends this skiddy length delivery

end of over 159 runs
INDIA: 69/2CRR: 4.60 
Ajinkya Rahane26 (35)
Shubman Gill35 (36)
Marnus Labuschagne 1-0-9-0
Nathan Lyon 2-0-4-0
Labuschagne to Rahane, 3 runs

full toss outside off and Rahane caresses this into the gap at extra cover, Hazlewood gives it chase to pull it back in, they'll take three ands the scores are level

Labuschagne to Rahane, no run

keeps a tad low as he rocks back to pull, hit straight to backward square leg

Labuschagne to Rahane, no run

punches this length ball to point

Labuschagne to Gill, 1 run

rocks back and cuts to point

Labuschagne to Gill, FOUR runs

flicks this full toss superbly wide of mid-on. So much wrist in that as he fetched it from middle and off

Labuschagne to Rahane, 1 run

short, pulled from outside off to deep square leg

They haven't taken drinks. There's another change in bowling. Here's Marnus

end of over 143 runs
INDIA: 60/2CRR: 4.28 
Shubman Gill30 (34)
Ajinkya Rahane22 (31)
Nathan Lyon 2-0-4-0
Josh Hazlewood 3-1-14-0
Lyon to Gill, no run

good stride forward as he defends with soft hands

Lyon to Rahane, 1 run

works it with the spin to deep square

Lyon to Rahane, no run

goes right back into the crease and blocks

Lyon to Rahane, no run

lunges forward and defends

Lyon to Rahane, 2 runs

dropped at long-on by Starc diving to his right. Rahane steps out but doesn't get to the pitch, looks to hit it squarer but it's no more than a chip. Starc did all the hard work in getting to the ball but couldn't hold on

Lyon to Rahane, no run

gets well forward and defends

end of over 134 runs
INDIA: 57/2CRR: 4.38 
Shubman Gill30 (33)
Ajinkya Rahane19 (26)
Josh Hazlewood 3-1-14-0
Nathan Lyon 1-0-1-0
Hazlewood to Gill, no run

full on off, defended back

Hazlewood to Gill, FOUR runs

imperious! Picks the length early and pulls magnificently in front of square.

Hazlewood to Gill, no run

right behind the line as he defends this incoming length delivery

Should they get home (no more doubts right?) India would've won four Tests at MCG. the most for them at an away venue