Brabourne, March 06 - 10, 2016, Irani Cup
603 & 182
(T:480) 306 & 482/6

Rest of Ind won by 4 wickets

Player Of The Match
94 & 92
Mumbai 1st Innings
Rest of Ind 1st Innings
Mumbai 2nd Innings
Rest of Ind 2nd Innings
Mumbai 1st Innings 
c Fazal b Rajpoot9014819715060.81
lbw b Das10490181151115.55
c Bharat b Binny554984100112.24
c & b Yadav15627139424157.56
c †Ojha b Das651512209043.04
c †Ojha b Unadkat661292158051.16
c Fazal b Yadav22137009.52
c Fazal b Yadav038000.00
c †Ojha b Unadkat2968734042.64
c Das b Yadav18142130128.57
not out 16100016.66
Extras(b 4, lb 11, w 2)17
TOTAL158.2 Ov (RR: 3.80, 725 Mins)603
Fall of wickets: 1-193 (Jay Bista, 38.2 ov), 2-209 (Akhil Herwadkar, 41.3 ov), 3-272 (Shreyas Iyer, 54.1 ov), 4-434 (Aditya Tare, 103.5 ov), 5-512 (Suryakumar Yadav, 128.5 ov), 6-526 (Abhishek Nayar, 136.4 ov), 7-526 (Dhawal Kulkarni, 138.1 ov), 8-572 (Siddhesh Lad, 153.4 ov), 9-585 (Iqbal Abdulla, 155.5 ov), 10-603 (Shardul Thakur, 158.2 ov)
153.4 to SD Lad, and he picks up a wicket finally, comes round the wicket and was on a shortish length. Lad stays on the crease and tries to run that to third man with an open face. This was coming in with the angle and just moving across after pitching around off. It took a faint edge as Ojha accepts it.. 572/8
155.5 to Iqbal Abdulla, pushes full and quicker outside off which straightens. Abdulla was enticed for the drive and did so but lack of feet movement there. He plays that away from the body which catches the outside edge and settles down in the safe hands of Ojha.. 585/9
38.2 to JG Bista, and finally a breakthrough, this was nicely bowled by Das..Bista was looking a bit impatient after getting the hundred. It was on a length and jags back in sharply, kept touch low. Bista tries to clip this through the leg side, most likely he was not anticipating that much of inward movement and was playing outside the line for a straighter ball. Hits him infront of leg and middle.. 193/1
103.5 to AP Tare, and finally something to cheer for the ROI players..That was on a good length and quite straightish until it pitches around the off stump and entices Tare to play. Finally he got that away movement and the zone both in right place as Tare pokes at it which catches the outside edge towards the keeper. Ojha was a bit late to react but finally dives full length to his right and holds with one hand... 434/4
41.3 to AA Herwadkar, and the change of angle worked..comes round the wicket and bowls that from wide of the crease. It was touch short around the off stump which was coming in with the angle and moves across with good bounce. Herwadkar was caught at the crease as he flirts that by staying in the crease and only manages an outside edge which lands into the safe hands of Fazal at first slip. He tried to steer that initially with an open face but just changes his mind a bit late as he tried to get his bat away from the line and by then the ball already kissed the edge.. 209/2
54.1 to SS Iyer, and they got a big wicket here, Iyer walks back..It was short and way outside off stump which holds the line after pitching. Iyer reaches for it and punches it fiercely, everything was good about that, it's that slice of luck not with him as he was not able to place that in the gap, straight into the hands of backward point where Bharat pouches a good low catch.. 272/3
128.5 to SA Yadav, and a fine innings comes to an end..What a knock this was..This was floated outside off and invites Yadav to drive that on the up. Yadav leans onto it and tries to clear that over the cover region, beaten completely there as he was early onto the shot. The bat swivels in his hands and ball took the lower half which lobs back towards Jayant who pouches it.. 512/5
136.4 to AM Nayar, Jayant picks up another wicket, he comes round the wicket and pushes slowish through air around the off stump, which held the deck touch and then turns away with some extra bounce. Nayar prods forward and tries to dab it down, which catches the feather of his bat and went to first slip. Turn and the extra bounce did the trick here. Fazal stood calm and took it just above the carpet. That's a very good low catch as the on-field umpires checked with tv umpire... 526/6
