1st Test, Johannesburg, December 15 - 18, 2006, India tour of South Africa
249 & 236
(T:402) 84 & 278

India won by 123 runs

Player Of The Match
Sreesanth, INDIA
5/40 & 3/59
SA 2nd Innings
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The celebrations here are supercharged from the Indians and you would only expect that. Barely anyone gave them a chance before the Test series began and they have pulled off a stunning win. This has been an unbelievable performance from India in many ways and it will take some time for the size of the achievement to sink in.

Sajan Nair, my fellow commentator for this match, just says, "Cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties. Nothing is certain in cricket as in life. How many times have we heard these lines being repeated but it is moments like this that make this game what it is. After a forgettable one day series, Team India have emerged from the ashes like a phoenix and they have turned this series upside down."

Well Sajan, the next game is a week away and India will be keen to keep up the good work. There will no doubt be celebrations long into the night, and they will be richly deserved. There are hugs all around in the Indian camp and players pick up souvenir stumps to cherish this memorable win.

South Africa have had their fair share of problems in this match, with bat and ball and they have a week to see how well they can bounce back.

Dravid and Chappell embrace outside the dressing-room. Dravid emerges with an Indian flag and waves the tricolour up to some supporters in the stands.

Sreesanth, with his eight wickets, is my Man of the Match, but you'd have to say that Sourav Ganguly, who contributed crucial runs in the first innings, and VVS Laxman, also played sterling parts, as did Zaheer Khan and Anil Kumble.

For the moment, though, this Anand Vasu, your commentator, signing off. We'll be back with the official post-match presentations and the Man of the Match award as and when the news comes in.

The last bit of news from this Test match is, as expected, that Sreesanth won the Man of the Match award for his brilliant performance with the ball

Khan to Ntini, OUT

Ntini finally loses his patience and plays a big shot. He doesn't get hold of it. The ball spears up into the air and Virender Sehwag settles under the catch. That is that! India have recorded their first-ever Test win on South African soil!

Makhaya Ntini c Sehwag b Khan 8 (28m 20b 1x4 0x6) SR: 40
Khan to Ntini, no run

tries to defend this one and misses

Khan to Ntini, no run

short of a good length and on the stumps, moving away very very late, played at and missed, the ball just misses the outside edge and goes through to the keeper. Loud shout for the catch behind. The excitement is palpable here but that can't be given

Khan to Ntini, no run

short of a good length and on the pads, played at and missed, off the thigh pad to the man at short-leg

Khan to Steyn, 3 runs

worked away through midwicket and three more runs to the total but that's not especially relevant at the moment

end of over 861 run
SA: 275/9CRR: 3.19 
Dale Steyn3 (23)
Makhaya Ntini8 (16)
Sreesanth 25-8-59-3
Zaheer Khan 22-5-76-2
Sreesanth to Steyn, 1 run

very full and on the off, driven hard at. The thick inside edge goes down towards fine-leg for a single to end the over

Sreesanth to Steyn, no run

short of a length and outside the off, left well alone to the keeper

Sreesanth to Steyn, no run

Sreesanth goes for the yorker but is way off target and the ball goes down the leg side to the keeper

Sreesanth to Steyn, no run

fullish and outside the off, late swing once more, played at and missed. Surely one of these is going to take the edge sooner or later.

Sreesanth to Steyn, no run

just short of a driving length and on the off, swinging away a touch late, the batsman straddles the crease and defends carefully

Sreesanth to Steyn, no run

short of a good length and outside the off, left alone to the keeper

end of over 854 runs
SA: 274/9CRR: 3.22 
Makhaya Ntini8 (16)
Dale Steyn2 (17)
Zaheer Khan 22-5-76-2
Sreesanth 24-8-58-3
Khan to Ntini, no run

slightly fuller and on the off, Ntini opens the face of the bat and glides the ball down towards gully

Khan to Ntini, no run

fullish and on the stumps, a hint of away movement again. A careful defensive shot back down the pitch to the leg side

Khan to Ntini, FOUR runs

loose ball that. Full-toss outside the off stump, the batsman spots it early and drives well through cover to the boundary!

Khan to Ntini, no run

Three in a row now! The ball pitches in a good line and length, the ball goes away with the arm, played at and missed, through to the keeper

Khan to Ntini, no run

full and outside off once more, slanting away, played at and missed again. So close!

Khan to Ntini, no run

full and just outside the off, swinging away late, played at and missed once again. Zaheer on the spot right away.

end of over 841 run
SA: 270/9CRR: 3.21 
Dale Steyn2 (17)
Makhaya Ntini4 (10)
Sreesanth 24-8-58-3
Anil Kumble 20-4-54-3
Sreesanth to Steyn, no run

overpitched and outside the off stump, flashed at and missed, swinging away, driven at and beaten, through to the keeper

Sreesanth to Steyn, no run

short of a driving length but again down leg, played at and missed, off the pads to the on side

Sreesanth to Steyn, no run

very full and outside the off, this one swings away expansively and late, driven at and missed, through to the keeper

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