26th Match (N), Ahmedabad, Apr 30 2021, Indian Premier League
(20 ov, target 180)145/8
Punjab Kings won by 34 runs
player of the match
Harpreet Brar
Punjab Kings
end of over 2012 runs • 1 wicket
RCB: 145/8CRR: 7.25 
Mohammed Siraj0 (1)
Kyle Jamieson16 (11)
Mohammed Shami3.4-0-28-1
Chris Jordan4-0-31-1

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Harpreet Brar: They'll be happy at home I'm sure, it's their best wishes that have got me here. I didn't feel anything about being hit for six because a bowler always has a chance to come back. So I knew I could come back. My first IPL wicket is Virat paaji and that helps. Your body opens up, you get confident, and things fall into place. When I went into bat there was time to wait and see for an over or two. Rahul bhai was there at the other end to talk to me about the conditions and such.

Harpreet Brar is the Player of the Match.

KL Rahul: We were preparing him [Harprett], I can say that now after a game like this. We needed a fingerspinner who could hit the hard lengths and get some spin. And we're happy it worked out. I've been trying to speak to the boys, whatever little experience I have of international and IPL, pass it onto them. They have enormous talent but as captains it's important we prepare them for the pressure in the situations. There's nothing in particular [about performing against RCB]. We've always played them, at least the last 4 inniings, in must-win games. So I try and do well and set up a target and it's worked out. There'll always be talks outside the team whether Gayle should be playing at this age, but I know as a captain what it feels like to have a man like him. He keeps getting more and more dominant. The last season onwards he's batted at 3 and that's the kind of man he is, does anything for the team. It's nice to have that kind of experience in the middle.

Chris Jordan: I wasn't really thinking too much [about the speeds he bowled] but obviously nice to be pushing the 140s. Not touched 150 yet but I'll definitely get one soon, I'm sure. To be honest when we got to that total we we were very happy. At once stage we were saying we would be happy between 158 and 162. We were able to take wickets and stop their momentum. Probably at the end there it was a bit untidy, but we're doing well and need to build on it. We always talk about doing things as a team, even if the batters don't do well, we as bowlers try to do it right and vice versa. That's how teams build and you can hopefully see more of that from us in the tournament.

Virat Kohli: They got off to a decent start and we pulled things back decently. Probably gave away 25 too much at the end, should have been chasing 160. Had a chat around executing our plans, which we did, but at the end we strayed away. With the bat we never got the momentum, they bowled well to be honest. Just kept the pressure going. But as batsmen as well we could have tried more things at the start. It was tough to hit through the line. It was about making a partnership and making sure you're there to keep getting the boundaries, bat at a strike rate of at least 110. We didn't manage to do that. We understand the areas where we lost momentum. The composition of our team is such that someone like Rajat, if you see the last game, controlled the game for us. We give him that freedom and sometimes it doesn't work out. Maxi and AB at 4 and 5 has worked well for us, when there's a partnership early, one of them will come off. Didn't work today but Rajat's a quality player. A bit of a positive at the end, pulled things back nicely. Harshal and Jamo struck a few at the end. A loss off 60-65 would've hurt more.

11.06pm Comprehensive win for Punjab Kings. They seemed to give it away when that collapse happened, but they took control after that and never gave it away. Some supremely tight bowling in the powerplay to tie dismiss Padikkal and then tie up Kohli and Patidar. Then, the spinners. Bishnoi started off conceding only 6 off his first two overs. After him, was Harpreet Brar, who seized the game with seven top quality deliveries off which RCB got no runs and lose their big three - Kohli, Maxwell, AB. They stood no chance after that. They slide to third and only Mumbai Indians separate them and Punjab Kings right now.

Shami to Siraj, no run

yorker across the corridor, looks to drive and misses

Tarik: "A super six, a potential injury, and a super catch. Ironically the second most memorable over of this match."

Shami to Jamieson, 1 run

yorker at leg stump, jammed down to long-on

Shami to Patel, OUT

Bishnoi's taken another stunner! Wow! He's really enjoying fielding in the deep this season! Low full toss at off stump, backs away and lofts this to long-off's right. Bishnoi tracks it and then lunges forward and to his right to grab this very close to the turf

Harshal Patel c Ravi Bishnoi b Mohammed Shami 31 (13b 3x4 2x6) SR: 238.46
Shami to Patel, FOUR runs

short of a length and across middle stump, backs away and looks to pull, gets a top edge over short third

He's on a chair by the side of the boundary and still smiling. A couple of people surround him to look at what's up as the physio rolls up his trousers. Shami to complete the over, he's around the wicket

Meredith to Jamieson, 1 run

ouch. That is struck powerfully back at the bowler. Looks like it's gone straight into his right knee. Length ball just outside off and he's clubbed it right back. He was jumping to try and evade that but it was too high for him to manage it. Hops into the off side and goes to floor. Has a smile on his face but that is a definite swelling and a bruise. He's limping off the field

RCBandDCFan: "Promote Harshal to No 3 :D"

Meredith to Jamieson, SIX runs

that is massive! Dropped short outside off and coming on nicely as he backs into the leg side and pulls wholeheartedly

end of over 1916 runs
RCB: 133/7CRR: 7.00 RRR: 47.00 • Need 47 runs from 6b
Harshal Patel27 (11)
Kyle Jamieson8 (8)
Chris Jordan4-0-31-1
Mohammed Shami3-0-23-0
Jordan to Patel, SIX runs

pumped over the bowler. Some poor lengths for the 19th over from Jordan. This is just outside off and in the slot. He backs away and muscles this straight

Jordan to Jamieson, 1 run

short of a length at middle stump, backs away and looks to slap again, thick inside edge to long-on

Jordan to Jamieson, no run

short and just outside off, backs away and slashes, but is beaten as that gets big on him

Jordan to Patel, 1 run

length and at leg stump, drilled down to long-on

Jordan to Patel, FOUR runs

clubbed to sweeper's right this time. Full and just outside off, backs into the leg side again and crunches this sweetly on the half-volley

Jordan to Patel, FOUR runs

expertly sliced over point. Full and into off stump, exposes the stumps and meets this nicely with an open face