60th match (D/N), Ranchi, May 12 2013, Indian Premier League
KKR won by 5 wickets (with 4 balls remaining)
player of the match
Jacques Kallis
Kolkata Knight Riders

KKR win their home game by five wickets, only there sixth win this season and although it's not going to do much for them, it will hurt RCB. Kallis was the one who marshalled the chase, then Tiwary and Tendo put the finishing touches... Interesting pitch here too.. Well, the next game starts soon. Time to switch windows. Ciao Ciao.

Vinay to Tendo, FOUR runs

slower delivery, Tendo spots it and he slaps it over the bowler's head. Henriques tries in vain to get to that from long-on, but that makes it easily over the boundary.. Tricky win this one. .But a win nonetheless

One hit will do from here..

Vinay to Bhatia, 1 run

he bowls a good low full toss on off stump, the batsman pushes it to mid off and takes a quick single

Five off six. Vinay to bowl.. He gave only three away in his last over

end of over 196 runs
KKR: 111/5CRR: 5.84 • RRR: 5.00 • Need 5 runs from 6b
Rajat Bhatia2 (3)
Ryan ten Doeschate7 (6)
Jaydev Unadkat4-0-27-0
Vinay Kumar3-0-12-2
Unadkat to Bhatia, 1 run

slower delivery on the stumps, it's a touch slower, the batsman swats it to deep midwicket

Unadkat to Bhatia, no run

now Bhatia has a wild slog at a length delivery, but that one is nowhere near the bat..

Unadkat to Tendo, 1 run

he walks across the stumps and tries to heave the length delivery to the leg side, but he drags it to square leg. He completes a risky single

Unadkat to Tendo, FOUR runs

full delivery on the stumps, Tendo drives it over mid on, just over him.. But that is enough for four very useful runs

Unadkat to Tendo, no run

he has a swish towards the leg side at that one, but it was another slower delivery wide outside off, misses it completely

Unadkat to Tendo, no run

bowls a slower length delivery that beats the batsman as he tries to cut it behind square

11 needed off 12. Unadkat comes in to bowl

Shakti Prasad: "This pitch is like MS Dhoni in every sense - Unorthodox and Unpredictable. Magnificent in its appearance though!"

end of over 183 runs • 1 wicket
KKR: 105/5CRR: 5.83 • RRR: 5.50 • Need 11 runs from 12b
Ryan ten Doeschate2 (2)
Rajat Bhatia1 (1)
Vinay Kumar3-0-12-2
Abhimanyu Mithun4-0-37-1

Ian: "Why has Henriques not had a bowl? When you're defending such a low total, isn't it wasteful on Kohli's part not to use such a dangerous bowler?"

Vinay to Tendo, 1 run

bowls a super yorker on the off stump, the batsman manages to dig it out towards third man for a single

Vinay to Bhatia, 1 run

back of length delivery, it is dabbed towards point and they take a quick single. But Gayle was quick and he throws the stumps down at the striker's end. Tension everywhere as the umpire calls for a review, but he has made it back in time

Bhatia is the new batsman

Vinay to Tiwary, OUT

caught at cover! Of all the places the batsman could have hit this knee-high full toss, he chooses the worst place, hits it towards cover where Kohli dives to his left to complete a good low catch.. This isn't over yet..

Manoj Tiwary c Kohli b Vinay Kumar 24 (35m 27b 3x4 0x6) SR: 88.89
Vinay to Tiwary, no run

he bowls it full this time and the batsman drives it straight to mid off

Vinay to Tiwary, no run

short delivery outside off, the batsman tries to play a tennis forehand on that, but gets a bottom edge to the keeper

Vinay to Tendo, 1 run

he bowls a low full toss and Tendo flicked it just over midwicket where Kartik is not able to wrap his hands around that one as it flew over his head

end of over 1715 runs • 1 wicket
KKR: 102/4CRR: 6.00 • RRR: 4.67 • Need 14 runs from 18b
Manoj Tiwary24 (24)
Ryan ten Doeschate0 (0)
Abhimanyu Mithun4-0-37-1
Murali Kartik4-0-17-1

Kalyan: "Mithun is the man of the match as he has single-handedly decided the match. Kohli gets the innovative thinking award for picking him over a spinner"

Mithun to Tiwary, 2 runs

slower bouncer on the stumps, the batsman pulls it to deep backward square leg for a couple

Mithun to Tiwary, FOUR runs

he clears his front foot out and whacks the length delivery outside off through extra cover with a lot of power

Mithun to Kallis, OUT

caught at mid on! He can afford a smile now. It was a slower delivery on a length and Kallis looked to clear the mid-on fielder, but he ended up dragging this one up in the air. Henriques back pedals and completes an easy catch

Jacques Kallis c Henriques b Mithun 41 (79m 45b 4x4 0x6) SR: 91.11
Mithun to Kallis, no run

he gets his yorker right this time, it is just outside off, the batsman digs it out back to the bowler

Mithun to Kallis, 1 wide

he attempts a slower one, but he bowls it down the leg side

Mithun to Kallis, FOUR runs

fuller length ball on the stumps, this time Kallis gets it from the middle, he smashes it through square leg for a boundary

Mithun to Kallis, FOUR runs

he bowls a quick short delivery outside off, Kallis tries to pull it but he gets a thick top edge that flies over the keeper's head

Mithun comes back