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New Zealand vs India, 2nd ODI at Hamilton, NZ v IND, Nov 27 2022 - Ball by Ball Commentary

2nd ODI (D/N), Hamilton, November 27, 2022, India tour of New Zealand
(12.5/29 ov) 89/1

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Shame the match ended the way it did. Was shaping up to be a good contest. Anyway, that will be it from us today. Thanks for tuning in. We will meet once again for the third ODI, in Christchurch on Wednesday. Till then, this is me Ashish Pant signing off on behalf of Himanshu Agrawal and Venkat Raghav. Ciao!

Shikhar Dhawan: It [weather] is not in our control. You just have to wait. Cannot help it but now looking forward to the next game. The surface was very good. I thought that the surface would be seaming more, but it was very delightful to see all the batters play with intent. [On the two changes] We wanted the sixth bowler to come in, so we brought Hooda in place of Samson. With Chahar, we wanted to try him and get one more swing bowler, who can trouble the batters. [Youngsters in the team] All the senior players are resting. It is already showing a bit of depth. We are quite confident about them. It is exciting that it makes me feel so young. It is just a good exposure to come in and play in NZ, and at the same time, they have been performing so well. Shubman has been batting so well in these conditions, and even Umran Malik in the last game. The transition and maturity they are carrying is good. As a team we are process-oriented and we make sure we show that on the field. We do the process right, things will come right for us.

Kane Williamson: A bit disappointing, the weather seems to be following around us. But we did well to get some cricket. A good team performance in the first ODI. Latham played a fantastic innings. Looking forward to Christchurch now. []No.1 side in ODIs] Rankings float around a little bit, but at the same time, it recognises the hard work we have been doing. You always try to get better, and everyone you come against are tough. You don't think about such things though. [Partnership with Latham in Auckland] A nice partnership, important in the context of the match. It [Latham's] was an amazing innings. Having said that the attempt is to do what the team requires, and the last one was like that. [On Tim Southee] Amazing player for us across formats. We have been celebrating a number of milestones for him. His longevity and staying on the park and being a leader of the group is nice. Not many people have achieved what he has.

vijay: "Will Gill's 45* and SKY's 36* count towards their averages" Yes.

There were 12.5 overs possible and Shubman Gill and Suryakumar Yadav gave a good account of themselves despite the surface aiding pace and swing. Surya struck three sixes in his 25-ball 34, while Gill remained unbeaten on 45 off 42. Matt Henry was the only successful New Zealand bowler removing Shikhar Dhawan for 3. But as much as highlights go, that's all I have for you today with rain frustrating all the way.

8.04pm The match has been called off. Rain has the final say. The two umpires shake hands with the India captain, Shikhar Dhawan, and then with Kane Williamson. Long faces amongst the ground staff, who have done a remarkable job with the outfield. Pity, we couldn't get a game today, it was shaping up to be a good game. But, that's nature isn't it?

7.58pm: Is there? The rain is consistently falling in Hamilton. It's not heavy, but persistent, and that is the issue. Just about 35 minutes before the match gets officially called off. The umpires are coming out with their umbrellas up. They are having a word with the curator, possibly asking him if there is any chance of play. Seems bleak for now.

If there is hope for play still, Ashish will lead the way. Here he comes again.

Hrishikesh Kanitkar, India's batting coach: "I came here for the one-dayers [in 1999]. It was a fabulous pitch. The same group of coaches were there when South Africa came to India recently. These players keep coming at the NCA. Laxman heads it there. It's a bit challenging [in New Zealand], especially in batting. These guys play all over the world, so they are used to it. Preparing physically is one thing, but mentally too. Surya is an exception; what he does, very few will be able to do"

7.45pm It is raining heavily for now, and it is dark and gloomy above.

Mohayudin: "Do the runs scored in a washed-out game count?" --- Of course. After all, Michael Clarke's - among others, surely - highest ODI score came in a rained-out match in Bangalore in 2007

7.39pm Now even the outfield is being covered, which it wasn't until now. They are probably expecting more rain.

Prakash Mahtani: "Both SKY(s) fighting for World Surpemacy.. The one above Winning it for now!! :("

7.35pm The umpires almost look frustrated - and why wouldn't they? - as it continues raining. The latest the game can start is 8.35pm. Looks like the game started almost yesterday - never mind that in some parts of the world it actually did - but still only less than 13 overs have taken place.

