10th match (N), Mumbai, Apr 13 2011, Indian Premier League
(18.5/20 ov, target 149)151/6
Warriors won by 4 wickets (with 7 balls remaining)
player of the match
Mohnish  Mishra
Pune Warriors

That will be it from us for the moment, folks. Join us tomorrow for Deccan v Bangalore. Till then this is Abhishek Purohit signing off. Cheers. And don't forget to check out Sid Ravi's bulletin which will be updated soon.

Mohnish Mishra is the Man of the Match: "I am happy with No 6, it is a challenge for me to bat at this position. It was tough after Robin's dismissal, I thought I would stay till the end. The sweep shot is on against the offspinner, I went for it and got it. I had not faced Murali much but watched him closely and went for it."

Yuvraj Singh: "Partnership between Hodge and Jadeja got them to a good total. Robin and Mohnish played well. We could have bowled and fielded well, but we won at the end of the day. Mohnish keeps telling me that he wants to open, but I tell him he is a good No 6, and he is going to be at No 6 from now on."

Mahela Jayawardene: "From where we started, losing 3-4 wickets upfront, we came back strongly, but could not finish the game. We have to ensure we do that. T20 cricket, you have to do that, one or two overs here or there, and you lose a game. We had a chance after Robin;s dismissal. Just the beginning of the tournament, we need not go negative about how it has gone so far."

Hang on for the presentation.

Uthappa: "I time the reverse sweep very well, just have to work more on the shot. I did pretty well last year, hopefully I can do even better this year. I enjoy keeping, have been moving well. Generally I like to open the batting."

Ravindra Jadeja tried his best with bat and ball but could not prevent Pune from charging to their second win. It got a bit close towards the end, Mohnish Mishra tackled Murali calmly, and easily, finishing it off with some big ones over long on.

raghu: "May be Laxman will bowl in the Next match."

raja: "May be next match Mahela should bowl himself."

vivek: "Jaya tried Gomez, he got hammered. Murali, he too got hammered."

Murali to Mishra, SIX runs

that will do, Mishra is charged up, almost casually he lifts a tossed up delivery over wide long on, waves the blade furiously, Pune have won two in two

Murali to Mishra, no run

played away to midwicket, Pune have to wait

Murali to Mishra, SIX runs

Mishra doing it for Pune in style, another slog over midwicket, gets the connection absolutely right, this one is bigger, flat and over the boundary

Murali to Mishra, FOUR runs

heaved away wide of deep midwicket, this one was flatter, he went down on a knee and smashed it to the boundary

Murali to Mishra, no run

comes down the track, Murali slows it down, and he has to push it back to the bowler

Murali to bowl

end of over 1811 runs
PWI: 135/6CRR: 7.50 • RRR: 7.00 • Need 14 runs from 12b
Rahul Sharma10 (9)
Mohnish Mishra21 (16)
Ravindra Jadeja4-0-28-1
Vinay Kumar3-0-15-1
Jadeja to Sharma, SIX runs

Jadeja goes for maximum off the last ball, hammered over long on, Pune favourites now?

Jadeja to Sharma, no run

backs away but Jadeja follows him outside leg stump, and he misses the attempted pull-swipe

Jadeja to Mishra, 1 run

turned off the back foot through midwicket

Jadeja to Sharma, 1 run

good delivery, can;t get this one in the blockhole away, they go for the single, if Jadeja;s throw had hit at the non-striker's, oh well

Jadeja to Sharma, 2 runs

swings a flat delivery away to deep midwicket, Hodge does a fumble and they get a couple

Jadeja to Mishra, 1 run

comes forward to shovel a fuller one to long on

This could be the decisive over

end of over 175 runs
PWI: 124/6CRR: 7.29 • RRR: 8.33 • Need 25 runs from 18b
Rahul Sharma1 (5)
Mohnish Mishra19 (14)
Vinay Kumar3-0-15-1
Ravindra Jadeja3-0-17-1
Vinay to Sharma, no run

Vinay gets one more slower one on target, close to off stump, he misses it completely

Vinay to Mishra, 1 run

goes for the big drive on the knee but one hand comes off the bat as the ball goes in the air to sweeper cover

Vinay to Sharma, 1 run

tries to swing this one down the ground but Vinay gets a hand to it and slows it down

Vinay to Sharma, no run

good comeback from Vinay, pacy length ball around off, jabbed away off the back foot

Vinay to Sharma, 1 wide

fires in the bouncer this time, but it rises high above the batsman;s head, another wide

Vinay to Sharma, 1 wide

tries the slower one but this one is too wide

Vinay to Sharma, no run

good slower ball, 113.6 kph outside off, he was already coming forward, tries to adjust, waited for it to arrive, but it came along at its own 'pace' and he was beaten

Vinay to Mishra, 1 run

on a length and angled in on middle and leg, worked away towards midwicket

Vinay chugs in now