2nd Investec Test, London, Jul 17 - 21 2014, India tour of England
295 & 342
(88.2 ov, target 319)319 & 223
India won by 95 runs
player of the match

It's been a 1124 days since India last won a Test overseas, It has been 28 years since India last won a Test at Lord's. The wait is over, and the main who starred on the final day is the man Indian fans have ridiculed for years - Ishant Sharma. He leads the triumphant team off the field.

England have had some horror days over the past year, but that hour after tea has to rank somewhere near the bottom. Why on earth did they not leave a few short balls? This loss after winning the toss on the greenest Lord's pitch in years has got to hurt bad.

A few words from the fans.

shushank: "28 seems to be the lucky number for India, world cup after 28 years, win at lords after 28 years.."

Mark: "Lamentable Ghastly Pusillanimous Desperate Depressing Gutless Miserable Defeatist Idiotic more? "

Jacob Daniel: "Not half way through the series yet and half of the Indian Side have had their personal best performances...Bhuvi, Shami, Binny, Ishant, Jadeja. Can't wait for the rest of the team to get going."

James: "So, England lose their last 6 wickets for 50. Five of them bounced out by Ishant Sharma (who bowled very well throughout). Doesn't stop that being a rank display of utter batting ineptitude. England got the pitch they wanted, and won the toss. Since then they've been totally outplayed, especially over the last day."

Abhay Sheth: "India won the first test at lords in 1986- 3years after their world cup win and now in 2014- 3years after their world cup win.. Histroy repeating itself..."

Nihir Kumar: "A day well spent at office , Pretending like i have lots of work. From Vienna, Austria"

Ramesh: "No more Ishant Sharma trolls please!"

msb: "@ James: England lost on green top in England... while India lost on rank turner in India... Scores Level... "

Prashanth: "India prepared rank turners when England visited them - and we saw Swann & Monty win it for England. Now, England have made a lively pitch for pace bowlers at Lord's... and guess what, it was India that won the honors. What an irony!!"

Pradeep: "Anyone remembers Champions Trophy final?? England cruising and Ishant was hit all over the park. Dhoni was severely criticised for giving him the bowl again and he turned the things around with short balls. Here he has done it again after hit for three 4's in his previous over when he took Moin's wicket....."

Time for the presentation ceremony:

First up, Alastair Cook: "It's a tough defeat, I thin kwe have to give India a lot of credit, they have outbowled and outbatted us."

About the green pitch: "Last innings as well, the pitch was turning and bouncing, good toss to win. Credit to India, they left very well."

"Definitely an issue of confidence, and getting over the finish line, there's a group of player desperate to win for England. Going to take a lot of determination to turn this around. A lot of our performances have been by the younger guys, that's good for English cricket. Yes, the older guys are not playing as well as their record suggest, same for myself, I have to start scoring runs as well."

On Prior: "He's got a serious amount of talent, at the moment I think he's the best wicketkeeper-batsman in the country, every single guy has to earn his place in the side, he's a fighter, the sort of guy you want in the dressing room."

Cook gets a bit emotional towards the end: "I'm trying my heart out to turn this around.First and foremost, I have to start scoring runs. Recent past hasn't been kind to me, but we have won some games as captain as well."

Plenty of tough questions there for Cook from Atherton. Cook coming across as someone desperate to get England back to winning ways.

MS Dhoni: "Memorable win for us, not many players have played Test cricket in England, their approach was brilliant, it was a fantastic performance.

"It was a very crucial toss, I felt there was something for the fast bowlers, there was a bit of moisture in the wicket, which meant the fast bowlers could exploit that. I think the openers and No. 3, [the ball] was not bowled to them, but they made sure they are not playing all those deliveries, later on they pushed the England bowlers to bowl at them. You want the opposition to bowl more than 90 overs, because once they do that it becomes slightly difficult for them even when the tailenders come in there is more tendency of committing a mistake when you are slightly more tired. The batsmen are also making sure they get out to good deliveries ... overall the whole batting department did really well."

"I think we learnt from the 2011 series that it is important to stay in the game till the third day, because then our spinners come into action, what they can do is give the bowlers ample rest, so they can come and give a hard spell of bowling. That was something that was needed, but we were not able to do in 2011 series.

"That last over before lunch, Ishant didn't really want to bowl short, I was like, 'you have to bowl it,' I turned the other way round. He got his wicket and then it gave him the confidence to keep bowling short, keep attacking the batsman. I think it was a fantastic performance."

