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Eliminator (N), Eden Gardens, May 25, 2022, Indian Premier League

RCB won by 14 runs

Player Of The Match
112* (54)
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Scores: M Venkat Raghav | Comms: S Sudarshanan
Scorecard summary
Royal Challengers Bangalore 207/4(20 overs)
112* (54)
1/25 (4)
1/39 (4)
Lucknow Super Giants 193/6(20 overs)
79 (58)
45 (26)
1/25 (4)
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B. Impact
I. Wkts
Bo. Impact
end of over 209 runs
LSG: 193/6CRR: 9.65 
Evin Lewis2 (6b)
Dushmantha Chameera11 (4b 1x4 1x6)
Harshal Patel 4-0-25-1
Josh Hazlewood 4-0-43-3

12:47am Ahead of the playoffs, everybody knew that Super Giants are pitted against teams who are the only ones they hadn't won against in the league stage. And quite true to the script, the Royal Challengers ensured that it stays that way, ending the newbies' first season at the Eliminator. I won't miss the small opportunity of slipping in the fact that Karn Sharma and his stars are yet again smiling as he's been an IPL winner in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2021 and is once again with the side that has made it to the second qualifier. Right then! That's it from me, Sudarshanan, on behalf of Sidharth, whose report you can read here. Tomorrow, you can join us for the third and final league game of the Women's T20 Challenge, before we move on to the Qualifier 2. Hope you enjoyed it today. Ciao, aficionados!

Player of the match, Rajat Patidar: I have been timing the ball and that was the focus, instead of powering the ball. In the last over of the powerplay, when I was facing Krunal Pandya, the way I could execute my plans, I felt I could score big today. My focus was about cashing in on the opportunity and looked to play with the straight bat and time it. I don't come under pressure even after facing dots because of the ability I know I have. I wasn't picked up in the auction but was involved in my practice and that helped.

Faf du Plessis, RCB captain: Today was a special day. I am over the moon with the way Rajat played. In a match like today, it's a bit more pressure. The way he played and celebrated his hundred, tells me that he's got a good head on his shoulder. I thought our bowlers were clear and calm. Rajat has got all the shots and the way he attacks... Every time we are under a little bit of pressure, the way he comes and attacks. It is important to use the occasion and celebrate for the hard work we have done today. The most important thing was we were high on emotion and were very happy. I felt that we were very high and we come down to keep clarity and be calm for the game. (Conversations with Harshal) He is the joker in the pack, isn't he? He is a high-pressure time bowler and every single time I am under pressure I can go to him. He told me that I want the pressure over, which was one of my first conversations with him.

12:27am This is a game that has the Rajat Patidar tag on it. We heard Rahul praise him and that knock is what helped RCB post a score in excess of 200, which eventually was just enough. Not picked up in the auction, he almost came out of syllabus for the teams, none more so than LSG. Even when the big guns were being dismissed around him, Patidar kept going and scored his first IPL hundred, and that too in the playoff. That Dinesh Karthik could find his mojo along with some luck helped at the death.

Rahul, among many other things, should perhaps go and revisit his innings. Yes, eventually they fell short by just 14 but for most part of the chase, Super Giants were doing catch up with their captain going steadily than a bit more intently. No doubt, the volume of runs he's been getting season after season shows his consistency. But it is coming at the cost of there being a pattern in his team's eventual losses.

Deepak Hooda played a good little hand in the middle and that Rahul-Hooda partnership was what threatened to end RCB's dreams tonight. But Harshal Patel ensured that RCB inch another step closer to 'Ee sala cup namde'! Presentations in a bit.

akshaychaudhari: "Give some credits to hasaranga as well. He's saved 10-14 runs atleast" Oh yes! How well did Hasaranga bowl and field tonight. Just threw himself on the field at various positions and delivered. Superb.

Rudresh: "Don't like the critisism of Rahul who took the game deep. I guess things didn't go right from the beginning, Holder should have been in the side and the other batters needed to connect 3 out of 17."

