24th match (N), Bengaluru, Apr 25 2018, Indian Premier League
(19.4/20 ov, target 206)207/5
Super Kings won by 5 wickets (with 2 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
70 (34)

12.15pm That's that with Dhoni's knock, match-winning speech and CSK going on top of the table as RCB try to figure their best XI, how to finish their 20 overs best and whom to bowl in the death overs, and whom not to. Hope you enjoyed our coverage of this run-fest and Dhoni finishing off after another AB special on the losing side. I'm Vishal Dikshit signing off, watch out for Sunrisers versus Kings XI tomorrow. Good night and good luck!

Dhoni Man of the Match: I thought it was a difficult chase when I saw AB batting to see them over 200, I thougt it was 15-20 beyond par. We also lost some key batsmen early but it's a small ground, the ball travels a lot here, there was some dew, not a lot. Overall, it went according to the script, not according to how we would have thought but went well. This was a slightly slowish wicket, AB's innings was very special, it seemed as if he took them at a really good pace, especially against good quality spinners. Credit goes to the spinners an it's good to be on the winning side, everyone is chipping in, we're chasing totals and Thakur is bowling well, he was under the pump earlier. What's important in a chase is to know which bowler has how many left and who the captain will bowl when and you play accordingly. You will win some, you'll lose some but the job of the finisher is to finish the job and help others, sharing the experience with others, all those things really matter because I may not batting tomorrow. Second innings, to get that target with two-three balls left, it's strange. Rayudu is important in this line-up because he keeps the scoreboard moving, and small grounds are ideal for him. On a bigger ground, he may lose his shape a little while hitting those shots.

Raja Mohamed Mo: "if RCB has an ABD, we CSK have ABD too (Ambati Bravo Dhoni)"

Pranay: "Kohli can blame his bowlers all he wants.. for me the RCB captain was absent.. wrong team selection, did not carry the bat in a 20 over game, and poor on field captaincy overall.. not good! "

Rahul: "two wicket maiden overs are set back for RCB"

11.50pm A chase of 206 and CSK have sealed it with five wickets and two balls in hand. In a way, not many things have changed - AB scoring at a swashbuckling strike rate of 227, Imran Tahir running around like there's not tomorrow, both teams scoring over 200, Chahal picking up wickets and Dhoni hitting the winning runs. RCB will think if they should have got 220 because of the size of this ground and the depth CSK have in their batting. Their death bowling wasn't good at all again, the pressure was back on them as soon as Umesh and Chahal were bowled out by the 13th over.

Kohli: Many things we can look at from this game. The way we bowled was just not acceptable, giving that many runs in the end was criminal. It is something we need to look at and address going forward. If we can't defend 200 then it's a problem after 72 for 4 when the lower middle order does that to you. We have to back the guys and have enough confidence in them and they need to be clear in their head to execute things. The pitch played really well, spin played a massive factor. Some quality batting with both sides getting 200. Rayudu is not young, he's been around for 15 years now. He's a quality player and he's done well for India. You never know who gets a chance somehere and I'm happy for him. Dhoni is looking in really good touch, he's hitting the ball really well this IPL but not great to see it against us.

Rayudu gets the orange cap: Unbelievable. We lost a few wickets early, but on this ground anything is possible. I'm not really bothered (about where I'm batting) because I'm hitting the ball really well. We had the belief and we were calculating which bowler had how many bowlers, we just wanted to play out Chahal.

Anderson to Dhoni, SIX runs

crackalicious! How's that to win the match - a six over wide long-on with so much strength it's landed into the crowd. Dhoni absolutely bludgeoned that by going across and swinging it over the cow corner like that night at Wankhede in April 2011. Bravo lifts his arms and goes across to embrace MS Dhoni, who's cool as ever. Harbhajan comes out and lifts Dhoni!

Five from three and Dhoni on strike

Anderson to Bravo, 1 run

another shortish ball outside off, Bravo stays back and cuts it over point for one

Six from four

Anderson to Bravo, SIX runs

it's that trademark Bravo loft over the covers. Short ball on off, enough room for Bravo to throw everything at it, big and hard hit and it's sailed over the off side

Anderson to Bravo, FOUR runs

edged and just past the keeper for four! He rolled his fingers over that short ball, it bounced well and Bravo hooked, got an edge and it went just over de Kock's leap

Dhoni punches Bravo's glove in the middle of the pitch, Kohli talks to Anderson and walks back to long off. 16 to win

end of over 1914 runs
CSK: 190/5CRR: 10.00 RRR: 16.00
MS Dhoni64 (33)
Dwayne Bravo3 (4)
Mohammed Siraj 4-0-48-0
Corey Anderson 3-0-41-0

Bumble's good old humour: I think that's the over, it's over

Siraj to Dhoni, 2 runs

too full, driven straight back and it hits the stumps. Oh, it's deflected to the leg side and they come back for the second

Nehra has his hand on his mouth

These are nerves, I wouldn't want to be the bowler either

Siraj to Dhoni, 1 wide

short and wide, Dhoni swings and that moves away further for another wide

Kohli comes to Siraj for another chat

Siraj to Dhoni, 1 wide

one more wide, this one's gone far down the off side. Pressure goes back to the bowler after a really good start

Siraj to Dhoni, 1 wide

slow bouncer, it bounces so much that Dhoni lets it go over him for a wide

Fine leg in the circle, Dhoni looks around and takes his stance

JUGAL: "Washington Sundar's last over innings really matters now.." That will be very brave, if it happens

Siraj to Dhoni, SIX runs

have you seen that before?! Low full toss and Dhoni slices it for six over point! Not a bad ball, only slightly inaccurate but these get punished in the death

Siraj to Bravo, 1 run

full toss, slightly high, and Bravo can't middle it as he sends it down to long off. It dipped a bit and Bravo came down the track so not a no ball

That's a really good three balls

Siraj to Dhoni, 1 run

good, wide yorker from Siraj. Dhoni jams his bat into the ground to send it to point

Abhinav: "Second run out for Rayudu in consecutive games!"

Siraj to Bravo, 1 run

almost gets the block hole again, Bravo slams it down to long off

Siraj to Bravo, no run

low yorker outside off, almost a low full toss and Bravo gets a tiny edge to the keeper

Two to go, 30 to get. Negi, Siraj and Anderson have one left. And here's Shiva again: MS Dhoni has got two fifties in an IPL season for the first time since 2013

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