"Jadeja has to play that kind of game, I think the more Test cricket he plays, the more he will become a proper Test batsman. I think his technique is very good, but he is someone who doubts himself more than most. I think we have been cribbing about the lack of quick bowling allrounder, but we have to use the resources we have."

"First session today showed us that we had to be at our best, at that point what happens is you start doubting yourself. That last over before lunch, Ishant didn't want to bowl short, I just told him he has to and turned away. It was a fantastic performance."

"I wanted Virat at slip to stand a bit wide, standing up is a bit of a lottery whether it will come to the hand or not, I thought if the batsman steps out then I will stand up, otherwise stay back."

Man of the Match is Ishant Sharma: "The way batsmen played in the first innings, Ajinkya played really well in the first innings, that gave us the momentum. Also the way Vijay played, Jaddu and Bhuvi also. Cricket is a great leveller, the way MS bhai handled the team, the way he keeps on motivating the guys. I think all these wickets are not for me, it is for the captain. He told me, 'you are tall enough, you have to bowl the bouncer,' that's what I did and it worked for me."

A famous win for India, finished off with a barrage of short balls. But there were plenty of solid performances from the others: Pujara's patient 28 on the first morning when the track was at it's deadliest, Ajinkya Rahane accelerated to his century later in the day, Bhuvneshwar's batting in both innings and his bowling in the first, Vijay's again showing he has the patience and concentration to flourish in Tests, and also Jadeja's manic counterattacking half-century which turned the game yesterday.

Where do England go from here? End of the road for Prior? How close is Cook to getting the push? The England team will be picked tomorrow.

The sad thing is after this astonishing Test, the headlines over the next few days could be dominated by the Anderson-Jadeja spat after the hearing tomorrow.

Thanks everyone for joining us on comms. Our gang at Lord's will have plenty for you to read shortly. Till then, this is Sid Ravindran saying goodbye.

Jadeja to Anderson, OUT

a run-out to end it all over! fitting finish to an hour of comedy batting from England, and what's more it is Jadeja who runs out Anderson, the two guys who were in the middle of all the talk in the lead-up to this Test, Anderson pushes this one towards the off side, sets off for the single, Plunkett hasn't, Jadeja pounces on that one, fires a direct hit to complete a famous win for India

James Anderson run out (Jadeja) 2 (12m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33
Jadeja to Plunkett, 1 run

full ball heading for middle and leg, pushed towards mid-on

end of over 883 runs
ENG: 222/9CRR: 2.52 
Liam Plunkett6 (18)
James Anderson2 (5)
Ishant Sharma23-6-74-7
Ravindra Jadeja32-7-52-1

Vinayak-Nadkarn: "I can almost hear Anderson saying to Plunket - 'Lets give the next one hour to bowlers, then we will take the charge in last session, after tiring the bowlers!'"

Dheeraj: "After all these years could Ishant be the find if the tour"

It's drinks.

Sharma to Plunkett, 1 run

shortish ball on middle and off, pulled away by Plunkett, on the bounce to the man at deep square leg

Sharma to Anderson, 1 run

short ball at the body, Anderson blocks it wide of short leg, not too convincing from Anderson, but he survives

Thomas George: "Alec Stewart wrote early that if ENG reach 150/4 IND will start to panic. Eager to know his new equation now."

Sharma to Anderson, no run

short and outside off, poked towards gully

Target less than 100 away for England now.

Sharma to Anderson, no run

just outside off, Anderson fishes at that one and misses

Sharma to Anderson, no run

short once more from Ishant, 137kph, 86mph, defended down the track

Sharma to Plunkett, 1 run

another short ball, and guess the response? another pull, towards deep midwicket for a single

end of over 873 runs
ENG: 219/9CRR: 2.51 
Liam Plunkett4 (16)
James Anderson1 (1)
Ravindra Jadeja32-7-52-1
Ishant Sharma22-6-71-7
Jadeja to Plunkett, 1 leg bye

huge lbw appeal, for a moment I thought it was all over, Dharmasena shakes his head that was very close, replays shows point of impact might have been just outside off, and Ishant gets a chance to get his eighth, already this is the best bowling figures by an Indian quick in England

Jadeja to Plunkett, no run

down the leg side, through to the keeper

Jadeja to Plunkett, no run

gets forward and defends this one

Jadeja to Plunkett, no run

spinning across after pitching outside leg, guided towards slip

Jadeja to Anderson, 1 run

length ball just outside off, shuffles across and pushes that towards mid-on

Jadeja to Plunkett, 1 run

pitched up and that is driven towards long-off for a single