8th match (N), Indore, Apr 10 2017, Indian Premier League
(14.3/20 ov, target 149)150/2
Kings XI won by 8 wickets (with 33 balls remaining)
player of the match
Axar Patel
Punjab Kings

11.12pm That's all from our coverage today, folks. See you for Rising Pune Supergiant v Delhi Daredevils tomorrow. Thanks for joining us. Good night.

Axar Patel is the Man of the Match.

Maxwell: Feeling good. It's been a great start for us. The bowlers set it up for us. To keep it to 23 in the powerplay was a great effort. Our bowlers seemed to get something out of this wicket when there was something there. The boys have been adaptable, I can't ask for more than that.

Shane Watson: Didn't start well with the bat and I'm certainly to blame, getting out in the first over. A few more than 170-180 would have been nice. We didn't even execute nicely with the ball. There was a little bit more dew than I thought there would be and it was skidding along more in the second innings.

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10.57pm And that's it. Dour? Anti-climactic? One-sided? Take your pick. The Royal Challengers masked their batting weakness with a solid bowling performance in their last game, but they've been found out today. Indore isn't the easiest of pitches to play on, but it's effectiveness ends as the night wears on, as RCB have learnt today. Once the dew comes in, it's a batting paradise. Amla with a fifty, Vohra with a brisk knock on top, Maxwell to finish it all off. The bowlers set it up and the batsmen finished the job. Clinical from Punjab and a second win in two games.

Chahal to Maxwell, SIX runs

good length, looped outside off stump, Maxwell hasn't moved down the leg side this time. Stays put, waits for it and hammers it flat past long-off

Chahal to Maxwell, no run

watches him make room, tosses it wide outside off stump and beats his heave

Chahal to Amla, 1 run

low full toss at leg stump, flicked to deep midwicket

end of over 1416 runs
PBKS: 143/2CRR: 10.21 • RRR: 1.00 • Need 6 runs from 36b
Glenn Maxwell37 (20)
Hashim Amla57 (37)
Billy Stanlake4-0-41-0
Pawan Negi1-0-7-0
Stanlake to Maxwell, SIX runs

too easy. Back of a length outside off stump, makes room, chops it flat over point and the ground size is optimal to pick up six

Stanlake to Amla, 1 run

slower ball, full at off stump, shuffles across, pushes it to midwicket

Stanlake to Maxwell, 1 run

back of a length outside off, hops inside the line at the last moment and whips it to fine leg on the bounce

Stanlake to Amla, 1 run

back of a length in the corridor, rides the bounce, dabs it to third man

Stanlake to Maxwell, 1 run

slower ball, short outside off stump, backs away, goes for the cut again but this time he toe-ends it to mid-off

Stanlake to Maxwell, SIX runs

short and outside off stump, backs away, throws his arms at it and opens the face enough to lift it over third man


end of over 138 runs
PBKS: 127/2CRR: 9.76 • RRR: 3.14 • Need 22 runs from 42b
Glenn Maxwell23 (16)
Hashim Amla55 (35)
Pawan Negi1-0-7-0
Shane Watson2-0-28-0
Negi to Maxwell, 1 leg bye

arm ball, good length, slides into the front pad and hits it as he can't connect with the pull shot

Negi to Maxwell, no run

back of a length at off stump, makes room and cuts straight to backward point

Negi to Amla, 1 run

good length, angled in at middle stump, walks across the stump and dabs it to long leg

Negi to Maxwell, 1 run

good length at off stump, thumps this off the back foot, one bounce to long-on

Negi to Maxwell, FOUR runs

full and floated at leg stump, watches it till its under his eyes and places it between deep midwicket and long-on

Negi to Amla, 1 run

full and angled in at leg stump, flicked to deep square leg