138.1 to DS Kulkarni, another wicket for Jayant, this was flat and he drags that short outside off stump which slides in sharply with good bounce. Kulkarni caught up at the crease as he pushes at it without knowing much. The turn and bounce was good enough to catch the outside edge which went into the safe hands of Fazal at first slip.. 526/7
158.2 to SN Thakur, and that's the end..Yadav gets his fourth wicket..This was tossed up outside off as Thakur clears the front leg and tries to slog that over the long-on region, not enough elevation as it picks Krishna Das near the ropes and Mumbai finishes with a mammoth 603 runs.. 603/10
Rest of India 1st Innings 
c †Tare b Thakur2862943045.16
c Lad b Nayar1635583045.71
c Bista b Nayar46841288054.76
c & b Iqbal Abdulla23641203035.93
c Iyer b Kulkarni9419227511048.95
c Lad b Iqbal Abdulla2880025.00
b Bista3751842172.54
st †Tare b Bista12022005.00
c Yadav b Nayar48771222162.33
not out 16180016.66
absent hurt------
Extras(b 4, lb 6)10
TOTAL99.5 Ov (RR: 3.06, 463 Mins)306
Fall of wickets: 1-29 (Srikar Bharat, 12.3 ov), 2-55 (Faiz Fazal, 19.4 ov), 3-110 (Jayant Yadav, 37.1 ov), 4-126 (Sudip Chatterjee, 44.1 ov), 5-128 (Naman Ojha, 46.3 ov), 6-187 (Sheldon Jackson, 65.3 ov), 7-201 (Stuart Binny, 71.5 ov), 8-292 (Jaydev Unadkat, 96.1 ov), 9-306 (Karun Nair, 99.5 ov)
99.5 to KK Nair, Oh my Lord! Nair just threw it away...On a length and way outside off. Nair reaches for it and slashes at it, no need at all. The bat swivels in his hands and was playing that quite away from the body, it went over the cover region as Iyer ran forward from the ropes and took a good catch. 306/9
19.4 to FY Fazal, and Thakur strikes, Fazal walks back..That was bowled around good length just outside the off stump forcing the batsman to play at that. He prods forward and tries to defend and mostly likely tried to get his bat away from the line but it was too late. The ball also extracts extra bounce which catches the edge back to the keeper as he prods forward to block that... 55/2
12.3 to KS Bharat, and Mumbai picks the first wicket..the miseries for ROI continues..Shortish ball and way outside off, he stays in the crease and cuts it. He was playing that away from the body and also not able pick the gap as it went flat into the hands of Lad at backward of point. 29/1
37.1 to J Yadav, Nayar picks another wicket here, came from wide of the crease and pitches it around back of a length which extracts extra bounce and also nips back in. Yadav stays in the crease and pushes at it without much feet movement and also he went quite hard at it. It catches the shoulder of the bat and lands into the hands of Bista at gully.. 110/3
96.1 to JD Unadkat, and finally Mumbai able to break this partnership..Nayar gets his third wicket. It was on a good length which holds the line after pitching outside off. Unadkat caught up in two minds as he finally fishes at that by prodding forward. It took the outside edge and went towards the hands of Yadav at second slip. 292/8
44.1 to SD Chatterjee, and another wicket for Mumbai..Abdulla tossed it up way outside off and that spun back in from wide of the crease. Chatterjee took a big stride forward as he tries to push that through cover, there was good amount of turn as it took the inside half of the bat which lobs back to the bowler as he was playing against the turn.. 126/4
46.3 to NV Ojha, what a catch! Superbly done by Lad..Ojha comes down the track to this flighted ball on middle stump. It was pushed slowish through air as Ojha not able to reach the pitch of it but able to hit hard which found the shortish cover. It busted of Lad's hand but then he dives around and took a beautiful catch. Some poor thinking from Ojha, why such approach with only 3 balls to go for lunch after that? Mumbai will take that... 128/5
65.3 to SP Jackson, Bowled'm! and Bista shines with the ball too, flighted delivery way outside off, pushes slowish through air...Jackson was enticed to come down the track and he skips out and tries to reach the pitch of it but completely beaten by the flight and it spun in beating him altogether and clatters the leg stump. 187/6
