15th Match (N), Mumbai, Apr 21 2021, Indian Premier League
(19.1/20 ov, target 221)202
Super Kings won by 18 runs
player of the match
Faf du Plessis
Chennai Super Kings

11.45pm Both teams topped 200 and overall 26 sixes were hit at the Wankhede. That's a wrap. Hope you enjoyed this high-scoring thriller as much as we did bringing it to you. This is Deivarayan Muthu signing off. Stay safe and cheers.

Dhoni: I think it's easy [for me] in a game like this because from the 15th and 16th over onwards, the contest was between the fast bowler and the batsman [laughs]. It was you vs me. The side that won was maybe the one that executed it better. If 20 overs had been completed, it would have been more closer. It's important to be humble and give respect to the opposition. Every IPL team has big-hitters. I told them [my team-mates] we have good runs on the board, but we need to stay humble. Only option was Jadeja [vs Russell] because the ball was stopping and spinning. No [was it a plan to have Russell bowled?] The batting has been really well. Rutu showed his class in the last IPL. We always need to assess where he is mentally. He eyes revealed he wasn't rattled and he has the basics to make it big. What would've helped him is the last few games last year when he wasn't successful.

Faf du Plessis, Player of the Match: It was the most fluent I've felt so far. I felt in the previous game things started to tick better and today felt technically better. It's just the rhythm of the flow of the hands. We felt the ball was stopping in the pitch. Jadeja for us and the other spinners also get grip [at Wankhede], so seamers can catch-up. He's [Gaikwad's] a fantastic young talent. It's great to see him trust his timing and technique. Once he gets to 15-20, he's hard to bowl to. For a small guy, he can hit the ball a long way. Lucky to play under MS for a long time. He knows what he's doing.

11.30pm Phew, that was one heck of a finish. CSK survive the late assault from Russell and Cummins to secure their third successive victory. Cummins remains unbeaten on 66 off 34 balls. This is only the second time a team has scored over 200 in a T20 after being five down for less than 50. The first instance: that Russell game. Do stick around for the presentation

11.20pm Morgan: It's quite high at the moment [how's the pulse?] One hell of a game. Andre Russell and Dinesh Karthik put a partnership together and following that Pat Cummins gave us every chance towards the end. Tremendous fight from the middle and lower order. You ride the emotions throughout the day. The first five overs of batting didn't go our way. We didn't play as well as we would've liked. We can be happy with [how we adapted to a] new ground, different challenges. Going back to it, I don't think there was any margin for error for the bowlers. We need to be kinder to the bowlers. You really need to be on the money. I tend to stay away from Dre after he gets out [laughs]. It's great he's in this sort of form. Disappointing that the rest of us couldn't help him out.

Chahar: I'm just trying to bowl straight balls. The ball was swinging and seaming [early on]. I didn't pick a lot of wickets last year, but then I realised when I'm bowling I have more responsibility to set the tone in the powerplay. I think the dew came in and the ball was coming nicely onto the bat. We bowled some poor balls as well. Good batting as well. So it was difficult to bowl with wet ball. Sam was bowling cutters, but it came nicely onto the bat. I can't tell about others but I was thinking we shouldn't lose the match. At one point, they needed 40 off 20 balls, which was gettable. You learn a lot of things from this match. It was a great match.

J Jehoson Jires: "Any update on Moen Ali? He is a vital cog in this rejuvenated CSK 2021" --- No official update yet on Moeen

Rahul Challa: "Watching the post match presentation. Shocked to know that Pat Cummins received no award, despite his fight to win the game for his team."

Malli: "I might be too early to say this but if Dhoni found something in Rituraj Gaikwad expect him to do big. If you have doubt look at players like Virat and Rohit."

Thakur to Cummins, 1 run, OUT

Krishna is caught short on the second. Another run-out from Chahar does it for CSK. The TV umpire confirms it. Heartbreak for Cummins and KKR. Joy for CSK. Thakur searches for the wide yorker, comes out as a low full-toss. It's still a hard-to-hit low full-toss. Plinked down to long-off. Chahar runs across, swoops down on the ball, throws it to Thakur. The seamer holds his nerve, gathers the ball cleanly, and flips the bails off to catch Krishna short. Krishna stumbled on the first and wasn't quick enough in the end. CSK jump to the top of the points table

Prasidh Krishna run out (Chahar/Thakur) 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0

