Qualifier 1 (N), Eden Gardens, May 24, 2022, Indian Premier League
(19.3/20 ov, T:189) 191/3

Titans won by 7 wickets (with 3 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
68* (38)
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Scorecard summary
Rajasthan Royals 188/6(20 overs)
89 (56)
1/14 (2)
Gujarat Titans 191/3(19.3 overs)
68* (38)
1/38 (4)
40* (27)
1/40 (4)
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And that, friends, is all we have for you on ESPNcricinfo tonight. But remember, the Rajasthan Royals are not yet out. They will watch tomorrow's Eliminator carefully to see who they meet in Qualifier 2. Till then, congratulations Gujarat Titans.... what a story eh!

David Miller, the Player of the Match: "If it's in the V, it's in the tree. If it is in the arc, it's out of the park! (What's changed?) Opportunity, firstly. I have been given a good role and given an extended run. Have good backing from the outside. For my personal game, I am enjoying my role. I have played long time but I am understanding my game better. I am trying to keep everything closer to my gameplan. (Sixes tonight) There's been a lot of people going wide outside off stump, so I decided to step that side. I knew they had a certain plan. (State of mind coming into Titans) Joy of IPL, you play for different teams. Franchise cricket you get to meet players, I knew few people already moving into the team. There were a few butterflies, but after our first close win, everything aligned and we started making a nice habit. (Mindset of a finisher?) You got to control what you can. Can't think too much ahead and what WILL happen. You need to concentrate on your breathing, and if it's in your area you have to do it. It's the last over, so you know no more balls left. (Celebrations?) Got a few days off. We have an hour long bus trip, so maybe!"

11.54pm Here's Hardik Pandya, the winning captain: "(Emotion in check) I have tried to balance things. Have had difficult times, certain situations, my body, bubble life. But my son and my wife, and my brother - they have played a big role. Allowed me to be neutral. (First final for Titans) Right now, I don't have much feelings. Trying to be neutral. Only thing I was very proud of is that all 23 players are different personalities. They bring different things on the table. I just told Miller that if you have good people around you, you get good things. For our team, the genuine humans we have has allowed us to do well. I genuinely see that the boys outside the XI want the players to do well. (Conversations with international stars like Miller/Rashid and youngsters) It is all about that we respect this game. That's the conversation we had with Miller. Rashid has been fantastic throughout, but I am more proud of David. I told him 'let's respect this game.' We goofed up against Mumbai Indians, and wanted to respect the game here, even if we lose. But wanted both of us to finish. (Batting at No. 4) As a cricketer, I have always been the kind of player who will play wherever team wants me to bat. I have not found success batting in my choice, I have found success in playing where the teams need me. We have a batting order where we need players to chip in. 20 runs can also be matchwinning runs. We appreciate those 10-15 runs. (Dream of winning the IPL) When we started the tournament, obviously I wanted to win. It is a dream. The four times I have reached an IPL final, I have won the tournament. I was just telling the boys."

Presentation has begun. Some sponsor awards with Miller, Buttler sharing a few. Looking forward to hearing Hardik talk to Harsha. But before that, Samson gets an award for dominating the powerplay - has to be coerced to pose for a photo. He's unlikely to be interested in winning awards in games he has lost.

Prakah: "Give a shout out to rashid khan as well .. i think it's one of the difference between two teams tooo"

Manu Ajmani: "It might be a good idea for Rahul Dravid to take Ashish Nehra under his wings as a mentor to Team India. He absolutely nailed it before the start of the IPL!"

Another stat that would worry the Royals: "Among the players to bowl the 20th over ten or more times in the IPL, Prasidh Krishna's economy rate of 13.62 is the worst."

11.45pm While we wait for the presentation, let's take you back to this snippet from an Ashish Nehra (Gujarat Titans coach) interview we did before the season started. The headline may give you goosebumps.
What are the few key things Titans need to do to build a winning rhythm and stay consistent?

