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Wankhede, February 06 - 10, 2013, Irani Cup (2)
526 & 389/5d
(T:507) 409 & 160/4

Match drawn (Rest of Ind won on 1st innings)

Player Of The Match
134, 71 & 1/14
Rest of Ind 1st Innings
Mumbai 1st Innings
Rest of Ind 2nd Innings
Mumbai 2nd Innings
Match Details
Rest of India 1st Innings 
Shikhar Dhawan  b Thakur6310116211062.37
Murali Vijay  b Nayar11620627117156.31
Manoj Tiwary lbw b Nayar3767937055.22
Ambati Rayudu c Jaffer b Sharma51831009061.44
Suresh Raina c Thakur b Chavan13416928614579.28
Wriddhiman Saha lbw b Kulkarni1719224089.47
Harbhajan Singh (c)c Nayar b Kulkarni16152630106.66
Abhimanyu Mithun lbw b Chavan51901419156.66
Pragyan Ojha c Kulkarni b Dabholkar074000.00
Sreesanth not out 11920005.26
Ishwar Pandey c Rahane b Chavan1314161192.85
Extras(b 8, lb 6, nb 9, w 4)27
TOTAL130.1 Ov (RR: 4.04, 574 Mts)526
Fall of wickets: 1-144 (Shikhar Dhawan, 38.1 ov), 2-222 (Manoj Tiwary, 58.6 ov), 3-231 (Murali Vijay, 62.6 ov), 4-309 (Ambati Rayudu, 83.2 ov), 5-330 (Wriddhiman Saha, 88.5 ov), 6-352 (Harbhajan Singh, 94.4 ov), 7-505 (Abhimanyu Mithun, 122.4 ov), 8-506 (Pragyan Ojha, 123.6 ov), 9-512 (Suresh Raina, 124.4 ov), 10-526 (Ishwar Pandey, 130.1 ov)
Javed Khan1864502.50897011
Dhawal Kulkarni27510723.9612217102
88.5 to WP Saha, plumb lbw. Too good for Saha. He is caught on the crease as this length ball nips in and hits him right in front. Easy decision, but the umpire takes his time before sending Saha on his way. 330/5
94.4 to Harbhajan Singh, and Bhajji has played a shot too many. This one doesn't give him any room, and he is caught on the crease and looking to play to leg. The leading edge lobs up, looks like it will die short of short cover, but not on Nayar's watch, who moves forward and dives and gets his fingers under it. 352/6
Shardul Thakur1818214.557512035
38.1 to S Dhawan, bowled'im. Thakur gets the wicket through a wide full ball. Dhawan loses concentration when he could have gone on and scored big runs to present a case for himself. Drives at this without getting close to it, gets the inside edge onto the stumps. Thakur, the last person you would have expected to, provides the breakthrough for Mumbai. 144/1
Vishal Dabholkar26311914.5710012400
123.6 to PP Ojha, and Ojha throws his wicket away. Innocuous length ball outside off, he tries to go over mid-on, but mis-hits straight down the fielder's throat. How he was sent in ahead of Ishwar Pandey is a mystery. 506/8
Abhishek Nayar25107022.8012213001
58.6 to MK Tiwary, this is the longest walk back of all time, and indeed the longest stay at the wicket after being given out. If Rohit Sharma and Inzamam were batting together they would have outpaced Tiwary in walking back. And the umpire was perfectly justified in giving him out here. Tiwary has moved way across the stumps, has missed a length ball, is hit in front of off, and is definitely gone. The umpire takes him time, you can call this a delayed decision, but it the right call. Tiwary, who think he has run a leg-bye, stands and stands for almost a minute before walking off slowly. Meanwhile Nayar has got Tiwary again. He has a history of getting him out. 222/2
62.6 to M Vijay, lovely bowling. That inswinger again. Nayar has done this superbly. This is the second batsman he has set by bowling wide, wide, wide, and then got him with inswinger. Slightly surprising that a man well set presented him such a big gap to sneak through and disturb the stumps. Back foot stuck on leg, playing across the leg. 231/3
Ankeet Chavan10.115635.50427300
122.4 to A Mithun, finally a wicket. Comes through a break in concentration and a poor shot from Mithun. Plays across the line of a straight delivery, misses, and is hit on the back foot and in front. 505/7
124.4 to SK Raina, eight men on the boundary, and Raina has picked out one of them. Looks to hit another six, gets too close to the ball, no room to swing arms, ends up skying one to long-on. Raises his bat as he walks off. 512/9
130.1 to IC Pandey, Pandey is gone. ROI are all out for 526. tries another slog from outside off, gets more height than distance, and Rahane runs in from long-on to complete the catch. 526/10
Rohit Sharma623315.50247000
