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Sri Lanka vs India, 3rd Test at Colombo, On This Day, Aug 03 2010 - Ball by Ball Commentary

3rd Test, Colombo (PSS), August 03 - 07, 2010, India tour of Sri Lanka
425 & 267
(T:257) 436 & 258/5

India won by 5 wickets

Player Of The Match
56 & 103*
Player Of The Series
348 runs • 7 wkts
IND 2nd Innings
Full commentary

While we wait for the presentation ceremony to begin, do have a look at the interview of VVS Laxman done by Sambit Bal.

Do check out the bulletin from Sid Talya

Dravid comes out and envelops Laxman with a hug. And so do many of his team-mates. Both teams shake hands.

Sehwag fell for a duck. Dravid cracked early. Tendulkar's contribution was vital but he too fell. The task fell on Laxman and he rose to the occasion. What a serene knock. Raina played an attractive hand to hasten the end. And India have leveled the series. One boring Test at SSC was sandwiched between two result games. Not bad at all. Samaraweera and Laxman have really sparkled here in the second innings of the final Test.

One final comment from Cricinfo's Assistant Editor George Binoy: "Terrific win, and without any drama. And rather unexpected considering the weak bowling attack India had and the mountains of runs Sri Lanka scored in the first two Tests. Full credit to Laxman, but let's not forget Sehwag's fast century, which ate into Sri Lanka's 425 at quick pace."

Sanath Jayasuriya in Ten Sports' studio: "I am disappointed with the bowling changes and Sangakkara's captaincy tactics. Full credit to India. The bowling changes, the field settings weren't great."

Do hang on. We will bring you the quotes from the post-match ceremony.

Sanga: "We put in a good effort through the series. This game we were found wanting with our batting in the second innings. Full credit to the entire team for the effort. this was a very good pitch. The guts shown by Ajantha was amazing. Thilan has been magnificient. Malinga and Randiv were very good. Laxman again played a fantastic innings. Sachin played really well. Randiv bowled very well. A bit more support from the other end would have helped but all the guys can be proud for their efforts."

Man of the Match is Laxman: "It was a great team effort. The bowlers got us back into the game. Today, the partnership between Sachin and myself was crucial to get the momentum back. Gary spoke to me that this is one more opportunity to contribute for team India. This is what we play cricket for. I am glad that I have contributed when the team needed it. :

Laxman's first Man of the Match award in Tests since the Test against Australia in 2008. This is his fourth.The others being the one in Trinidad against West Indies and that one in Kolkata.

Dhoni: "After the first Test a lot was said about bowling attack and that our batsmen were not stepping up. we proved it here. It was a convincing win. I am very happy with the team. Our batting plan was to soak up the pressure and Tendulkar and Laxman batted really well. This kookaburra ball goes soft after some overs."

Man of the series is Virender Sehwag: "I had a really good time. Last time we lost the series. We have drawn the series now."

Sehwag also wins a car!

Both captains pose with the Trophy.

That's it from us. Thanks for logging on over the last few days. Join us for the Tri-series. And don't forget to join the Pakistan-England Test match that is going on now. Ta ta!

Welegedara to Raina, SIX runs

Tonked! Raina brings up the series-leveling victory with a six over long-on. Laxman hugs Raina. Tendulkar celebrates in the dressing room with his team-mates. This is the first defeat for Sri Lanka at P Sara since August 1994. Also, this is the fourth Test win for India in Sri Lanka.

Welegedara to Laxman, 1 run

slower one around the off stump line, Laxman guides it down to third man

Welegedara to Raina, 1 run

fullish on the middle and leg, turned past square-leg

Welegedara to Raina, 1 wide

the bouncer arrives and it goes down the leg side

end of over 688 runs
IND: 249/5CRR: 3.66 
VVS Laxman102 (148b 12x4)
Suresh Raina34 (43b 4x4)
Ajantha Mendis 14-0-65-0
Chanaka Welegedara 8-2-25-0
Mendis to Laxman, no run

on the middle and leg, worked to square-leg

Mendis to Laxman, no run

leans forward to defend to the off side

Mendis to Laxman, FOUR runs

This is stand-up stuff. Sehwag hugs Laxman. Raina too runs across to hug Lax. He is the most liked man in the dressing room. No one says a word against him. And a gem of an innings here. It was around the leg stump and he plays a delectable leg glance. The dressing room erupts and Laxman smiles.

Mendis to Laxman, FOUR runs

Lax moves to 98. It was the low full toss outside offstump and he creams it to left of mid-off

Mendis to Laxman, no run

around the off stump line, punched to covers

Mendis to Laxman, no run

leans forward to on drive to mid-on

end of over 673 runs
IND: 241/5CRR: 3.59 
VVS Laxman94 (142b 10x4)
Suresh Raina34 (43b 4x4)
Chanaka Welegedara 8-2-25-0
Ajantha Mendis 13-0-57-0
Welegedara to Laxman, 1 run

another slower one, tapped to cover point and they cross over

Welegedara to Laxman, no run

slower one, around the off stump line, pushed to the off side

Welegedara to Raina, 1 run

the slow bouncer, pulled away for a single

Welegedara to Laxman, 1 run

short in length outside off, pushed towards deep point

Welegedara to Laxman, no run

fullish, outside off stump, pushed to mid-off

Welegedara to Laxman, no run

short and wide, Laxman chases it and the ball flies over the blade

had that throw hit the stumps. Sehwag, and hence Laxman, would have been run out!

end of over 668 runs
IND: 238/5CRR: 3.60 
VVS Laxman92 (137b 10x4)
Suresh Raina33 (42b 4x4)
Ajantha Mendis 13-0-57-0
Suraj Randiv 29-3-82-5
Mendis to Laxman, 1 run

risky run. It was pushed towards mid-off and Sehwag calls Raina over for a quick single. The throw misses the stumps.

Mendis to Raina, 1 run

leans forward to drive to cover point

Mendis to Raina, FOUR runs

Sehwag would have loved that. Raina charged down the track and blasted it between mid-off and the bowler. And Sehwag does love it. He punches Raina's gloves.

Mendis to Raina, no run
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