Qualifier 1 (N), Dubai (DSC), Nov 5 2020, Indian Premier League
(20 ov, target 201)143/8
Mumbai won by 57 runs
Player Of The Match
end of over 2014 runs • 1 wicket
DC: 143/8CRR: 7.15 
Kagiso Rabada15 (15)
Anrich Nortje0 (0)
Kieron Pollard 4-0-36-1
Nathan Coulter-Nile 4-0-27-0

That ends the goodies for tonight. Three more matches to go. See you soon. Thanks for tonight. Count every run whether it is in person or mailed in

Jasprit Bumrah, Man of the Match and the purple cap holder now: "I am okay with not getting wickets and winning the tournament. I don't look at the wickets. I have been given a role, and I try to execute that. Take it ball by ball. I felt the opening yorker was very important. I had decided I was going to do that. When it comes off like that, it feels great. Early wickets are important especially with the dew coming in. I usually don't focus on the end result. Whenever I have tried to focus on the end result, it goes downhill. This is the first time I have played with Trent, our conversations have been very good. He is a very skilful bowler. We discuss different fields, the different ways to bowl, and what to do in different situations. I am not great on awards."

Rohit Sharma: "I guess this was our best so far. The way we came out with the intent. The way de Kock and Surya batted after we lost a wicket in the second over, the way we closed out, and then the clinical bowling. We never had any target in mind because we are a different team, and we want to play in a different. We wanted to play as it comes. We wanted to start well. Losing my wicket in the second over was great, but then de Kock and Surya turned the momentum towards us. In T20 we always talk about momentum. We never want the momentum to shift towards the opposition. Ishan has been in great form so we wanted him to be positive. So the message was clear to him in the timeout. Please don't be afraid to put the pressure back. Back your instinct. Having such a versatile squad it gives me the luxury to change the batting order and rotate the bowlers. I have not seen Trent yet but he looks okay. It is a big game coming up but we just wanted him to be okay for the next game. He looks okay. I am sure he will be on the park on the 10th. When you have bowlers like Bumrah, it makes your life easy. And Bumrah and Boult are in top form. When they play for different countries and franchises, they have different plans. Hats off to them for buying into our plans and executing them so well."

It is not yet all over for DC. They will get a second shot on account of having finished in the top two. They await the winner of the match between RCB and SRH tomorrow

Suryakumar Yadav: "It was a wonderful wicket to bat on. But considering the dew in mind, we had to bat positive and give us as many as we can for our bowlers. I wanted to bat more to set the platform for Hardik and Pollard, but at the end of the day, happy with what we did. Their presence in the lower middle order gives us the freedom to express ourselves at the top. I loved the shot over midwicket off Nortje. One of the fastest bowlers in the world. Would love to repeat it. Not thinking of 500 runs (he is 39 short). Personal milestones are important but at the end of the day what the team needs is more important."

A stern-looking discussion between two RPs - Ricky Ponting and Rishabh Pant - on the sidelines

Shreyas Iyer: "Very tough. I don't want to talk anything negative about the side, but going forward we have to make sure we come out with a solid mindset. We were on top of the game especially in that phase when we got two wickets, and they were 110 for in 13 or 14 overs. That is when we should have capitalised more. We could have chased 170 on this wicket. It is part and parcel of the game. Every night can't be yours. We just talk about the opportunities we have. It is not easy to be in the bubble and follow the same routine every day. The practice we have put in, the hard work, it is really tremendous. Ashwin was brilliant. He is always there, offering something for the team. He plays with the batsmen's minds. Great to have his inputs as a captain. All the batsmen in their team are in great touch, especially when Hardik and Pollard come down the order, and their top-order batsmen have full freedom and are in great form. So it is not easy to control them."

And the dominant Mumbai side makes it to the final with ease. And luck tried to make it difficult for them as they lost the toss and were asked to bat and then bowl in the dew. They took the dew out of the equation by first scoring an over-par 200, and then killing the contest off inside the first two overs of the second innings. This is just such an efficient T20 side. They have the individual brilliance, yes, but they study their opponents, they are on top of the match-ups all the time, and they back themselves to be brave in a tight corner. Boult's fitness and Ashwin's fitness something to keep an eye on. Boult has four days before he turns out for the final, Ashwin has only two

Pollard to Rabada, no run

offbreak, too full, patted back

No Ashwin, need I remind you

Pollard to Rabada, 1 wide

wide outside leg this time

Pollard to Rabada, 1 wide

slower ball, wide outside off

Pollard to Axar Patel, OUT

Chahar takes it on the fourth take. Big laugh on Rohit's face. Slower ball, Patel toe-ends a skier, and Chahar nearly drops this running to his right from deep midwicket. Massive juggling act but he finishes a catch that should cheer him up a little

Axar Patel c Chahar b Pollard 42 (33b 2x4 3x6) SR: 127.27
Pollard to Rabada, 1 run

massive slower ball, and he toe-ends it to long-off for one

Pollard to Rabada, FOUR runs

Rabada having some fun here, driving this length ball back over his head for four

Pollard to Rabada, FOUR runs

quick bouncer, he gets inside the line and pulls this to the left of deep square for four

Pollard to Rabada, 1 wide

bouncer, outside leg, called a wide

Pollard to Rabada, 2 runs

slower short ball, and the big fast bowler Coulter-Nile dives full length at short fine leg to try to catch this. I wouldn't be doing this if I was the big fast bowler and risking an injury

Pollard to finish it off

end of over 1911 runs
DC: 129/7CRR: 6.78 RRR: 72.00
Kagiso Rabada4 (10)
Axar Patel42 (32)
Nathan Coulter-Nile 4-0-27-0
Jasprit Bumrah 4-1-14-4
Coulter-Nile to Rabada, 1 run

full toss, on the higher side, driven to long-on for one. Just under the waist, the umpires rule

Coulter-Nile to Axar Patel, 1 run

full, outside off, driven to long-off for one

Coulter-Nile to Rabada, 1 run

full and straight, driven to long-on for one

Over the wicket to Rabada

Coulter-Nile to Axar Patel, 1 run

on a length, outside off, punched to long-on for one

Coulter-Nile to Axar Patel, 1 wide

goes full and wide, bowls too wide

Coulter-Nile to Axar Patel, SIX runs

Axar keeps showing his batting wares. Coulter-Nile digs this in, and gets it high too, but Patel has pulled this way above forward square leg

Coulter-Nile to Axar Patel, no run

on a length, outside off, driven to mid-off

Bharath Seervi: "Best figures in qualifiers/semis/finals in IPL:4/13 - Bollinger, CSK v Deccan, 2010

4/14 - Dhawal Kulkarni, GL v RCB, 2016

4/14 - Bumrah, today"

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