83.2 to AT Rayudu, finally Sharma gets the reward, and Rayudu's struggle against spin ends. He has been leaving the crease and has been struggling to get to the pitch of the ball. He has been dropped at slip once, but this time Jaffer makes no mistake. Rayudu goes back to cut, but the ball is not that short, and he gets a sharp edge to slip. Rohit is overjoyed that a catch is finally held. 309/4
Mumbai 1st Innings 
Wasim Jaffer c †Rayudu b Sreesanth8012617411163.49
Aditya Tare c Tiwary b Pandey69191066.66
Ajinkya Rahane lbw b Harbhajan Singh831832879145.35
Shardul Thakur c Tiwary b Pandey416271025.00
Sachin Tendulkar not out 14019734318271.06
Rohit Sharma c Ojha b Harbhajan Singh01221000.00
Abhishek Nayar (c)c Vijay b Mithun11218008.33
Ankeet Chavan c †Saha b Mithun49891318055.05
Dhawal Kulkarni c Vijay b Ojha1038471026.31
Javed Khan c Mithun b Harbhajan Singh815132053.33
Vishal Dabholkar lbw b Ojha013000.00
Extras(b 6, lb 7, nb 13, w 2)28
TOTAL114.1 Ov (RR: 3.58, 546 Mts)409
Fall of wickets: 1-14 (Aditya Tare, 3.3 ov), 2-146 (Wasim Jaffer, 39.2 ov), 3-161 (Shardul Thakur, 44.1 ov), 4-234 (Ajinkya Rahane, 64.5 ov), 5-254 (Rohit Sharma, 70.4 ov), 6-257 (Abhishek Nayar, 73.4 ov), 7-360 (Ankeet Chavan, 99.4 ov), 8-399 (Dhawal Kulkarni, 110.4 ov), 9-409 (Javed Khan, 113.5 ov), 10-409 (Vishal Dabholkar, 114.1 ov)
39.2 to W Jaffer, A superb innings from Jaffer comes to an end with a soft dismissal. He is looking to leave a length ball outside off alone, but makes the decision late, and gets an edge through to Rayudu. Raina seems to have hurt himself while celebrating. 146/2
Ishwar Pandey2467623.1611411013
3.3 to AP Tare, Pandey strikes early. Tare is loose for an opener. Length ball, outside off, just about holds its line, take s the thick edge of the irresponsible drive, and Tiwary takes a sharp catch at gully. 14/1
44.1 to SN Thakur, and Thakur is gone first ball. The small crowd at Wankhede cheers because this can mean only one thin. Full, just outside off, pushed hard, edged to gully. He has done his job, though. 161/3
Abhimanyu Mithun2117323.479111012
73.4 to AM Nayar, poor shot from Nayar. Walks across the stumps, whips across the line of a length ball on off, and provides catching practice to first slip. 257/6
99.4 to AA Chavan, Loose shot. Chavan falls one short of fifty. Huge wicket for Rest of India. Just pushes at a widish delivery, the likes he has been leaving alone for a long time. Gets the edge this time. Mumbai still 166 adrift. 360/7
Pragyan Ojha26.1110323.9310811300
110.4 to DS Kulkarni, Kulkarni runs out of patience, tries the big shot, and holes out. That's another rush of the blood to head that Mumbai could have done without. He has been defending so well for so long, but who knows what got into his head here. Down the wicket, looks to clear mid-off, not close to the pitch of the ball, and skies it to Vijay at mid-off. 399/8
114.1 to VV Dabholkar, he can't survive even a ball. Tendulkar left unbeaten, but could he have shown urgency to pick a single last ball last over? Doesn't matter. It wouldn't have made much of a difference when it comes to taking first-innings points. Dabholkar pushes forward, misses the line, hit in front, and given. Pretty easy decision for the umpire. 409/10
Harbhajan Singh2146433.04884102
64.5 to AM Rahane, Rahane has been given out. I thought he had hit it. And I am right. Rahane sawn off in a match crucial for selection. It's a dangerous shot all right, sweeping from around off, but he has hit the leather off it onto his pad. Harbhajan and the umpire don't think so. 234/4
70.4 to RG Sharma, rush of blood to Sharma's head. He has not scored a run for 11 balls, and he plays a bad shot: the slog-sweep with a deep midwicket positioned. Poor poor shot. Credit to Harbhajan too for getting extra bounce on that topspinner, and Ojha holds on to the skier. 254/5
113.5 to JJ Khan, floated outside off, Javed swings again, and this is not a half-volley. Expected, and sooner rather than later, he has holed out to mid-off. Irresponsible batting. 409/9
Manoj Tiwary11000.0060000
Rest of India 2nd Innings 
Shikhar Dhawan c Nayar b Kulkarni064000.00
Murali Vijay c Sharma b Thakur35611205057.37
Sreesanth run out (Sharma)1856873032.14
Manoj Tiwary c Jaffer b Dabholkar691662205341.56
Ambati Rayudu not out 15628936112453.97
Suresh Raina c Rahane b Dabholkar711061258366.98
Wriddhiman Saha not out 2043422146.51
Extras(b 3, lb 2, nb 7, w 8)20
