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Kings XI vs RCB, 63rd match at Dharamsala, IPL, May 17 2011 - Ball by Ball Commentary

63rd match (N), Dharamsala, May 17, 2011, Indian Premier League

Kings XI won by 111 runs

Player Of The Match
106 (55) & 2 catches
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151.34 ptsImpact List
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end of over 1711 runs • 1 wicket
RCB: 121/10CRR: 7.11 RRR: 37.33
Sreenath Aravind11 (5b 2x4)
Shalabh Srivastava 3-0-30-2
Ryan Harris 3-0-28-3

The second-biggest win in all IPL games, Punjab will be making Kolkata, who play day after tomorrow, a little anxious here. Four wins on the trot, the last of which has broken a seven-match winning streak for Bangalore, and how. For a team that has dominated the IPL in the last couple of weeks, this is some hammering. Gilchrist and Marsh set it up for Punjab in that superb stand, and the bowlers followed it up with a sound performance to ensure the win was secured by a big margin.

Punjab's net-run rate has boomed to +0.273. They are fifth in the points table still, but very much in the running now. Check it out on the series page.

We'll get you the details from the presentation in just a bit. In the meantime, check out Sriram Veera's bulletin for this game.

Virat Kohli: "Same result as the last game we played them, but different result this time. We didn't bowl well but all the shots they hit were clean shots, so we couldn't do much about that. I thought we could restrict them to 160 after the first six overs, but after that the next five overs I don't think we bowled very well. They also batted brilliantly, hats off to them. It's a good reality check, we needed something like to regroup, see our faults and correct them going forward."

Adam Gilchrist is also MOM, no kidding: "A pretty important win for us, it will boost our run-rate and we may need that to come into the equation. It's a bit of a surprise to be honest [the knock], but you need to keep trusting yourself. Twenty20 cricket is a funny game. Virat has got his whole cricketing life ahead of him and I'd say that to any youngster. It was a nicer batting track today, we felt it's a small ground and we might be able to make up for any slow overs early on. Marsh has also turned into a dominator. Once we got to the 10-11 over mark, the track had settled down and it was an intentional decision to keep going hard. We've got to win our next game, we've taken about half a run up in the net run-rate."

That's all we have for you today. Join us again tomorrow. Thanks for tuning in, Adios.

Srivastava to Langeveldt, OUT

bowled'im, Punjab have thumped Bangalore, short and he moves away to pull it, misses and we know the rest

Charl Langeveldt b Srivastava 8 (8b 0x4 1x6) SR: 100
Srivastava to Aravind, 1 run

slapped past the bowler for a single

Srivastava to Aravind, FOUR runs

four more, driven over the bowler's head, Chawla ran across from long-off, got a hand to it and Hussey, running from long-on, overran it as Chawla misfielded

Srivastava to Aravind, FOUR runs

short and wide, finds the gap, slashing it between point and short third man for a boundary

Srivastava to Langeveldt, 1 run

slower one, moves away and chips him over extra cover

Srivastava to Aravind, 1 run

clipped off his pads past midwicket for a single

Shalabh to bowl

end of over 1613 runs • 1 wicket
RCB: 110/9CRR: 6.87 RRR: 30.75
Charl Langeveldt7 (6b 1x6)
Sreenath Aravind1 (1b)
Ryan Harris 3-0-28-3
Piyush Chawla 4-0-17-4

Time for the timeout

Harris to Langeveldt, SIX runs

nicely struck, picked the slower one this time, was in the slot and he launched it over long-off, runs again from Harris but he also got a wicket

Harris to Langeveldt, no run

slower one bowled short outside off, makes room to smote that over cover, can't reach it

Harris to Aravind, 1 run

back of a length outside off, run down to third man for a single

Aravind's the last man

Harris to Mithun, OUT

gone, landed full and he made room, only to chip it straight to David Hussey at mid-on

Abhimanyu Mithun c Hussey b Harris 10 (7b 0x4 1x6) SR: 142.85
Harris to Mithun, no run

pitched up and it's driven hard towards mid-off

Harris to Mithun, SIX runs

beautifully picked up, slightly short, he swivels and whips that over the fine-leg boundary, lovely shot

Harris is back

end of over 152 runs • 1 wicket
RCB: 97/8CRR: 6.46 RRR: 27.20
Abhimanyu Mithun4 (4b)
Charl Langeveldt1 (4b)
Piyush Chawla 4-0-17-4
Paul Valthaty 4-0-30-1
Chawla to Mithun, 1 run

has a swing at that one, drags it to deep midwicket for a single, the end of a successful spell

Chawla to Langeveldt, 1 run

quicker delivery again on middle, mistimes a pull in the vacant midwicket region, single

Slip and a silly point now

Chawla to Langeveldt, no run

gets forward and knocks it in front of cover

Chawla to Langeveldt, no run

gets a stride out and plays it towards cover

Chawla to Langeveldt, no run

flighted on the off, pushed back to the bowler

Langeveldt walks in, can Piyush take five?

Chawla to JJ van der Wath, OUT

done in by the googly again, Chawla takes his fourth, pushed that one in quicker and van der Wath tried to close the face on that one, missed as he went across and looked to be struck in line with middle and leg, Asad Rauf had no doubts about that one

Johan van der Wath lbw b Chawla 4 (5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 80
end of over 146 runs
RCB: 95/7CRR: 6.78 RRR: 23.00
Abhimanyu Mithun3 (3b)
Johan van der Wath4 (4b)
Paul Valthaty 4-0-30-1
Piyush Chawla 3-0-15-3
Valthaty to Mithun, 2 runs

makes room and just manages to chip that slower delivery, that he didn't pick, over cover for a couple

Valthaty to JJ van der Wath, 1 run

squeezed it wide of extra cover for a single

Win Probability
KXIP 100%
100%50%100%KXIP InningsRCB Innings

Over 17 • RCB 121/10

Charl Langeveldt b Srivastava 8 (8b 0x4 1x6) SR: 100
Kings XI won by 111 runs
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