71.5 to STR Binny, nicely done by Bista, and Binny goes without making much, just a run of 20 balls he faced..Very poor approach from a player like him. Hope this is around that disappointment zone to the selectors watching from the box. Binny comes down the track even before it was delivered. Bista drags that short and sliding down the leg side, Binny not able to get near it. Tare collects it and removes the bails in flash, Binny tries to come back but was way short and no chance of a come back... 201/7
Mumbai 2nd Innings 
b Yadav1330033.33
c †Ojha b Unadkat38304750126.66
c Bharat b Unadkat045000.00
c sub (ID Singh) b Yadav49761287064.47
c †Ojha b Das614231042.85
c Chatterjee b Yadav601091516155.04
c †Ojha b Unadkat521370023.80
b Yadav22738007.40
not out 413250030.76
c Yadav b Binny139920144.44
c Jackson b Binny026000.00
Extras(b 4)4
TOTAL51.2 Ov (RR: 3.54, 240 Mins)182
Fall of wickets: 1-2 (Akhil Herwadkar, 0.4 ov), 2-3 (Shreyas Iyer, 1.4 ov), 3-42 (Jay Bista, 9.6 ov), 4-62 (Aditya Tare, 15.1 ov), 5-116 (Suryakumar Yadav, 28.4 ov), 6-149 (Abhishek Nayar, 37.3 ov), 7-164 (Dhawal Kulkarni, 46.6 ov), 8-165 (Siddhesh Lad, 48.1 ov), 9-182 (Shardul Thakur, 49.6 ov), 10-182 (Iqbal Abdulla, 51.2 ov)
0.4 to AA Herwadkar, Mumbai lost the first wicket. That's a flatter length ball just outside off which straightens. Herwadkar prods forward and tries to defend, only manages an inside edge which ricochet back onto the stumps.. 2/1
28.4 to SA Yadav, tossed up ball way outside off. Yadav gets down on one knee for a slog sweep, gets it at the toe end of the bat. The ball then hits back to the left boot and then lobs it to towards the first slip who held it nicely. Umpires checked with tv umpire and looked all good. It was nicely held by Ian Dev, just above the carpet moving low and across, who is on the field as a sub.. 116/5
46.6 to DS Kulkarni, Oh my sweet Lord.., that's been a perfect offie' work. That was pushed slowish through air and gave more air into it. It was pitched way outside the off and in one of those bowlers foot marks. The ball turns back in sharply and goes through the stride of Kulkarni and clatters the stumps. He already took a big stride covering the line but that ball did a bit more. He already took away his bat from the line and was hanging in the air behind his back, as he tries to leave it.. 164/7
48.1 to SD Lad, another wicket for Yadav..Short of a length ball which was pushed way outside off and was turning in. Lad stays in the crease and tries to dab it down with soft hands as he was taking off the bottom hand. This ball climbs a bit more and took the shoulder of his bat and a bit of love I assume, which lobs to the man at leg slip... 165/8
1.4 to SS Iyer, Unadkat strikes! Iyer goes for a duck..first instance in his first class career. That's a swinging length ball on middle and off. He stays in the crease and tries to clip that through the midwicket. It was bit of a lazy approach from Iyer who hits it straight to Bharat at shortish midwicket who holds it without any trouble. Just one of those bad days where you can't pick the gap.. 3/2
9.6 to JG Bista, and man in form Bista gone..he was looking dangerous..I must say this is the first time the umpire got something wrong, no deviation at all..Unadkat comes round the wicket and pitches it around good length which held the line outside off. Bista prods forward and pokes at it but there was huge gap between the bat and ball. Keeper appeal straight-away, later joined by slip and the bowler.. 42/3
37.3 to AM Nayar, superbly done by Unadkat! Bowls that from wide of the crease which was on a shortish length around the off stump. It was coming in with the angle and caught Nayar in two minds, the ball straightens enough and Nayar has to play that line, ends up with an edge back towards the keeper who dives to his left... 149/6
49.6 to SN Thakur, and that's the penultimate..That was bowled around the shortish length which rose a touch extra and was coming in. Thakur stays in the crease and tries to dab it down towards the third man with an open face. It climbs on him as it took the shoulder of his bat and went to wide of first slip. Jayant dives full length to his right and takes a good catch... 182/9
