48th Match (N), Abu Dhabi, Oct 28 2020, Indian Premier League
(19.1/20 ov, target 165)166/5
Mum Indians won by 5 wickets (with 5 balls remaining)
player of the match
Suryakumar Yadav
Mumbai Indians

That ends tonight's presentation. Mumbai Indians back to their winning ways. Now firmly on the top of the table. Thanks for joining

Suryakumar Yadav, the Man of the Match: "I was looking to finish games for a long time. I used to thick how to do it. I needed to know my game completely and just go out and do it. Been doing meditation, spending time on myself, that helps me out in the middle. The shots that stood out were over covers to Chahal, and the back-foot drive to Dale Steyn. I worked on my game a lot during the lockdown. Before that I used to prefer the leg side. I have been loving the No. 3 position, but I wanted to finish off the game, which is why I am glad with this effort."

Kieron Pollard: "I am big on match-ups in a way. I also watch a lot of cricket. I took a punt and bowled at AB. I could have waited for the last over but if someone has to go for runs I thought I'd take it. Bumrah continues to keep standing up throughout the tournament. But again we have been playing total team cricket. Somebody is always there to pick up the slack. Imagine someone batting at that strike rate after two early wickets. Deep down inside he must be very very disappointed to bot ave donned the blue for India. He just keeps getting better. Again as an individual if you keep staying consistent, you will be rewarded. Nothing happens before its time. There is discussion around my batting position, I would love to be up there, taking the runs and hitting the runs, but we have to do what is the best for the team."

That win takes MI well clear of the pack. Their qualification is all but done, but they will like to win more to stay in the top two. RCB, despite the loss, remain at No. 2. Their NRR is higher than DC's. The win has come thanks to a supreme bowling performance by Bumrah and then Yadav at his best. Showing the national selectors and team management just what they have missed out on. There was a bit of everything in Yadav's innings: extra-cover drives, back-foot punches, sweeps to upset Chahal's lengths and figures, and then the odd ramp in the end. And he stayed cool and calm even as RCB tried to raise the tempers to see if they could induce a mistake

Virat Kohli: "It was a strange phase of batting out there where everything we hit went straight to the fielders. They bowled good channels, and kept us 20 short of a par total. We still gave them a good fight. Tonight we thought the ball might swing early so we bowled Morris and Dale. Then we went to Washy. The game was tight, but I think they batted that phase well."

There has been needle between Kohli and Yadav all night. And he has taken them home without losing his cool. And doesn't get too excited after finishing this off. He is like I am cool, I have not surprised myself with this

Kabir: "Actually this win all but guarantees a top two finish. MI now have 8 wins. We can assume MI will always have the best NRR. The only two teams that can get to 9 wins are RCB and DC (if they win all their remaining games) But, RCB vs DC will have a loser, so it is impossible for both teams to get to 9 wins. Only one of RCB or DC can overtake MI on the table, even if MI lose the next two games, barring a GIGANTIC shift in net run rate. "

Siraj to Yadav, FOUR runs

Yadav provides an exclamation mark on this performance with a delightful drive over extra cover to finish it all off. And then he looks at someone (I don't know whom) and gestures, "Am I all right?". You are more than all right sir. You are more than fine. You are exceptional

Siraj to bowl now

end of over 1913 runs • 1 wicket
MI: 162/5CRR: 8.52 • RRR: 3.00 • Need 3 runs from 6b
Kieron Pollard4 (1)
Suryakumar Yadav75 (42)
Chris Morris4-0-36-1
Dale Steyn4-0-43-0
Morris to Pollard, FOUR runs

ends up giving him a full toss, and Pollard won't be leaving this, no sireebob. Flicks it through forward square leg for four. That is the game

Pollard walks in with seven to get off seven. I have my money on a walk down the wicket and a leave outside off this ball. Morris will want to bowl a sharp bouncer