AK: ""It works on logical calculations more than assumptions" Himanshu, are you a banker?" --- The economy would have been on the verge of its worst collapse had I been one

7.21pm Here it comes again... rain, rain. Just when the entertainment had begun, the Rain Gods decide to take a break. Sunday spoilers. The entire square is being covered now, which suggests it could be heavy.

Ferguson to Suryakumar, FOUR runs

clipped behind for four! Just a little tickle, as he gets a bit across off, and sees a good length ball angling into middle. Between keeper and the wide-ish fine leg

Ferguson to Suryakumar, no run

slower ball now. Pretty full and a bit wide of off, as he drags that to extra cover

Ferguson to Suryakumar, no run

misfield at midwicket, as the fielder overruns to his right, but no run conceded. Much fuller ball outside off, and Surya mistimes his heave for the on side

Bharatthej: "Looks like there are light showers around" --- It did seem so last over, with the ground staff all ready

Ferguson to Suryakumar, SIX runs

bashed over midwicket! Backs away and takes a step down, before getting into this shortish ball on middle to send it crashing

Ferguson to Gill, 1 run

on the bounce to mid-on tumbling to his left. Short delivery on off, and flung hard

end of over 129 runs
IND: 78/1CRR: 6.50 
Shubman Gill44 (41b 4x4 1x6)
Suryakumar Yadav24 (21b 1x4 2x6)
Michael Bracewell 2-0-18-0
Mitchell Santner 1-0-9-0
Michael Bracewell to Gill, 1 run

goes hoicking at this full ball on off, but gets it off the inside half of the bat to deep square leg

Michael Bracewell to Suryakumar, 1 run

good chase by Mitchell running and sliding to his right from fine leg. Fuller ball outside off, and now the conventional sweep

Michael Bracewell to Suryakumar, SIX runs

reverse swept forcefully! He switched his guard, and heaved this over short third, with the ball being fullish and outside off again

Michael Bracewell to Suryakumar, no run

good length on off, and turning in to hit his pad as he misses his flick

Michael Bracewell to Gill, 1 run

good length again on off, and clipped to deep backward square. This was fired pretty quick

Debs: "But the predictor also works on assumptions" --- It works on logical calculations more than any assumptions

Michael Bracewell to Gill, no run

skips down, and tucks this good length ball outside off to midwicket

end of over 119 runs
IND: 69/1CRR: 6.27 
Suryakumar Yadav17 (18b 1x4 1x6)
Shubman Gill42 (38b 4x4 1x6)
Mitchell Santner 1-0-9-0
Michael Bracewell 1-0-9-0
Santner to Suryakumar, no run

full and flat outside off. This was bowled quicker, as he swept again only to find short fine leg - yet again

Santner to Gill, 1 run

swats this short ball outside off, and finds deep point again

Santner to Suryakumar, 1 run

brings out the sweep again to this full ball outside off. Single to fine leg

Santner to Suryakumar, no run

now gets across off for another sweep, but the ball is too full and wide. Finds short fine

Santner to Suryakumar, SIX runs

swung away high and far beyond deep square leg! Full ball on middle, and a bit tossed up too. Surya slog sweeps with his front leg out of the way, and plays like a half volley

"Can you please get your predictor on assuming this is a kind of T20 game?" --- Life and cricket hardly work on assumptions, Vish

Santner to Gill, 1 run

bowls on a shortish length just outside off. Slapped to deep point

Left-arm spin of Santner now. Around the wicket

end of over 109 runs
IND: 60/1CRR: 6.00 
Shubman Gill40 (36b 4x4 1x6)
Suryakumar Yadav10 (14b 1x4)
Michael Bracewell 1-0-9-0
Lockie Ferguson 2-0-13-0
Michael Bracewell to Gill, 1 run

much fuller and just outside off. Nudged to long-on

Michael Bracewell to Gill, 2 runs

now pulls to deep square leg. Short delivery again, and he rocks back to hammer that in the gap

Michael Bracewell to Gill, FOUR runs

inside out over cover! Gives himself a bit of room, and seizes the chance on this full and loopy ball outside off to loft with high elbows

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