4th ODI (Replay) (D/N), Colombo (RPS), Aug 27 2008, India tour of Sri Lanka
(46.3/50 ov, target 259)212
India won by 46 runs
Player Of The Match
76 (78) & 2 catches

Dhoni walks away with a stump in hand, hugs Kirsten, who has now entered the arena, before being congratulated by the other members of the squad.

Hang on for the quotes from the post-match ceremony.

Mahela: We shouldn't take anything from India. After winning the toss, they put the runs on board. We made few errors on the way. The spinners are getting more turn in the end of the innings. But even today, after losing wickets, we were 40 runs away. You need to put in more disciplined effort while chasing. Jayasuriya gave us a good start but we didn't back it up. Thushara has done very well with the ball and the bat.

Dhoni: It was a good toss to win. It does a bit under the lights and later spinners get help. Zaheer bowled well, Praveen was ok and Munaf was there. We are a good fielding side and that is a plus point. Suresh [Raina] played well; it was disappointing that we both got out together and we couldn't get runs in the end. I had fever yesterday and hence I was struggling in the end.

Man of the Match Suresh Raina: "I enjoyed batting with Dhoni. We put lots of pressure on them. The wicket was turning and Harbhajan bowled very well. I did a good job here. Really happy for the team; we are going home with the Cup.

Vaas gets a award for taking 400 ODI wickets.

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Khan to Thushara, OUT

And India have won the series. First time they have beaten Sri Lanka in a bilateral series of ODIs in Sri Lanka. Thushara swung the full delivery straight to Raina at deep midwicket. The players get into a huddle of joy. Beyond the boundary, the chairman of selectors Vengsarkar shakes hands with Gary Kirsten.

Thilan Thushara c Raina b Khan 40 (44m 29b 2x4 2x6) SR: 137.93

Manoj: "Things would have been very different had SL won the toss.... But still a laudable effort!"

Khan to Murali, 1 run

full toss on the off stump line, pushed to deep cover

Khan to Thushara, 1 run

backs outside leg stump and tries to biff the full delivery through covers but edges it to fine leg

end of over 463 runs
SL: 210/9CRR: 4.56 RRR: 12.25
Muthiah Muralidaran0 (6)
Thilan Thushara39 (27)
Munaf Patel 9-0-48-2
Zaheer Khan 9-3-25-0
Patel to Murali, no run

another low full toss, just outside off stump, beats the swing across the line and Dhoni collects

Patel to Murali, no run

low full toss, swatted to Zaheer at midwicket

Patel to Murali, no run

leans forward to drive to Yuvraj at covers

Patel to Thushara, 1 run

full and outside off, slower, goes for the big drive, bottom edges to left of Dhoni. After some hesitation they go for the single and Dhoni's throw was wide

Patel to Murali, 1 leg bye

on the middle and leg line, misses the swing but will pick up a leg bye

Patel to Thushara, 1 run

full and outside off, driven to long-off. That brings Murali on strike.

MK49: "Beating Sri Lanka in SL must be a lovely feeling - just a shade less special than beating OZ in OZ. Go Dhoni!" If they do go on to win, as they should from here, this would be the first time India would have beaten Sri Lanka in a bilateral series in Sri Lanka

end of over 452 runs • 1 wicket
SL: 207/9CRR: 4.60 RRR: 10.40
Muthiah Muralidaran0 (2)
Thilan Thushara37 (25)
Zaheer Khan 9-3-25-0
Harbhajan Singh 10-0-40-3
Khan to Murali, no run

short in length and whizzing past the off stump, Murali tries to dab it to the off side and is beaten

Khan to Murali, no run

edged but falls short of the diving Dhoni. Zaheer is operating from round the stumps

Khan to Thushara, 1 run

a very good yorker on the middle and leg line, dug out to mid-on region

Khan to Mendis, OUT

Mendis is run out. It was pushed to backward point and didn't set off for the single. Thushara had rushed across and Mendis, late in responding, was never going to get to the other side to beat the throw to Zaheer from Rohit Sharma. India just a wicket away now.

Ajantha Mendis run out (Sharma/Khan) 2 (14m 11b 0x4 0x6) SR: 18.18
Khan to Thushara, 1 run

low dipping full toss on the off stump, mistimes the swat to the mid-off region

Khan to Thushara, no run

goes for the yorker, on the leg stump line, off the pad to Dhoni

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