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32nd match (N), Eden Gardens, May 04, 2016, Indian Premier League
(20 ov, T:165) 157/9

KKR won by 7 runs

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end of over 204 runs • 3 wickets
PBKS: 157/9CRR: 7.85 
Sandeep Sharma1 (1b)
Mohit Sharma1 (1b)
Andre Russell 4-0-20-4
Morne Morkel 4-0-27-1

11.30pm Phew, what a roller-coaster ride, this match! Kings XI were 13 for 3 in the fourth over and Maxwell played a splendid innings, all alone, to make them believe. But he wanted someone to support him from the other end and Miller could not do it. Again. And look at these figures from Russell: 4-0-20-4. He took two in his first two overs and made sure Miller could not come back into form, in his second spell, to take two more. So Kings XI still reeling at the bottom of the table while KKR are on top now with 12 points, the same as Gujarat Lions.

Man of the Match Russell : I love to play here, the fans here are amazing. The last game against RCB, well done done to me and yusuf. But this match was important too and

we bowled like champions. Our batters have been doing the job most of the time and we had been letting them down earlier. But we proved ourselves tonight. We were trying to get 180 but their bowlers bowled yorkers very well. But we knew 160 was defendable on this ground. We had to bowl to our field, build pressure and take wickets.

Vijay: We didn't start well and for Maxi to put on a knock like that was unbelievable. Axar got run out at the wrong time but lot of positives for us to take. Our bowlers were upto the mark and Sandeep has been excellent but we needed a strong start with the bat. The momentum is with us, from Rajkot, and we're looking to take that forward. Hashim Amla came this morning and we wanted to give him some break before including him in the future.

Gambhir: We were not used to this kind of a wicket but I think did well and were pretty professional after that game in RCB. I think we were about 10 runs short. After playing at Wankhede and Banglaore, this was a touch slower. But we got to get used to it. Russell and Morkel getting wickets upfront was crucial. Our middle order has been in decent form. We can't be complacent, like what happened last year when we couldn't qualify for the playoffs.

Ayve: "Game of runouts this... Superb 5 wks by Russel (1 RO).. Thank you Maxwell, Axar and Saha for making this a good game.."

Russell to Sandeep, 1 run

a yorker to end the match too, and Russell has done it for KKR again, with the ball this time. Sandeep digs out the yorker and KKR win by seven runs

Russell to Swapnil, OUT

Russell gets one more, this is plumb! The umpire's finger goes up in slow motion, Russell roars, the crowd is going bonkers! He fired in a yorker at the base of middle and leg, Swapnil opened up his stance and was hit right in front

Swapnil Singh lbw b Russell 0 (1b 0x4 0x6 3m) SR: 0

Nine off two

Russell to Sharma, 1 run

slog for the delivery outside off, Mohit gets an edge for one

Russell to Gurkeerat, 1 run, OUT

that's another run out, Gurkeerat is gone too. That's suicidal. He drove it down to long-off and it was only a single but the batsmen turned around and Sathish's throw to the keeper's end meant there wasn't much to do for Uthappa

Gurkeerat Singh Mann run out (sub [R Sathish]/†Uthappa) 11 (11b 1x4 0x6 24m) SR: 100

Azar is in the dug out with a towel on his face

Russell to Gurkeerat, OUT

another run out in the match, Axar is gone! It was almost in the block hole and Gurkeerat could only send it back to Russell who went low to his right to catch the ball and then turned around for an overarm throw to catch Axar well short. Russell celebrates by thumping his chest, the crowd comes alive!

Axar Patel run out (Russell) 21 (7b 1x4 2x6 10m) SR: 300

Fine leg stays in, third man goes deep

Russell to Axar Patel, 1 run

some room outside off, drilled down to long off for one

Russell, Umesh and Shakib have an over each. Will it be Russell? It's Russell. 12 from six

CricJammer: "Russell should not ball the last over - I have a feeling Patel will go after him like wild dogs" How does one do that?

