39th Match (N), Dubai (DSC), Sep 26 2021, Indian Premier League
(18.1/20 ov, target 166)111
RCB won by 54 runs
Player Of The Match
56 (37) & 2/23

So Royal Challengers wrap up a 54-run win, and it is a memorable game for Harshal especially. And their all-round performance means they zoom up to No. 3 in the points table. But the action continues tomorrow, and until then, it is a good night and goodbye from Shashank, Raghav, Chandan and me, Himanshu!

Glenn Maxwell is the Player of the Match for his all-round Big Show: "It was pretty close [to being the perfect day]. I though the way Virat and KS got us off well... Those switch-hits is something I have worked on... It was the shorter side... And my bowling is something I have worked on. I'm starting to see the rewards now."

Kohli to speak now: "Very happy, especially the way we won. It was a difficult start when we lost Devdutt. He came in the second over to try and get me out... KS came out and played some amazing shots. He took the pressure off me. Maxi's innings was unbelievable. If you don't try and stamp your authority, Bumrah will get over you - that's how good he is! You have to be at you level best. I'd give it a perfect ten tonight. We left out 15 [runs] out there... Those are the things where we feel we can get 20-25 extra runs. I went with my gut feel with DC [Christian]... With his experience and change-ups, he bowled an amazing over... What Harshal did was unbelievable."

Time for the presentations

Rohit: "Is this the first time that RCB have beaten MI both times in the league stage??" --- Right. In fact, it is the first time they have beaten MI twice in an IPL season, including playoffs or semis.

varnit: "SKY and Ishan's bad form is a crucial factor in MI's inferior performance in this leg. Not just MI, I think, it must be concerning Virat as well considering the fact that these guys are part of the Indian T20 WC squad that will be played on the same grounds." --- Well, we just saw Kohli consoling Kishan after the loss, with the latter looking disappointed as well - and no guesses why.

Riyaz: "Seeing MI at 7th spot (on table) in Pain Deep Pain :'("

The hat-trick hero Harshal: "This is my sixth time on a hat-trick, and the first time I got it - really happy! Pollard is someone who can do damage if you bowl in his areas... so that bluff. I think the way Siraj started - he set the tempo for our bowling performance - and the way Chahal and Maxi bowled..."

RCBian: "985730050... that's not my mobile number, MI Score card from 3-10 batting position"

Here's Rohit Sharma speaking after the loss: "Thought it was a fantastic bowling effort. Looked like they were going to get 180. The batters just let us down. The opening issue has been happening consistently. We have to make sure that the batters carry on. I played a bat shot today and got out; I felt that was the game-changing moment. We need to find ways to bounce back from whatever situations we are in. Kishan is a talented player, we just need to understand the freedom he needs, and need to provide him with that. He had a terrific IPL last year... We wanted to give him the opportunity.. He is relatively young and making his way into international cricket."

9.46pm So a comfortable win for Royal Challengers in the end. Mumbai crumble from 79 for 1 to 111 all out in a flash. A hat-trick for Harshal in his haul of 4 for 17, with Maxwell and Chahal applying the brakes too. Just two batters got into double figures for Mumbai, and Royal Challengers nab two crucial points. Mumbai are now seventh on the points table.

Harshal to Milne, OUT

and the off stump comes off again! All hands up against another change of pace ball. Milne looks to flick this across the line, but it is a slower ball yet again - in fact, all four of his wickets have now with that lack of pace delivery - as Milne misses and Harshal hits again! Gets his fourth for the day, as Mumbai fold up for their lowest ever score against Royal Challengers in IPL

Adam Milne b Patel 0 (14m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0

Yatrik Govani: "Well you just jinxed it for Harshal. He cannot take 5 now. And also Chahal is here to prove something, so no chance for a 5-for to Harshal!"

end of over 18Wicket maiden
MI: 111/9CRR: 6.16 RRR: 27.50 • Need 55 runs from 12b
Trent Boult0 (3)
Adam Milne0 (0)
Yuzvendra Chahal 4-1-11-3
Harshal Patel 3-0-17-3
Chahal to Boult, no run

the legspinner now. Good length ball outside off, and with good bounce and turn away from him. Clipped to midwicket to complete a wicket-maiden

Chahal to Boult, no run

the third umpire goes upstairs after Bharat and Kohli appeal for a stumping. The ball pitches on a full length outside off, and straightens too, with no turn this time. He looks to flick that away, but is beaten. No inside edge there, so no caught behind for sure. His back foot is also grounded when Bharat whips off the bails, so it is not out

Chahal to Boult, no run

flighted, and very full and wide of off. Jammed back toward the non-striker

Boult is the last man. A slip there too

Chahal to Bumrah, OUT

cleans him up! The off stump is down and out. Bumrah goes low to sweep this full ball outside off, which is again coming into him. But he plays too early, and is completely beaten by the turn, as the ball strikes the woodwork behind

Jasprit Bumrah b Chahal 5 (6m 6b 1x4 0x6) SR: 83.33
Chahal to Bumrah, no run

another wrong 'un. This spins back in off a good length on middle, and takes his front pad

Chahal to Bumrah, no run

tickles this good length ball toward slip after playing close to his body. It was a googly too

Chahal back from over the wicket

Remember, Harshal had taken a five-for against Mumbai in the first leg too

Anwar: "That dipping slower ball for the hattrick was very shoaib akhtar-esque"

end of over 176 runs • 3 wickets
MI: 111/8CRR: 6.52 RRR: 18.33 • Need 55 runs from 18b
Jasprit Bumrah5 (3)
Adam Milne0 (0)
Harshal Patel 3-0-17-3
Dan Christian 2-0-21-0
Harshal to Bumrah, 1 run

slower ball again. Yorker length on middle, and jammed back toward midwicket

Harshal to Bumrah, FOUR runs

top edge, and flies over the keeper's head! Short delivery on off, and Bumrah goes for the pull but miscues. Not that these runs matter though, but they can help if it comes down to net run rate in the end

Harshal to Bumrah, no run

high-ish full-toss on middle and leg, and he presents the full face of the bat to push that to midwicket

Bumrah now

Harshal to Chahar, OUT

that is a hat-trick for Harshal, and he is off in celebration! A third slower ball in a row, and it is dipping on to the batter to be a low full-toss on leg. But Chahar is clipping that from off stump rather, and is struck on the pad. Harshal knew it was out the moment he appealed, and the umpire raised his finger immediately too

Rahul Chahar lbw b Patel 0 (2m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0

Chahar to face the hat-trick ball from over the wicket

Harshal to Pollard, OUT

clips his leg stump, and Pollard departs too! Harshal on a hat-trick. Pollard is across off a little too soon, as Harshal bowls another slower ball which is very full and dipping on middle. It angles in after pitching, and strikes his leg stump since Pollard is already across his stumps.

Kieron Pollard b Patel 7 (22m 10b 0x4 0x6) SR: 70

Stays over for Pollard

Milne is the new man, but will be the non-striker

Harshal to Hardik, OUT

Kohli runs back at extra cover, and takes that skier! Hardik is beaten by the lack of pace, as Harshal goes for the scrambled seam ball on a full length outside off. He goes for the slog to the on side, but gets it off the leading edge, as the ball balloons to the off side instead. Harshal has his 20th wicket of the season, and with that, he has just pushed his side further ahead

Hardik Pandya c Kohli b Patel 3 (13m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50
Harshal to Hardik, 1 wide

very full and very wide of off. Hardik isn't interested in poking at that, and it is called wide

Harshal returns. Over the wicket

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