37th Match (N), Abu Dhabi, Oct 19 2020, Indian Premier League
Royals won by 7 wickets (with 15 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
70* (48) & 2 catches

9:43pm And that is all from our coverage tonight. Good night and see you tomorrow.

Buttler: We let a couple of games slip so it's nice to win tonight. I tried to come out with a bit of intensity with my batting, something I felt I didn't have last match. I felt more comfortable at the crease. It was a nice feeling. In T20 cricket you can kick yourself for bad form because you never play too many balls, but you have to trust yourself. [No. 5 position] If we win it's good. Nah, I'm happy to bat wherever the team needs me.

Jos Buttler is the Man of the Match.

Smith: The wicket was stoppy, wasn't easy for batting. Strange game but nice to be on the winning side. I thought we bowled pretty well in the powerplay and the spinners did a goood job in the middle with their leggies and googlies and squeezing. Shreyas last two years has been sensational for us and Tewatia this year whether batting, bowling or fielding, has done the job. Buttler's innings took the pressure off me at the other end. It was a really good innings on a wicket that wasn't the easiest. [The LBW review] no I didn't know I'd edged it! Jos said he heard it and some guys off the field too.

Jofra: It's nice with the wicket as it is, with the grass. It's a bit difficult, especially in the bubble, because sometimes you struggle for motivation. But you have to do it because you haven't done it in a few months. You have to take care of your body and it'll take care of you. I do mostly core, you don't lift heavy weights in the middle of competition. Light weights on the core and you're good. [On the Curran battle] After the second over, I asked him if he plans to nick one.

MSD: There was a bit for the fast bowlers and the reason I brought Jadeja was to see how much it was stopping and it didn't as much as the first innings. So I went with the fast bowlers. I don't think the spinners got as much bite. It's not always supposed to go your way. We have to see if the process was wrong. Result is a by-product of the process, but the fact still remains that if you're focused on the process then the undue pressure of result doesn't enter the dressing room. We're trying to address that. You don't want to do too much chop and change because after 3-4-5 games you won't be sure of anything. Insecurity is something you don't want to prevail in the dressing room. It's fair enough [the criticism for not playing youngsters], this season we weren't there. Maybe we didn't see as much spark from some of our youngsters. Maybe going forward we bring them in and they play without pressure.

Gautam: "This is a stunning innings by Buttler. Look at the strike rates, no one who got to double figures batted at more than 120, ans he stroke at 145 without taking risks. An absolute masterclass"

Ebin: "No real intent when csk batted and that has not only cost them his match but the whole tournament as well "

Emanuel Raj: "Really really disheartening to hear MS talking about no spark in youngsters in the squad. Jagadeeshan showed more intent in one match and even scored much better than Jadhav in whole tournament including this match. I never thought I would hear such words from Dhoni the leader."

9:22pm Rajasthan Royals are up to fifth place now. They're the first team to pull away from the six-point club in the bottom half of the table and that means they vault from last place right up to fifth. For CSK, this could be the beginning of the end. They can only get to a maximum of 14 points from here, and it would take some monumental errors from the likes of KKR and MI and RCB for 14 points to be enough for a playoff place. It remains the same story as it was at the start of the season. Their batting is woefully misfiring. For Rajasthan as well, some familiar batting problems resurfaced at the start of the chase, but they were taken home masterfully from Buttler at No. 5 who seemed to be the only batsman who had no trouble at all on a two-paced surface.

Jadeja to Smith, 1 run

good length on leg stump, whipped to deep midwicket off the back foot to seal the win

Jadeja to Buttler, 1 run

full and into the pads. Flicked to short fine's left

Jadeja to Buttler, no run

good length outside off, pushed to backward point

end of over 1712 runs
RR: 124/3CRR: 7.29 RRR: 0.66
Steven Smith25 (33)
Jos Buttler69 (46)
Piyush Chawla 3-0-32-0
Shardul Thakur 4-0-34-0
Chawla to Smith, no run

googly at a length outside off, looks for the late cut, under-edge onto the pitch

Chawla to Buttler, 1 run

full at middle stump, slogged to long-on's right

Chawla to Buttler, SIX runs

Jadeja takes it at long-on but it's past the boundary as he does so and he falls over. One-handed grab, his left hand. Superb work, but that wasn't redeemable. Good length at middle, steps out and doesn't make the pitch of that and it's a laboured attempted slog. But there's enough on it

Chawla to Smith, 1 run

full at off stump, pushed to extra cover's left off the front foot

Chawla to Smith, no run

good length on off stump, defended on the front foot

Chawla to Smith, FOUR runs

full and just outside off, gets a stride out and swings this away to deep midwicket's left

end of over 164 runs
RR: 112/3CRR: 7.00 RRR: 3.50
Steven Smith20 (29)
Jos Buttler62 (44)
Shardul Thakur 4-0-34-0
Piyush Chawla 2-0-20-0

Time out.

Thakur to Smith, 1 run

short and wide outside off, cut to third man

Thakur to Buttler, 1 run

short at the hips, shuffles and whips to deep midwicket

Thakur to Smith, 1 run

short and just outside off, mistimed pull to long-on

Thakur to Buttler, 1 run

full on leg stump, driven down to long-on

Thakur to Buttler, no run

good length and just outside off, pushed into the covers

Thakur to Buttler, no run

good length on middle stump, flicked to midwicket

end of over 1516 runs
RR: 108/3CRR: 7.20 RRR: 3.60
Jos Buttler60 (40)
Steven Smith18 (27)
Piyush Chawla 2-0-20-0
Shardul Thakur 3-0-30-0

Three overs of spin and hardly a ball that has turned away. The pitch sliding on nicely. Here's Thakur again.

Chawla to Buttler, 1 run

short of a length and wide outside off, cut firmly to sweeper

Chawla to Buttler, FOUR runs

Curran over-runs to his right at long-on. Full and into middle stump, uses the pace and angle into him to pick this up. Curran is headed the right way but that holds its line

Chawla to Buttler, FOUR runs

short and wide outside off, slides on nicely and he cuts it past backward point

Chawla to Buttler, FOUR runs

drilled to long-off's right to get his fifty. Full googly just outside off, gets to the pitch of that and a flat lofted drive. He was looking for four there, not six

Chawla to Smith, 1 run

full and wide outside off, mistimed drive to sweeper

Chawla to Smith, 2 runs

full and just outside off, gets down on one knee and scoops this fine. Short third man cleans up to his left

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