51.2 to Iqbal Abdulla, that's the nail on the coffin. It was bowled tad short at harmless pace on off stump, he leaps up and tonks straight into the hands of cover. Jackson out there dives forward and snaffles a fine catch.. 182/10
15.1 to AP Tare, Krishna Das strikes..Bowls that from touch wide of the crease as this was pitched on a good length which straightens outside off. Tare stays in his crease and tries to run that to third man with an open face, sadly he only able to nick it back to the there was not feet movement, it was just that hanging open face of his bat moving around... 62/4
Rest of India 2nd Innings (T: 480 runs)
c †Tare b Iqbal Abdulla12728042010045.35
b Iqbal Abdulla42731144057.53
c & b Iqbal Abdulla541091655049.54
c Iyer b Iqbal Abdulla921321707069.69
run out (Herwadkar)2935522182.85
not out 59761104177.63
c Bista b Iqbal Abdulla54516632105.88
not out 1923212082.60
Extras(lb 1, nb 1, w 4)6
TOTAL129.4 Ov (RR: 3.71, 562 Mins)482/6
Fall of wickets: 1-66 (Srikar Bharat, 23.2 ov), 2-176 (Sudip Chatterjee, 61.6 ov), 3-306 (Faiz Fazal, 93.5 ov), 4-336 (Karun Nair, 101.4 ov), 5-353 (Naman Ojha, 106.3 ov), 6-445 (Stuart Binny, 123.2 ov)
23.2 to KS Bharat, swipe across the line and pays the penalty. It was nicely tossed up on off stump, doesn't spin. Bharat gets down on his knee and tries to play an ugly swipe across the stumps, fails to get bat onto ball and it cannon onto the stumps. Needless shot and a much needed breakthrough for Mumbai.. 66/1
61.6 to SD Chatterjee, what a superb catch that was..Abdulla you beauty! This could be the match winning one too. He pushes that short and sliding in with the angle, Chatterjee once again caught up in two minds..forward/backward..ends up dragging himself back as he tries to close the face. Gets it at the feather which lobs off the leading edge to left and across of the non-striker. Abdulla covered a lot of ground and then dives full length to hold a breathtaking catch... 176/2
93.5 to FY Fazal, and Abdulla picks up a big wicket here..Fazal walks back after a great innings..They were bowling either widish or down the leg, this time Abdulla pushes that from round the wicket on a shortish length as Fazal charges down the track. It was way outside the off stump and going away further with the angle. Fazal was not able to reach the pitch of it and ends up edging it back to the keeper as there was enough stretching from him to get that edge. Okay then..Mumbai will be concious after this... 306/3
101.4 to KK Nair, and Abdulla strikes again..with the new ball..For the second time in the match Nair is dismissed in the 90s....That was tossed up down the leg side which held the deck and straightens, as he gets down on one knee for a slog sweep. It got big on him as it took the top edge which settles into hands of shortish fine leg.. 336/4
123.2 to STR Binny, what a grab that was, Abdulla picked his fifth wicket..He comes round the wicket and pushes that full and wide of Binny. He took big stride out and tries to reaches out with the hanging bat, gets it at the toe end which lob towards the cover point... lack of elevation. Bista runs back and sideways to take a beautiful catch.. 445/6
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Sun, 06 Mar - day 1 - Mumbai 1st innings 386/3 (Suryakumar Yadav 88*, Aditya Tare 38*, 83 ov)
Mon, 07 Mar - day 2 - Rest of Ind 1st innings 36/1 (Faiz Fazal 18*, Jayant Yadav 1*, 16 ov)
Tue, 08 Mar - day 3 - Mumbai 2nd innings 2/1 (Jay Bista 1*, 0.4 ov)
Wed, 09 Mar - day 4 - Rest of Ind 2nd innings 100/1 (Faiz Fazal 41*, Sudip Chatterjee 17*, 37 ov)
Thu, 10 Mar - day 5 - Rest of Ind 2nd innings 482/6 (129.4 ov) - end of match
Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai
TossMumbai, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Hours of play (local time)09.30 start, Lunch 12.00-12.40, Tea 14.40-15.00, Close 16.30
Match days6,7,8,9,10 March 2016 - day (5-day match)
TV Umpire
Match Referee
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