TOTAL120 Ov (RR: 3.24)389/5d
Fall of wickets: 1-0 (Shikhar Dhawan, 0.6 ov), 2-60 (Sreesanth, 17.6 ov), 3-67 (Murali Vijay, 23.1 ov), 4-207 (Manoj Tiwary, 72.2 ov), 5-352 (Suresh Raina, 106.5 ov)
Dhawal Kulkarni1763512.05875010
0.6 to S Dhawan, Nayar has produced a wicket out of thin air. Spectacular catch at short straight midwicket. Nothing great about this short delivery, which Dhawan pulls in front of square. Nayar dives to his right to take the catch. If there is a team that will believe from this situation, it is Mumbai. 0/1
Abhishek Nayar932803.11453002
Javed Khan1463302.35725011
Shardul Thakur1214413.66577024
23.1 to M Vijay, and Vijay throws it away. He has not lost all concentration since the Sreesanth run-out, and throws his bat at a wide delivery now. To be fair to Thakur he has been asking questions outside off. Vijay early into the shot and pushes in front of his body, lobbing a simple catch to short cover. His first-class temperament remains in question. 67/3
Ankeet Chavan38412603.311587600
Vishal Dabholkar2519723.88977400
72.2 to MK Tiwary, Tiwary seems to suggest he has got a shocker. Tiwary can't believe it. Given out caught off the forearm, he suggests. He looks to paddle this from leg, the ball bounces a little more than expected, surely came off the forearm, but was there a top edge involved before it hit the forearm? Yes it seems to have hit the top edge on the way. The umpire seems to have got it right, but can't tell for sure. 207/4
106.5 to SK Raina, oh what relief. A wicket. Raina's quest for a meaningless century ends. Down the wicket, not to the pitch of it, gets a thick edge to short third man. 352/5
Rohit Sharma502104.20191100
Mumbai 2nd Innings (T: 507 runs)
Wasim Jaffer not out 10114120210071.63
Aditya Tare c Dhawan b Harbhajan Singh1141662026.82
Ajinkya Rahane c Vijay b Harbhajan Singh2547472153.19
Rohit Sharma c Mithun b Ojha17100014.28
Abhishek Nayar (c)c †Saha b Raina24343004.65
Ankeet Chavan not out 1247341025.53
Extras(b 4, lb 2, nb 2)8
TOTAL54 Ov (RR: 2.96, 202 Mts)160/4
Fall of wickets: 1-36 (Aditya Tare, 13.3 ov), 2-89 (Ajinkya Rahane, 27.3 ov), 3-104 (Rohit Sharma, 30.3 ov), 4-123 (Abhishek Nayar, 41.5 ov)
Ishwar Pandey32802.66162000
Pragyan Ojha1204513.75485100
30.3 to RG Sharma, Rohit Sharma plays the second bad shot of the match, and gifts the other spinner a wicket. Not close to the pitch of the ball at all, tries to clear mid-off, mis-hits, finds the man, and goes back with a painful look on his face. 104/3
Harbhajan Singh1613822.37641000
13.3 to AP Tare, superb catch, and equally well bowled. This one dips on him, pitches shorter than where Tare expects it to, and then breaks in to hit the glove, and Dhawan at short leg goes flying to his right to pluck this one. 36/1
27.3 to AM Rahane, Rahane hasn't look very assured this innings, and Harbhajan makes him his second victim. Harbhajan gets this ball to dip on him. Rahane is woefully away from the pitch of the ball, and inside-edges it onto the pad and through to short leg. 89/2
Abhimanyu Mithun201407.0083001
Suresh Raina711412.00280000
41.5 to AM Nayar, Nayar is gone. He is not impressed with the call. Short of a length, outside off, looks to punch it, hasn't edged it, but he has been given. 123/4
Manoj Tiwary411704.25162001
Ambati Rayudu301003.33111000
Murali Vijay10101.0050000
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Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai
TossMumbai, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Rest of Ind
Suresh Raina
Hours of play (local time)09.30 start, Lunch 12.00-12.40, Tea 14.40-15.00, Close 16.30
Match days6,7,8,9,10 February 2013 - day (5-day match)
Shavir Tarapore
Subrat Das
TV Umpire
Belur Ravi
Match Referee
Sunil Chaturvedi
Wed, 06 Feb - day 1 - Rest of Ind 1st innings 330/5 (Suresh Raina 36*, Harbhajan Singh 0*, 90 ov)
Thu, 07 Feb - day 2 - Mumbai 1st innings 155/2 (Ajinkya Rahane 55*, Shardul Thakur 4*, 43 ov)
Fri, 08 Feb - day 3 - Rest of Ind 2nd innings 27/1 (Murali Vijay 18*, Sreesanth 7*, 5 ov)
Sat, 09 Feb - day 4 - Rest of Ind 2nd innings 296/4 (Ambati Rayudu 118*, Suresh Raina 16*, 95 ov)
Sun, 10 Feb - day 5 - Mumbai 2nd innings 160/4 (54 ov) - end of match
Day 2
Day 3
  • WP Saha kept wicket from start of Day 3
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