The most important thing in the IPL is how you react in pressure situations and in close games. Those two points are key [to success]. I am not saying that our aim is only to qualify, but if you want to go step by step [for playoffs], you should know how to win those close games and how to make fewer mistakes. This team has so much talent, but you have to be patient and you have to work together. In the IPL, if I'm not wrong, around 75% games go really close; I would say around 50-60% games go to the 20th over. It is for the players to understand those situations and what the team needs at that point of time.

Stat alert: 16 runs are the most target runs any team successfully chased in the last over of an IPL playoff. The previous highest was 13 runs by CSK in last year's qualifier vs DC.

This is the third time Gujarat Titans successfully chased down a 180-plus target this season. KXIP in 2014, DD in 2017, CSK in 2018, KKR in 2019 and RR in 2020 are the other teams to have three successful 180-plus target chases in an IPL season.

Kishore Kumar: "You are always on the Edge, Until you have a bowler, who can confidently bowl yorkers in the death overs!!!, This is applicable for any team."

Hang around with Sreshth, who will take you through the presentation

Gill: "Kolkata has always been nice to me, and fortunately it was one of those nights... Nice to be in the final. Batting at Eden Gardens is an opportunity you look forward to. We expected the pitch to be a complete belter. Ball was holding up, and spinners were getting grip. It's been tremendous to be a part of this team."

SamC: "Don't give wickets to RR spinners and you have won 2/3 of the battle! "

Samson after a close and disappointing loss: "Happy with the score. Wicket was a bit sticky. It was helping bowlers, there was swing in the powerplay. It was two-paced, and bounce was not even. I was lucky to get a few runs in the powerplay... That kind of total in that kind of conditions was great... Having Riyan helps [as a bowling option], but the wicket was good to bat in the second innings. We have been playing good cricket... Couple of overs and extra runs here and there... Luck plays a huge role; toss plays a huge role. Controllable is just to come back and express yourself."

Himanshu: "Some teams have death over-specialists. GT is a bunch of final-over specialists."

Parth: "It's 4 AM, here in Brisbane, Australia and I woke up due to cold shivers as I am unwell. So glad I did as I could see the 3 Miller sixes to get my home team over the line!!! Go Titans! "

11.30pm A partnership of 106 in ten overs, and that does the job for Titans. A batting line-up which was thought to be lacking depth has time and again kept delivering. Another big chase pulled off with calmness, as Pandya plays patiently at the end while Miller decides to thrash everything coming his way. Don't forget Rashid's contribution in keeping Royals tied down - he conceded just 15 in four overs - an effort that goes a long way in deciding Titans' fate.

Prasidh to Miller, SIX runs

Carlos Brathwaite hit four in a row in 2016, and Miller hits three to win it in 2022! Titans make the final in their debut season. But Royals have another chance to make it there. Miller completely dominating the match here. Absolutely slogged over deep midwicket after opening himself up, as he was served a fullish ball on middle

Change in field, with 4 to get off 4.

Jayavardhan: "O Brother, Where Art Thou Yorkers!"

Prasidh to Miller, SIX runs

this time over deep square leg! Miller at his best. This is on a good length on middle and off, as this time Miller stands deep in the crease with his front leg out of the way. That allows him to swing that pull comfortably, and he sends that easily over the ropes

10 off 5... as Buttler has to have a word with Krishna. Meanwhile, Miller changes his gloves. Nerves and sweat all around I guess?

Vinay: "RR, please win for Butler...."

Prasidh to Miller, SIX runs

banged over long-on! Just the start Titans wanted. Miller moves across off stump early, and gets a ball right in the slot outside off from Krishna, whose angle from over the wicket helps the batter. Miller tears into that, and wallops that for the maximum

Krishna from over the stumps. Final over. 16 off 6. Nervous faces all around. The only man in the deep on the leg side is long-on.