Manandeep: "First a solid start and poor a poor start but excellent finish.... Let's see which team wins"

end of over 1910 runs
PBKS: 153/6CRR: 8.05 RRR: 12.00
Axar Patel20 (6b 1x4 2x6)
Gurkeerat Singh Mann10 (9b 1x4)
Morne Morkel 4-0-27-1
Andre Russell 3-0-16-3

Suman Adhikari: "What is Chawla advising to Morkel here?...To bowl googlies??"

Morkel to Axar Patel, 1 run

slogs the fuller delivery, it goes towards square leg where Yusuf keeps it to one with a dive

Deep square leg comes in for the last ball

Morkel to Axar Patel, 2 runs

on length and angling in, Axar slogs and doesn't middle it but finds the gap on leg for two

Morne round the wicket

Morkel to Gurkeerat, 1 run

slow yorker outside off, driven to cover for a quick single

Morkel to Axar Patel, 1 run

makes room and digs out the full delivery to off for one

He's brought it down to 17 from 10. Can't hear the crowd much now

Morkel to Axar Patel, FOUR runs

slow and short at 117kph, it's angling outside off and Axar waits and waits and then ramps it very fine on the off side for four!

Loks: "I really feel for Miller... this is a really bad phase of his life... Character Building stage.. i really hope he gets out of this soon!"

Morkel to Gurkeerat, 1 run

pretty full outside off, driven off the back foot to sweeper cover for one

Phew! This match has turned again, and it's Axar Patel. Here's Morkel for his last over...

end of over 1813 runs • 1 wicket
PBKS: 143/6CRR: 7.94 RRR: 11.00
Axar Patel12 (2b 2x6)
Gurkeerat Singh Mann8 (7b 1x4)
Andre Russell 3-0-16-3
Shakib Al Hasan 3-0-21-0
Russell to Axar Patel, SIX runs

this one's hammered, and flatter, and six more! Short ball, Axar gets on top of that and smashes it to the same area, Chawla was waiting there and he jumped too but it went over him!

Russell to Axar Patel, SIX runs

first ball six! Slow ball just outside off, maybe a bit too full, and Axar lofted that to the cow corner boundary for a six!

Russell to Gurkeerat, 1 run

slow offcutter cuts in, Gurkeerat chops it towards backward point for one

Russell to Miller, OUT

that's it for Miller, he's handed a catch to long-on off a full toss. Umpire Chaudhary has asked Miller to wait, though, to check for no ball. Replays show Russell's foot is well inside and the full toss is not above Miller's waist, it was maybe dipping too. Didn't look like the full toss cramped him for room but he handed a pretty easy catch to long-on several yards inside the boundary. The umpire raises his finger after the replays

David Miller c sub (R Sathish) b Russell 13 (18b 0x4 0x6 42m) SR: 72.22
Russell to Miller, no run

this one keeps low as it goes across Miller again and he misses again

Russell to Miller, no run

rolls his fingers over that one across Miller who slogs against the line and misses. Uthappa appeals for caught behind, all alone

35 from three overs. Russell, who has two left, comes back. Morkel has one left

end of over 178 runs
PBKS: 130/5CRR: 7.64 RRR: 11.66
Gurkeerat Singh Mann7 (6b 1x4)
David Miller13 (15b)
Shakib Al Hasan 3-0-21-0
Piyush Chawla 4-0-27-2
Shakib to Gurkeerat, FOUR runs

Shakib gifts a full toss, Gurkeerat lofts it straight down the ground between long-on and long-off and that probably landed just inside the boundary. The third umpire is checking if that's a six for four. It's a four indeed

Shakib to Gurkeerat, no run

tries a powerful drive but gets an inside edge onto the pad

Win Probability
KKR 100%
100%50%100%KKR InningsKXIP Innings

Over 20 • KXIP 157/9

Axar Patel run out (Russell) 21 (7b 1x4 2x6 10m) SR: 300
Gurkeerat Singh Mann run out (sub [R Sathish]/†Uthappa) 11 (11b 1x4 0x6 24m) SR: 100
Swapnil Singh lbw b Russell 0 (1b 0x4 0x6 3m) SR: 0
KKR won by 7 runs
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