23rd match (N), Chandigarh, Mar 27 2010, Indian Premier League
(20 ov, target 184)144/6
KKR won by 39 runs
player of the match
Manoj Tiwary
Kolkata Knight Riders
end of over 207 runs
KXIP: 144/6CRR: 7.20 
Karan Goel17 (17)
Brett Lee7 (5)
Ajit Agarkar4-0-32-2
Shane Bond4-0-24-2

A great result this for Kolkata, who have gone a long time without a win, after winning the first couple of games. They came out with a plan today, radical as it was, to keep wickets for a really late end-burst. Chris Gayle got some lucky runs off Brett Lee's first over, giving them the cushion to consolidate. Ganguly and Tiwary did that, in scratchy fashion to begin with and they both got better with every passing over. Tiwary started off, more like Tavare, stodgy and slow, but opened up in style towads the end, plundering 21 off Irfan's last over to get 183.

Punjab's chase, well. Little said about it the better. KKR were without their best bowler - Murali Kartik - today, and were not at the best on the field, but KXIP did not get going at all. Bopara's fall in the first over left them gasping, and after Yuvraj fell to a sensational catch from Tiwary, the fight had been knocked out. Mahela and Sanga got absolutely no timing going. The writing was on the wall well before the end.

KKR move to number five on the leader-board. Below them are three semi-finalists from the first edition of the IPL - Delhi, Chennai and Punjab - three teams that have lost their way in staggering fashion.

Hang on for the presentation.

Sangakkara: "I never got going, neither did Mahela, and left too much for the bottom half. We were trying to find the best positions for players to bat, but we are yet to find it. Only one way to go now - up."

Ganguly: "Good to get a win. To be honest, our batting dipped against Chennai and Rajasthan. As I said after losing to Mumbai, we finally have got the x-factor, an extra 10-15 runs. I have been in decent form, a couple of good thirties, good to get a fifty today. We spend a lot of time deciding which overseas players to play, but as long as the 7 Indian players do well, we will be in good shape. Anyone can come back in this format. Rajasthan have shown it by winning 3 in 3. We are going to play freely and hopefully keep winning."

Man of the match is Manoj Tiwary: "Today the wicket was very good to bat on, not much lateral movement. I took my time, to get my eye in and later accelerated. I wanted to do well and score big.. I had to take that catch, Yuvi is such a good player, it felt good to take it and helped me relax." Good on ya Manoj! Great catch that was.

That winds it up from us. Do check out Sriram Veera's match bulletin that captures the highs and lows, the ebbs and flows of this game. On behalf of scorer Sanjay Murari and the rest of the team at Cricinfo, this is Nitin Sundar signing off.

Agarkar to Goel, no run

and it ends in fitting fashion. Another play and a miss outside off, KKR have prevailed easily, by 39 runs.

Agarkar to Lee, 1 run

nice short ball again, angling into Lee who guided it down to third man. One ball to go.

Agarkar to Lee, no run

good yorker again, outside off, Lee inside edges it and takes off, Saha misses the stumps that would have got Lee and delayed the finish by a bit.

Agarkar to Goel, 1 bye

yorker wide of off stump, can't get it away and they run a cheeky single, straight to Saha

Agarkar to Lee, 1 run

fulltoss on leg stump, Lee tries to pull and can't get past mid on

Agarkar to Lee, FOUR runs

bouncer, Lee is late on it, and gets a top-edge down to fine leg. KXIP have got more mis-hits to the boundary than proper shots tonight.

end of over 199 runs • 1 wicket
KXIP: 137/6CRR: 7.21 • RRR: 47.00 • Need 47 runs from 6b
Brett Lee1 (1)
Karan Goel17 (15)
Shane Bond4-0-24-2
Angelo Mathews4-0-26-1
Bond to Lee, 1 run

finishes off this time, with a length slower ball that Lee bunts down to long on

Bond to Lee, 1 wide

Bond lets out a roar as he puts a lot of effort into his last ball, to fellow tear-away Lee, but gets carried away a bit and it is a wide for height

Bond to Pathan, OUT

caught Bond, bowled Bond! Another fast bouncer, Irfan is so late on the pull it pops up tamely for Bond to take it on his follow through. The old fat lady must be getting bored waiting for this to end.

Irfan Pathan c & b Bond 22 (14b 1x4 1x6) SR: 157.14
Bond to Goel, 1 run

fast and short again, Goel is late on the pull, and it goes back towards Bond who half-fields

Bond to Goel, no run

full-pace bouncer this time, 145 kph, and Goel again can't get it down to third man

Bond to Goel, no run

nice show bouncer, at 125 kph, Goel can't connect as he tries to run it down to third man.

Bond to Goel, SIX runs

finally! Goel's had enough of it all, picks the length ball and swings high over midwicket