Over to Cummins. They need 20 off the last over, which will be bowled by Thakur. Dhoni and Rayudu set the field. Point, cover, long-off, long-on, midwicket back

end of over 198 runs • 1 wicket
KKR: 201/9CRR: 10.57 RRR: 20.00 • Need 20 runs from 6b
Prasidh Krishna0 (1)
Pat Cummins65 (33)
Sam Curran4-0-58-1
Shardul Thakur3-0-47-0
Sam Curran to Prasidh, no run

middle-stump yorker, jammed out to point with an open face. Krishna keeps it out

Slip in place

Sam Curran to Cummins, 1 leg bye

another one on the pads, Curran gets away with it, diverted off the pads behind square. Cummins and Krishna cross over

Sam Curran to Cummins, no run

pitched up on the stumps, Curran is missing his lengths, hauled to Faf at long-on. Cummins keeps strike

No.11 Krishna, but Cummins on strike

Sam Curran to Cummins, 1 run, OUT

overpitched and outside off, belted straight of long-off. There's no second here, but Varun sacrifices his wicket to bring the big-hitting Cummins back on strike. Varun is caught short on the second. Nice, flat throw from Chahar

Varun Chakravarthy run out (Chahar/Curran) 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0

Dhoni walks up to Curran and has a chat with the seamer

Sam Curran to Cummins, SIX runs

Cummins whips it over square leg for six. Fullish and on the pads, misses the yorker and it comes out as a slot ball, which is hoisted with the wrists over the leg side

Sam Curran to Cummins, no run

middle-stump yorker, dug out. Good start to the over from Curran

Can Curran recover from the pasting he got in the 16th over from Cummins?

end of over 1812 runs
KKR: 193/8CRR: 10.72 RRR: 14.00 • Need 28 runs from 12b
Pat Cummins58 (28)
Varun Chakravarthy0 (1)
Shardul Thakur3-0-47-0
Lungi Ngidi4-0-28-3
Thakur to Cummins, 1 run

slot ball outside off, belted through the line to the left of Gowtham at wide long-off. Cummins settles with the single. He has the strike now

Thakur to Cummins, FOUR runs

wide yorker, inside the tramline, Cummins chucks his hands at the ball and slices it over short third man off the outer half

Ansley: "Pat Cummins gave away 58 in his 4, he is about to make up for that big time, especially if he can take them over the line"

Thakur to Cummins, 1 wide

another legcutter, well wide of off. Thakur is under pressure

Thakur to Cummins, 1 wide

Thakur floats another cutter past the tramline. Another off-side wide

Thakur to Cummins, 1 wide

back of a length and wobbles away past the tramline, off-side wide

Thakur to Cummins, no run

Thakur goes for the wide yorker, comes out as a wide full-toss, carved to Jadeja at sweeper. Another dot

Thakur to Cummins, no run

full-toss, wide of off, drilled to Jadeja at sweeper. Cummins turns down the single on offer

Jadeja moves to sweeper now. Thakur is going for the full, wide ball

Thakur to Cummins, 2 runs

sliced in the air over extra-cover, Gowtham has to run across to his right from sweeper. Cummins hares back for the second again

Thakur to Cummins, 2 runs

legcutter outside off, punched wide of sweeper. Cummins sprints back and brings up a 23-ball fifty

Thakur is back

end of over 175 runs • 1 wicket
KKR: 181/8CRR: 10.64 RRR: 13.33 • Need 40 runs from 18b
Varun Chakravarthy0 (1)
Pat Cummins49 (22)
Lungi Ngidi4-0-28-3
Sam Curran3-0-51-1
Ngidi to Varun, no run

short and outside off, chopped away to the left of sweeper cover. KKR don't take the single. Good over from Ngidi

Ngidi to Cummins, 1 run

full-toss on off, lofted in the air, but lands in front of Faf at long-on

Ngidi to Cummins, 4 byes

bursts through Dhoni's gloves for four. Wide yorker, pings the foot holes, bounces up and beats Dhoni

Ngidi to Cummins, no run

Varun. He is a six-hitter in club cricket in Chennai. Can he hang on with Cummins?

Ngidi to Nagarkoti, OUT

The South African pair combine to get rid of Nagarkoti. Du Plessis dives forward and takes it. Back of a length on middle, Ngidi hits the hard length once again. The line is on middle. The bat-face turns on impact as Nagarkoti holes out for a duck

Kamlesh Nagarkoti c du Plessis b Ngidi 0 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Ngidi to Nagarkoti, no run

Ngidi hits a hard length on middle, played back to the bowler

Sampath has this nugget: KKR have scored 145 runs since the fall of 5th wicket. The most by any team after the fall of 5th wicket in an IPL game. T20 record is 184 runs during the 2018 CPL game where Russell hit a hundred