Karthik : "That Miller boundary was all Klusener against D Fleming. Not a fielder moved" --- How Titans will want more of that...

end of over 197 runs
GT: 173/3CRR: 9.10 RRR: 16.00 • Need 16 from 6b
Hardik Pandya40 (27b 5x4)
David Miller50 (35b 3x4 2x6)
Obed McCoy 4-0-40-1
Yuzvendra Chahal 4-0-32-0
McCoy to Hardik, no run

Pandya is beaten all around, and Titans now need 16 off 6 balls! Back of the hand slower ball on a full length, and wide of off. Pandya has a swing at that, but the ball is far from his body

McCoy to Miller, 1 run

fifty for Miller! Fullish ball on middle and off, as he heaves at that off the inside half of the bat to deep square leg

McCoy to Miller, no run

slower ball on a short of a length on leg. Miller swivels to pull, but gets a glove as the ball rolls over to the keeper. Luck not to have hit the stumps

McCoy to Miller, FOUR runs

drilled wide of long-off! Miller maintaining a calm head here. He first tries to back away, but then stands in the crease to this very full ball on off, and sends that racing

McCoy to Hardik, 1 run

goes for the pull to this short of a length ball on middle and leg, but is cramped for room. A single to deep square leg despite shaping up to crash that away

McCoy to Miller, 1 run

bangs it in short and just outside off. It is a slower ball, and Miller swats to long-off

23 from 12. Maybe Titans' game from here? But who knows?

end of over 1811 runs
GT: 166/3CRR: 9.22 RRR: 11.50 • Need 23 from 12b
David Miller44 (31b 2x4 2x6)
Hardik Pandya39 (25b 5x4)
Yuzvendra Chahal 4-0-32-0
Obed McCoy 3-0-33-1
Chahal to Miller, 1 run

short and wide of off again to Miller - like he has bowled earlier this over - and it is cut away to deep point

Last ball of the over. Another six maybe?

Chahal to Miller, SIX runs

hammered into the crowd! What a sound that made! Miller swings that far and wide over long-on. The ball is again wide of off, but this time full and tossed up. Miller notices that early, and crunches that for six

Chahal to Hardik, 1 run

whips this fuller ball on leg to deep midwicket from deep in the crease

Chahal to Miller, 1 run

and again. Chahal follows Miller, who is pretty across off very early. Bowls short and wide of off, and swats to long-off

Vishal Poojary: "This one over from Chahal can be the game changer - for either team!"

Chahal to Hardik, 1 run

shortish ball on middle, as Pandya punches it to long-off with a slightly open face of the bat

Over the stumps to Pandya too, as the latter has a word with Miller

Chahal to Miller, 1 run

gets across off early, as Chahal follows to bowl short and wide of off. Cut away to deep extra-cover

Chahal will bowl out. Over the wicket. Opportunity for Miller to attack him.

Shameer: "Brain says GT. Heart says, come on RR." --- Just take a deep breath...

end of over 179 runs
GT: 155/3CRR: 9.11 RRR: 11.33 • Need 34 from 18b
David Miller35 (27b 2x4 1x6)
Hardik Pandya37 (23b 5x4)
Obed McCoy 3-0-33-1
Trent Boult 4-0-38-1
McCoy to Miller, 1 run

plays the pull, and gets that off the higher side of the bat. Short of a length ball on middle that is climbing on to him, as he is not in control of that pull

McCoy to Hardik, 1 run

short of a length ball on middle and leg, as Pandya pulls to deep square leg

McCoy to Miller, 1 run

just short of extra cover diving across to his right! Slower ball and fullish and outside off. Miller has a tentative push, and ends up spooning it. Jaiswal there was really deep, and so that saved Miller

Stays over the stumps to Miller

McCoy to Hardik, 1 run

good length ball on middle, and change of pace again. Clipped to deep midwicket

McCoy to Miller, 1 run

this is a good ball. A yorker on middle that is whipped away to deep midwicket with his front leg out of the way

Best performances - batters
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Wagon Zone
JC Buttler
89 runs (56)
12 fours2 sixes
Productive shot
slog shot
28 runs
5 fours1 six
DA Miller
68 runs (38)
3 fours5 sixes
Productive shot
slog shot
25 runs
0 four4 sixes
Best performances - bowlers
HH Pandya
TA Boult
Match details
Eden Gardens, Kolkata
TossGujarat Titans, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Series resultGujarat Titans advanced
Match days24 May 2022 - night (20-over match)
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
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GT 100%
100%50%100%RR InningsGT Innings

Over 20 • GT 191/3

Titans won by 7 wickets (with 3 balls remaining)
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