Morris to Pandya, OUT

slower ball, on a length, Pandya is looking to go over extra. And it seems to me he has picked the slower ball, but ends up hitting it straight to extra cover. There is a send-off. RCB have been feisty all night, but this one doesn't involve their captain Kohli. Morris has had something to say to Pandya, who points a finger and says something in return

Hardik Pandya c Mohammed Siraj b Morris 17 (15b 0x4 2x6) SR: 113.33
Morris to Pandya, SIX runs

that is why Pandya doesn't need to push for twos. He gets one in his slot, on middle and leg, and dismisses it over wide long-on for six. Disdainful

Mid-off goes back

Morris to Yadav, 1 run

gets down on a knee to sweep this full toss to deep fine leg. Not sure why has gone for this option with the fine leg back

Morris to Yadav, 2 runs

makes room to try to go over extra cover. The length ball sort of stops at him, and the toe end clears extra cover for a couple

Morris to Yadav, no run

full, on off, with mid-off and extra cover up. Yadav has to get only six feet to the left, but drives this straight to extra cover

Eight an over for the last two now. That's two boundaries and eight singles. Fewer singles if the boundaries are sixes. But stranger things have happened in the IPL. Can Morris give Siraj 10 to defend?

end of over 1811 runs
MI: 149/4CRR: 8.27 • RRR: 8.00 • Need 16 runs from 12b
Hardik Pandya11 (13)
Suryakumar Yadav72 (39)
Dale Steyn4-0-43-0
Chris Morris3-0-23-0

Steyn 4-0-43-0

Steyn to Pandya, no run

Pandya gets the full toss within his range that he is looking for but ends up swinging inside its line

Steyn to Yadav, 1 run

he is looking for the ramp again but Steyn bowls wide and short. He manages to pull this to deep midwicket for one

Steyn to Yadav, SIX runs

full toss. Straight. Yadav says thank you very much. Gets on a knee, and uses all of his 143ks pace to guide it over fine leg for six

Four off three legal boundaries so far

Steyn to Pandya, 1 run

full and wide, goes off the toe end fine of the deep point. But they don't push for the two

Steyn to Pandya, 1 wide

another wide full toss. He will need a ladder to get there

Full and wide is dangerous with third man up

Steyn to Pandya, 1 wide

full and wide, too wide. Pandya is standing his ground

Steyn to Pandya, no run

perfect wide yorker, squeezes under his bat

Third man comes up. Mid-off goes back

Steyn to Pandya, 1 wide

that is short and wide. And this time it is called despite Pandya's move across

Point goes back. More wide yorkers to be tried?

Steyn to Pandya, no run

wide length ball, not called wide because the umpire has decided Pandya moved across. But this is still too wide

Nine an over required with only one Morris over out of the last three. Steyn to bowl ahead of Siraj

end of over 178 runs
MI: 138/4CRR: 8.11 • RRR: 9.00 • Need 27 runs from 18b
Suryakumar Yadav65 (37)
Hardik Pandya10 (9)
Chris Morris3-0-23-0
Mohammed Siraj3-0-24-2
Morris to Yadav, FOUR runs

Yadav gets the boundary they needed this over. Morris is frustrated but he has bowled length with no deep midwicket. He flicks this over the man in the circle

Should Suryakumar Yadav have made the squad for Australia? Tell us on our rolling report

Morris to Pandya, 1 run

shuffles across to punch this length ball to leg. Just the single to deep midwicket

Morris to Yadav, 1 run

full and straight, driven straight of long-on, but they are not pushing for two

Morris has to deny them a boundary this over to make a game of this

Morris to Pandya, 1 run

but Morris keeps hunting those pads. Punched down to long-on for one. Good over so far

Mid-off is up

Morris to Pandya, no run

on a length, quick, on off. Pushed back to him

Morris to Yadav, 1 run

quick offcutter, does him in, but he gets an inside edge for a single to deep square leg

Morris has to bowl 17 and 19. The 17th over in the first innings was a double-wicket maiden