2nd Semi-Final (N), Wankhede, May 31, 2008, Indian Premier League
(14.5/20 ov, T:113) 116/1

Super Kings won by 9 wickets (with 31 balls remaining)

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So we've had another one-sided semi-final but again it's been down to a team effort. A highly disciplined bowling attack did the job before Parthiv and Raina finished it off. Chennai have now beaten Punjab in all three matches between the two sides and will need to gear up for Rajasthan tomorrow.

No hugs for the Punjab side from Priety today. It's been a disappointing effort but they can hold their heads high for the consistency they've shown through the league phases. They've been one of the most balanced sides in the tournament and strung together some fine wins. On the big day, though, it wasn't to be.

Yuvraj Singh being booed again. This is really not in good taste from the Mumbai crowd. "We had to play well in the first 5 to 7 overs," he says. "I think it was a good wicket to bat on. We didn't bat well and didn't do well under pressure. We've had a great tournament, very proud of the boys, especially Shaun Marsh. It's been a learning experience as a captain. We've been the best team in the tournament except against Chennai."

Dhoni gets the cheers. Mr Popularity. "The bowlers were upto the mark, bowled really well," he says. "Overall the intensity was good and the batting again got the start we needed. It was a good team effort. Fielding has improved as the tournament as gone on. If I say I don't feel pressure, I would be lying. If you walk upto a bowler and act is if you're worried it gets to him. So I act as if I'm not. Around 150 people came from Chennai and we got some good support from the Mumbai crowd too."

Man-of-the-Match Makhaya Ntini: "So far it's been a great challenge. I think everyone in Chennai has appreciated that. I have always smiled and don't show any pressure, make the ball talk. We knew that this wicket is going to be up and down so we needed to hit it as hard as we can. I cannot wait for tomorrow."

So that's it from me. Hope you enjoyed the game and join us again tomorrow for the final from DY Patil Stadium. This is Siddhartha Vaidyanathan signing off. Good night and good luck. Federer 4-2 in the third by the way. Looks like another one-sided one there.

Chawla to Raina, FOUR runs

superbly chipped past mid-off for a four and it's all over, Chennai's players are all in the middle congratulating Raina and Parthiv, it's been a fantastic day for them and they've routed Punjab, who came into this game as favourites. Yuvraj is dejected but he will know that they brought it upon themselves.

Chawla to Patel, 1 run

flighted on off, swept to fine leg for a single

Chawla to Raina, 1 run

turned away to square leg for a single, they're closing in now

Chawla to Raina, FOUR runs

and that's fifty for Raina, he's not to the pitch of the ball that time but goes through with the shot anyway, over extra cover and that's four all the way, what a shot that was

Chawla to Raina, SIX runs

Raina is laying into Chawla here, tossed up on off and he's slog swept that over midwicket for his fourth six, these are rollicking sixes here but he's doing it with ease

end of over 1410 runs
CSK: 100/1CRR: 7.14 RRR: 2.16
Suresh Raina40 (30b 2x4 3x6)
Parthiv Patel50 (47b 8x4)
Irfan Pathan 4-0-24-1
Ramesh Powar 3-0-28-0
Pathan to Raina, 1 run

full and on the pads, driven confidently through midwicket

You little beauty, says Binoy about Parthiv. You little beauty, I say about Federer winning the second set.

Pathan to Patel, 1 run

135kph, yorker length and on middle, turned away to square leg for a single, fifty comes up, his second of the tournament

Lalit Modi having a laugh with Dhoni. Priety is nowhere to be seen. She was pretty serious throughout. Understandably so

Pathan to Patel, no run

punched towards mid-off

Pathan to Patel, 1 wide

132.6kph, short and outside off, wide called, Sangakkara is clapping again, he's in a generous mood today (especially after the decision to walk)

Pathan to Raina, 1 run

driven neatly through the covers

Pathan to Raina, no run

short and bouncing a bit extra, he tries to glide through to third man but can't get it, bit too much zip

Pathan to Raina, SIX runs

and another! Raina is in six mode, short of a length and he's backed away and pulled that way over midwicket into the crowd, sweet sound of bat on ball, crunched away with a flat bat, everyone has struggled to pull on this pitch, Raina is managing just fine

Irfan back on

end of over 1310 runs
CSK: 90/1CRR: 6.92 RRR: 3.28
Parthiv Patel49 (45b 8x4)
Suresh Raina32 (26b 2x4 2x6)
Ramesh Powar 3-0-28-0
Piyush Chawla 2-0-7-0
Powar to Patel, FOUR runs

tossed up and that's been beefed away, slog sweep through deep square leg, nearly carries all the way, one-bounce through for four, whistled through

Federer 5-3 in the second set, by the way.

Powar to Raina, 1 run

holds that one back a bit, Raina moves back and pulls away to midwicket

Powar to Patel, 1 run

swept away for a quick one

Powar to Patel, FOUR runs

a bit short and that's peppered the point fence, Yuvraj tries to pull off a diving stop but no chance there, that was travelling

Powar to Patel, no run

worked away to the leg side

Powar to Patel, no run

shuffles across and tries to sweep, there was an appeal there but not give, looked close

Powar back

end of over 125 runs
CSK: 80/1CRR: 6.66 RRR: 4.12
Suresh Raina31 (25b 2x4 2x6)
Parthiv Patel40 (40b 6x4)
Piyush Chawla 2-0-7-0
James Hopes 2-0-20-0

OK. I wasn't serious about the Churchgate station. Apologies to true blue Mumbaikars. Just wanted to give an idea of the distance. That probably went towards Marine drive.

Chawla to Raina, 2 runs

tossed up on middle, driven forcefully down the ground, Powar is slightly wide at long-on and needs to put in a dive to stop that, sweetly timed again

Chawla to Patel, 1 run

bit too short again, pulled away off the back foot towards midwicket

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Over 15 • CSK 116/1

Super Kings won by 9 wickets (with 31 balls remaining)
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