3rd T20I (N), Sydney, Jan 31 2016, India tour of Australia
(20 ov, target 198)200/3
India won by 7 wickets
Player Of The Match
124* (71) & 1/30
Player Of The Series
199 runs
end of over 2019 runs
INDIA: 200/3CRR: 10.00 
Suresh Raina49 (25)
Yuvraj Singh15 (12)
Andrew Tye 4-0-51-0
Shane Watson 4-0-30-1

That is the end of a hectic Indian tour of Australia. Those bowlers can rest a bit now. Batsmen have got flat pitches and good bats, but they deserve some of the credit for their ruthlessness too. It was good fun bringing it to you. Cricinfo bids goodbye now

"Lot of credit to the bowlers," says MS Dhoni. "In the ODI series the batsmen were doing well, we needed the extra 10% from the bowlers. That has changed with Bumrah coming in and others getting their act together. Yes, the batsmen have taken it up a notch, but it is the bowlers who have done their job better, which has made the difference. There might be one or two changes based on the conditions in the World T20, but this is roughly what our T20 side will look like."

"They certainly are special," says Shane Watson, Man of the Match. "They showed it to us in the one-day series as well. we put up the big score to give ourselves a big score, but couldn't get ourselves over the line. At this point of time I am loving every minute of playing for Australia. The privilege to captain the team was great although it was a bit hectic at time. I do enjoy my batting. I blocked the ball a bit too much early, but it was a pleasure to bat with Uzzie. Can't believe he got out. We have got the world-class players, there is no reason why we can't have a successful World T20. Just need to chalk out the roles..."

"Indeed, reads sweet," says Virat Kohli, Man of the Series. "We decided before Sydney one-dayer that we want to finish the tour 4-all. Just because we played so well earlier but didn't get on the board. I was disappointed when I got out because I wanted to finish the game off. I challenge myself to finish them off when I chase. The way Yuvi and Raina, both of them coming back, finished it off, credit to their character. (Rohit starts dancing midway because Kohli is asked about him). I have said this many times that I am a big fan of Rohit. The time he has got, and the miles he can hit the ball..."

Surely there are thousands of Twitter jokes about Yuvraj being deleted furiously right now? But boy did he dig himself a hole here? The wheel turned with two gentle length balls at the start of the last over, but to hit them clean out of the crews under such pressure... India have moved from No. 8 at the start of this series to No. 1 after this whitewash. So they are No. 1 in both Tests and T20Is. Credit to Bumrah too for those tight overs in the end when Australia looked like could go well past 200. Yet another first-innings centurion ends up on the losing side. Not sure you could ask Watson to do much more. Scored an unbeaten century, took a wicket in his first over, captained the side, and conceded just five in the 19th over. He also left Yuvraj on strike. At the start of the 20th over, India needed 17 runs and Yuvraj was 5 off 9 and still googling the middle of his bat. Then he got two length balls on the pads. Pressure got to Tye, but the veteran batsman produced the goods. Credit will go to Sharma and Kohli for their aggressive fifties, which provided Yuvraj the luxury of those dot balls. He will be one relieved man

Tye to Raina, FOUR runs

Raina can celebrate now. Cool as a cucumber. Yuvraj can sigh in relief. Tye goes short of a length, looks to cramp him up, but Raina makes room to punch this wristily over point for four. Raina punches the air, jumps in the air, Yuvraj lifts him on his shoulder, Raina pats his back. What is Bancroft thinking?

Boundary-riders are two-thirds now. Square leg goes back. Will we have a super over? Off-side everybody is up. Will Tye get a tie?

Tye to Raina, 2 runs

full toss on the pads, and for a moment it seems Raina has hit this for four. Flicks this past the diving square leg. Raina starts to celebrate already, but it doesn't go for four. Did they lose a chance to take the third because he began his celebrations prematurely?

Tye to Raina, 2 runs

yorker, on the pads, placed into the leg side for a couple. India on target. Australia need a dot

Fine leg goes back

Tye to Yuvraj, 1 bye

Bancroft misses again. Slower offcutter, beats Yuvraj's shot, but Raina steals the bye

Tye to Yuvraj, SIX runs

Yuvraj is back. He has done it. Gets another length ball on the pads, and he loves it. Goes over the bigger leg-side fence. Beats deep midwicket for a six

Third man and fine leg up

Tye to Yuvraj, FOUR runs

Yuvraj finds the touch. Length ball, on the pads, Yuvraj loves it. Is this what lets him off the hook? Flicks it over fine leg. Not the best ball Tye has bowled

"Did Manish Pandey get any match practice? At this level, can't have any sympathy for Yuvraj." Rahul Kapoor, I agree with you mostly, but T20 is different. You get no time to play yourself in. In the first two games he could have come in under pressure and got the feel again. Now he is asked to bat only when the pressure is on. Still, no excuses perhaps at international lever

end of over 195 runs
INDIA: 181/3CRR: 9.52 RRR: 17.00
Yuvraj Singh5 (9)
Suresh Raina41 (22)
Shane Watson 4-0-30-1
Andrew Tye 3-0-33-0
Watson to Yuvraj, 1 run

yorker, and what's more, he has given him the single. Yuvraj on strike first ball next over. Oh this is a cruel sport, T20

Can Yuvraj shut everyone up and hit a six?

Watson to Yuvraj, 2 runs

moves across, deep into the crease, flicks this from off to leg, gets a couple between deep square and deep midwicket

Watson to Yuvraj, no run

yorker outside off. Really quick. At 138ks. Beats the outside edge as Yuvraj looks to drive

Mani J: "Oh god..!! Yuvraj reminds the match of 11 of 21 in WT20 final..."

Watson to Raina, 1 run

slower short ball, dragged to long-on for one. Just two off the over so far

Watson to Yuvraj, 1 run

Yuvraj is desperate. Needs to get out of the headlights. He walks down, shuffles across, digs out a yorker. Takes the single. Raina on strike

Watson to Yuvraj, no run

Yuvraj's back foot is outside off in the stance. Looking for the short leg-side boundary. Slower bouncer from Watson. Beats Yuvraj's attempt to hook. Looks at the leg umpire. This is touch and go on the wide. Not called. It is really really tight