1st ODI, Harare, July 10, 2015, India tour of Zimbabwe
(50 ov, T:256) 251/7

India won by 4 runs

Player Of The Match
124* (133)
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end of over 505 runs
ZIM: 251/7CRR: 5.02 
Elton Chigumbura104 (101b 8x4 1x6)
Donald Tiripano1 (1b)
Bhuvneshwar Kumar 10-1-35-1
Dhawal Kulkarni 9-0-60-1

That is that from this thriller. Do tune in for the second ODI on Sunday. Until then, this is Deivarayan Muthu saying phew..

Rayudu, Man of the Match: It was very tough to bat in the morning. Me and Ajju were batting well until he got out. I am happy that I took the responsibility today. I was just telling Binny to hold back a bit till the 42nd over as he couldn't afford to lose wickets then. Contributing to the team is more important.

Rahane, India captain: Rayudu batted really well because the wicket was not easy early on. The way he batted it was brilliant to see from the dressing room. We all knew 255 was a good score. We knew our fielding was good. Bhajji pa and Axar bowled well. I was looking to stay calm but inside I was nervous. It could have gone either way. Credit to both batsmen and bowlers.

Chigumbura, Zimbabwe captain: It was disappointing to lose the game after getting so close. It is something we can learn. I thought it was a good wicket to bat on, but we kept losing wickets. Losing wickets in groups made the difference today. It is also good to score runs and hopefully I can carry on and win for the team.

4:45pm Chigumbura's century marshalled a strong Zimbabwe response, but Bhuvneshwar held his nerve in the final over. His assortment of yorkers helped India defend ten off the last over.

The hosts were reduced to 47 for 2 in 12.2 overs. Enter Chigumbura. He put his side back on track with able contributions from Hamilton Masakadza and Raza, before kicking into a higher gear. He took it down to the last ball but could't pull the rug from under India's feet.

Harbhajan and Axar showed good control in the middle overs, Bhuvneshwar was accurate but Kulkarni and Binny strayed in lines and lengths, leaking runs. Do stick around for the presentation.

cricpolls: "@Dev: But looks like Bhuvi missed a call from Chetan Sharma."

Revanth: "So close, yet so far for Zimbabwe."

Balaji: "Encouraging win for inexperienced Indian team... good performances from Rayudu, Binny and Bhuvi... Encouraging display from Zimbabwe as well."

Damo: "Binny could fill in the jigsaw as the allrounder."

Bhuvneshwar to Chigumbura, 1 run

India edge Zimbabwe. Bhuvi hurls a yorker on a leg-stump line, down the track and driven to long-on. Chigumbura can't do a Miandad..

Six to win off the last ball.

Dev: "Give Chigumbura the phone. Let him talk to Miandad!!"

Bhuvneshwar to Chigumbura, no run

low full toss outside off, flashes a drive straight to Rahane at the covers

Bhuvneshwar to Chigumbura, no run

Bhuvneshwar serves up a full toss outside off, skewered to long-off on the bounce. Chigumbura refuses a single

Bhuvneshwar to Tiripano, 1 run

yorker on a leg-stump line, flicked to long leg

Chigumbura and Tiripano confer now.

Tiripano is the new man.

Bhuvneshwar to Chigumbura, 1 run

nails a yorker, just outside off. Makes room and drills it forcefully to deep cover

Bhuvneshwar to Chigumbura, 2 runs

right in the blockhole on middle, clipped to long-on Chigumbura races across for the second

Zimbabwe need ten off the final over. Rahane and Bhuvi have a chat.

end of over 498 runs • 1 wicket
ZIM: 246/7CRR: 5.02 RRR: 10.00
Elton Chigumbura100 (96b 8x4 1x6)
Dhawal Kulkarni 9-0-60-1
Bhuvneshwar Kumar 9-1-30-1
Kulkarni to Cremer, OUT

What have you done Cremer? Full toss outside the leg stump, he goes for a reverse-sweep and hits it right into the lap of Binny at backward point. The wide has helped him get the wicket, but India needed Chigumbura's wicket

Graeme Cremer c Binny b Kulkarni 27 (36b 2x4 0x6 54m) SR: 75
Kulkarni to Cremer, 2 runs

full toss on a leg-stump line, pushed to long-on. They hare across for a couple

Kulkarni to Cremer, 2 runs

short of a length and outside off, Cremer pulls it to wide long-on off the front foot. Tiwary is not quick enough and they take two

Kulkarni to Chigumbura, 1 run

veering onto the pads, nudged to the leg side off an inside edge. Chigumbura gets to a century, back-to-back hundreds. He eases the helmet off his head, punches the air in delight and celebrates. WHADDA innings. Harare jiving with their captain...

Kulkarni to Chigumbura, 1 wide

sliding down leg, he can't connect with a flick. Wide called

Kulkarni to Cremer, 1 run

Kulkarni pushes it too full and on middle, Creamer makes room and drills a drive to long-off

Kulkarni to Chigumbura, 1 run

short and on a leg-stump line, cramping Chigumbura for room. Helped to long leg with a pull

Round the stumps

end of over 4814 runs
ZIM: 238/6CRR: 4.95 RRR: 9.00
Graeme Cremer22 (32b 2x4)
Elton Chigumbura98 (94b 8x4 1x6)
Bhuvneshwar Kumar 9-1-30-1
Dhawal Kulkarni 8-0-52-0
Bhuvneshwar to Cremer, FOUR runs

Cremer brings out the scoop, a la Dougie Marillier. Full and on middle and leg, he scoops it away fine on the leg side, leaving the ball boy breaking into a catchy little jig as he collects the ball

Bhuvneshwar to Chigumbura, 1 run

another full toss, Chigumbura misses out. Tucked away to leg for only one

Bhuvneshwar to Chigumbura, 2 runs

Bhuvneshwar turns to the slower ball outside off, dragged to long-on. Vijay runs to his left, dives forward but drops it

Aaram: "Excellent knock from Chigumbura. If he stays there till the end, Zimbabwe can win this."

Bhuvneshwar to Chigumbura, 2 runs

another low full toss, picked away off the toes and whipped to deep midwicket

Bhuvneshwar to Chigumbura, FOUR runs

Bhuvneshwar hunts for a yorker but ends up bowling a full toss. Chigumbura sits back in the crease and smashes it to the left of long-on, one-bounce four

Bhuvneshwar to Cremer, 1 run

full toss on middle and leg, clipped to long-on for a single

The equation reads 32 off 3 overs..

santosh battula: "India's struggle in death overs continues..."

end of over 4713 runs
ZIM: 224/6CRR: 4.76 RRR: 10.66
Elton Chigumbura89 (90b 7x4 1x6)
Graeme Cremer17 (30b 1x4)
Dhawal Kulkarni 8-0-52-0
Bhuvneshwar Kumar 8-1-16-1
Kulkarni to Chigumbura, 2 runs

shortish and drifting down leg, helped to deep backward square leg with a pull

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