Dhaval : "I feel LSG should have backed Holder. He's a big match player and could have made an impact. "

Harshal Patel, RCB bowler: Hand's fine. It has healed superficially but there's an issue inside. It is a bit sore every time I stretch my thumb. There were a lot of thoughts in my minds throughout the season because it was in Mumbai, which is batter-friendly. I thought about focusing more on my hard lengths and mixing it up with the slower one. My hard lengths have gone at seven and a half per over, so it has worked out well. I had a plan to bowl wide to Stoinis but it didn't come off well. It worked against Livingstone against Punjab but not today. So i went back to what worked for me. It feels exceptional to have qualified. Can't describe the emotions during the MI-DC game.

KL Rahul, LSG captain: It's quite obvious the reasons why we didn't win the game. We let ourselves down in the field. The difference between the teams what Patidar's knock. When a player from the top ends up playing a good knock, the team ends up winning. It's a new franchise. We have made a lot of mistakes but you've got to learn from it and come back stronger. We are a young team, the group of under 25, has done well in patches. Mohsin Khan has showed everybody how good he is and what skill he possesses. It's his first season and is important to take confidence from this and go home and work harder. He'll clock up more speeds and deliver better next year.

12:16am Eden Gardens roars as Royal Challengers celebrate their progress, knocking out Super Giants. This has been a superb outing with the ball from RCB, and they have to thank Harshal Patel. What a show of death bowling it was from him. He is still not a 100% with his right hand and is shaking hands with everybody with his left hand. A win to savour for RCB as this has come without their big guns contributing much. The smiles on Kohi, Maxwell, Faf and Karthik's faces tells a story. Shows what it means to everyone at RCB. We'll revisit this game a bit more, after a couple of player interviews.

Harshal to Lewis, no run

The last rites have been done as Lewis has another swing and a miss outside off. Superb bowling from Harshal to help Royal Challengers proceed to Qualifier 2.

Harshal to Lewis, no run

Another slower offcutter outside off. Swing and a miss. Kohli dances in the deep. RCB know it.

Back over the wicket.

Harshal to Chameera, 1 run

That should be the winning ball and Harshal knows it as he has his hands up. It is the low full toss outside off, Chameera could only toe-end it to long-on for one.

16 needed off 3. Harshal comes around the stumps now. And there is a little halt in play because of a pitch invader.

Eden Gardens and four sixes in the final over, anyone?

Harshal to Chameera, SIX runs

They need four sixes, do Super Giants, and Chameera has got one. Quicker ball on a length, deposited well over cow corner.

Areeb Urooj: "184/6 with 24 needed off 6 balls but until the Caribbean is there you never know which way a game can go, let's hope RCB crosses the mark tonight though ❤"

Harshal to Chameera, no run

Short and outside off, Chameera misses the pull. Karthik is quick to get to the stumps and prevent the bye. He strikes down the stumps at his end and they are checking if Chameera is in, which he is.

Harshal to Chameera, 1 wide

Slower short ball, well outside off, leaves it alone.

More importantly, it is a single that gets Chameera back on strike.

Nishh: "If you play half the balls and dont get anywhere near half the runs required for your team as an opener in a T20I, you're losing them more matches than winning. How many times does it have to happen before Rahul learns this?"

Harshal to Lewis, 1 run

Full and outside off, driven towards covers, where Hasaranga yet again dives to his left to stop that.

Six balls and 24 runs remain between the Super Giants and an eviction. Harshal Patel to bowl it.

end of over 199 runs • 2 wickets
LSG: 184/6CRR: 9.68 RRR: 24.00 • Need 24 from 6b
Dushmantha Chameera4 (1b 1x4)
Evin Lewis1 (3b)
Josh Hazlewood 4-0-43-3
Harshal Patel 3-0-16-1
Hazlewood to Chameera, FOUR runs

That is an anti-climatic end to the over. Speared full outside off, Chameera belts it down past the bowler. Halfway through he realises they shouldn't take the single. But such is the timing that Maxwell's dive running to his left from long-on cannot prevent the boundary.

RCB chants welcome Dushmantha Chameera to the middle. He will be on strike to face the hat-trick ball of Hazlewood. 28 needed in 7.

Hazlewood to Krunal, OUT

Two in two and is that it for Super Giants? You need to look at Kohli to know in whose favour this game is. It was a full toss at a slower pace. All Krunal could do was to spoon a catch back to the bowler. Walks back for a golden duck.

