1st T20I, Harare, Jul 17 2015, India tour of Zimbabwe
(20 ov, target 179)124/7
India won by 54 runs
player of the match
end of over 2012 runs
ZIM: 124/7CRR: 6.20 
Neville Madziva14 (10)
Prosper Utseya13 (7)
Sandeep Sharma3-0-34-0
Bhuvneshwar Kumar4-0-22-0

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Axar Patel is Man of the Match on T20I debut with 3 for 17: Obviously, I bowled to my strengths. Cut the pace off the ball, so batsmen cant hit me. So I was rewarded. I like the Dukes ball, more pronounced seam to grip

I think first of all we batted very well. Between 160 and 170 would be a good total and as I said at the toss, our spinners came handy. Became a little slower later on, but still the bowlers had to do well,Rahane says, No initial movement so slightly easier to bat in the first innings. The way we batted in the middle overs, taking singles and twos, that was crucial on a big ground

We were outclassed all around today. Its very disappointing, Chigumbura says, I thought we gave them 10 to 15 runs too many. And also in the second innings, the wicket got dryer and became two-paced. Became difficult to try and play some strokes. They bowled well as well, changing the pace. Mainly on the batting side was disappointing. It doesnt help when you lose wickets [spinners strangling them] Credit to the bowlers. Important to try and play our best cricket on Sunday and hopefully we get a better result

4.15 pm Only 11 boundaries. Very few singles. Zimbabwe just couldnt find a way to score. Meanwhile the required rate kept mounting; the dot-ball percentage was 50% They needed 92 runs in the final five overs, way too much to leave for the big boom. Much of that was because of Axar Patel and Harbhajan Singh, who hustled three men out in 10 balls. Just stifling line bowling, helped by a pretty slow pitch that was about as conducive for shot making as an angry porcupine is for petting

rana: "Notice the irony..... the last two batsmen have the best strike rate!"

Sandeep to Madziva, no run

jumps down the track, beaten by the yorker outside off as well. Three dot balls to end the over and Sandeep has a broad smile on his face. Good finish at least

Sandeep to Madziva, no run

nails the yorker outside off again. Beats Madziva for pace

Sandeep to Madziva, no run

wide yorker, to flummox the batsman clearing his front leg and looking to slam it over the off side. Has to let it go because hed made way too much room

Sandeep to Madziva, SIX runs

another short ball as hes worried about the tailended running down the track again. Madziva slaps it over mid-off again. Pat on the back from the captain again for Sandy. Given away 34 runs in less than three overs

Sandeep to Madziva, FOUR runs

full and angled down leg, because Madziva was making room again. Doesnt quite succeed in cramping the batsman up. Sweet drive down the ground past mid-off

Sandeep to Madziva, 2 runs

starts with a short one as he spots the tailender running down the track. the lack of pace, both from him and the deck, allows Madziva to hoick the ball over midwicket

Sandy for the last over

end of over 1913 runs
ZIM: 112/7CRR: 5.89 RRR: 67.00 • Need 67 runs from 6b
Prosper Utseya13 (7)
Neville Madziva2 (4)
Bhuvneshwar Kumar4-0-22-0
Mohit Sharma3-0-8-1
Bhuvneshwar to Utseya, FOUR runs

thumped to the square leg boundary as Utseya gets down on one-knee and slog sweeps the length ball away

Bhuvneshwar to Madziva, 1 run

fuller delivery on off stump, defended behind point

Bhuvneshwar to Madziva, no run

shortish and outside off, Madziva moves away to open up the off side. But the slash through point doesnt connect

Bhuvneshwar to Utseya, 1 run

tapped down the ground to long-on

Bhuvneshwar to Utseya, SIX runs

length ball, heaved away over Bhajjis head at long-on. Just over mind. Finally a little bit of intent from Zimbabwe

Bhuvneshwar to Madziva, 1 run

full and looking for the blockhole, driven to long-on