Krunal Pandya c & b Hazlewood 0 (1b 0x4 0x6 2m) SR: 0

Krunal Pandya.

Hazlewood to Rahul, OUT

Is this the telling blow? Eden Garden erupts. Hazlewood is down on his knee with his fist up in celebration. Shahbaz Ahmed has run half a lap after timing his jump to catch that. And Rahul has all sorts of emotions on display as he walks back after making a half-century that could well be not enough for his side. He gets across to play the scoop to a low full toss outside off. But does not get it over the short fine leg fielder, who times his jump perfectly.

KL Rahul c Shahbaz Ahmed b Hazlewood 79 (58b 3x4 5x6 108m) SR: 136.2
Hazlewood to Lewis, 1 bye

Gets his line right. Offcutter outside off, Lewis misses the hit. But the batters steal a bye. Lewis was late to respond but the bowler couldn't effect the run-out.

Hazlewood to Lewis, 1 wide

Another one down leg, this time Lewis lets it be.

Hazlewood to Lewis, 1 wide

Unlucky. It was full and just past Lewis' pads down leg. Misses the flick, wide given.

Venu: "As a csk fan i want josh to bowl well " The sheer number of other team supporters that RCB have been having this year...

Hazlewood to Rahul, 1 run

A low full toss outside off, hit down to long-on for one. Good bowling so far.

Hazlewood to Rahul, 1 wide

And now that is a wide. Not sure if Hazlewood is happy. It was just outside the tramline and Rahul moved to play the reverse sweep. But the decision stands.

Hazlewood to Rahul, no run

Smart bowling. Rahul was all set to belt another length ball over the on side. But Hazlewood spears one full and wide outside off and Rahul can only watch it pass.

That was an exceptional over from Harshal. Leaves Super Giants needing 33 off 12. Hazlewood for the penultimate. A mini-conference between Maxi, Faf and Josh.

Faris: "Turn off the win probability. it scares me to see it jiggling up and down..." I like how watching/following the match doesn't do that to you but the win predictor does.

end of over 188 runs • 1 wicket
LSG: 175/4CRR: 9.72 RRR: 16.50 • Need 33 from 12b
Evin Lewis1 (2b)
KL Rahul78 (55b 3x4 5x6)
Harshal Patel 3-0-16-1
Wanindu Hasaranga 4-0-42-1
Harshal to Lewis, no run

Lewis swings for the masses but misses it completely. What an over. The first two balls and the rest of the over were two different overs there.

Harshal to Rahul, 1 run

Good use of the wrists from Rahul but gets just one. It was the offcutter on the hips. Seemed to have gotten enough for it to go to the fence through backward square leg but it didn't.

Divyank Singh: ""Fielder, fielder, takes it!" reminiscent of Ravi Shastri!"

Harshal to Lewis, 1 run

Bowls this full outside off from wide of the crease, driven nicely through cover for one.

Evin Lewis slowly strides out. Made an impact with a one-handed catch in the game against KKR at a similar stage.

Ashu: "He was bowling so well over the wicket why did he tried that. Match lost in just two (in)valid deliveries.. hard to be RCB fan" Maybe he tried to avoid being predictable.

Harshal to Stoinis, OUT

Fielder, fielder, takes it! Rajat Patidar is the man at deep extra cover and he couldn't have been found any more perfectly. They check for the height - if it is below the shoulder - and it well is. It was another back of length offcutter outside off. Stoinis hopped and slapped it straight to the fielder, who didn't have to move an inch.

Marcus Stoinis c Patidar b Patel 9 (9b 0x4 1x6 20m) SR: 100
Best performances - batters
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RM Patidar
112 runs (54)
12 fours7 sixes
Productive shot
25 runs
3 fours2 sixes
KL Rahul
79 runs (58)
3 fours5 sixes
Productive shot
28 runs
1 four3 sixes
Best performances - bowlers
JR Hazlewood
Mohsin Khan
Match details
Eden Gardens, Kolkata
TossLucknow Super Giants, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Series resultRoyal Challengers Bangalore advanced
Match days25 May 2022 - night (20-over match)
TV Umpire
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RCB 100%
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Over 20 • LSG 193/6

RCB won by 14 runs
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