Mumbai (BS), Mar 6 - 10 2016, Irani Cup
603 & 182
(target 480)306 & 482/6
Rest of Ind won by 4 wickets
Player Of The Match
94 & 92
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Fazal, Nair stun Mumbai in historic chase

Rest of India capped off the third-highest chase in Indian first-class cricket at the Brabourne Stadium by scaling down a target of 480 against Mumbai to lift the Irani Cup

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Comms: Sofri D Chandan
Scorecard summary
Mumbai603/10(158.2 overs)1st INNINGS
Jay Bista104 (90)
Jayant Yadav4/132(41.2)
Krishna Das2/152(40)
Rest of India306/9(99.5 overs)1st INNINGS
Mumbai182/10(51.2 overs)2nd INNINGS
Rest of India482/6(129.4 overs)2nd INNINGS
Faiz Fazal127 (280)
Karun Nair92 (132)
Iqbal Abdulla5/154(42.4)

26th Irani title for Rest of India.

One of the best come back in the history of Indian first class cricket, now this is the highest successful run chase in Irani Cup. They have read the script well and architect this chase brilliantly. Fazal started well with Bharat, Chatterjee... and then the partnership with Nair almost sealed it. They lost couple of quick wickets but Jackson and Binny ensured that's not going to hurt. Mumbai was sitting at the driving seat till yesterday but today failed to pick up wickets at the right time and also the dropped chances cost them the title. Karun Nair is named man of the match..That's all from this season and also it's sayonara to Indian domestic season. This is Sofri D Chandan signing off, ta ta. Cheers!

Abdulla to Jackson, FOUR runs

and it's all over, comes down the track and lofted it over the mid-off and chases the mammoth target with four wickets remaning..

Just 2 runs away

Abdulla to Jackson, 2 runs

comes down the track and works that with the turn, tucks it behind square leg

Rajiv Menon: "Mumbai's second innings batting made the difference.."

Abdulla to Yadav, 1 run

short and wide outside off, cuts it down to deep point for a single

Ganesh: "Though credits to Iqbal for claiming 5 wickets, he & Bista have ensured steady flow of runs, especially boundary balls. RoI needs due appreciation for batting on a 5th day wicket with negative line strategy against them."

Abdulla to Jackson, 1 run

tossed up delivery outside off, leans forward and driven down to long-off, all along the ground..

end of over 1296 runs
ROI: 474/6CRR: 3.67 
Jayant Yadav18 (22)
Sheldon Jackson52 (73)
Jay Bista 23-0-98-0
Iqbal Abdulla 42-2-146-5
Bista to Yadav, 2 runs

opens the bat face late infront of backward point for a quick single, overthrow resulted the extra

Bista to Yadav, no run

flatter length ball, tucks to shortish midwicket..

Anith: "Test cricket won't die as long as this twists and turns continues... Indian domestic cricket match upgraded to international standards"

Bista to Jackson, 1 run

another short of a length ball, pulls that down to deep square leg off the back foot..

Bista to Yadav, 1 run

squeezes out this full ball through cover point for a single..

Krish: "Excellent Fifty by Jackson under pressure.... "

Bista to Yadav, 2 runs

short and turning in, goes back and pulls that to wide of deepish square leg for a couple..

Bista to Yadav, no run

short and turning in from outside off, able to keep it down somehow..

end of over 1287 runs
ROI: 468/6CRR: 3.65 
Sheldon Jackson51 (72)
Jayant Yadav13 (17)
Iqbal Abdulla 42-2-146-5
Jay Bista 22-0-92-0

GK: "Wow classy fight back.. Just when you think its over sided.. Someone believes otherwise.. ROI had many of them"

Abdulla to Jackson, no run

tossed up ball outside off, leans forward and drives into the cover region..

Abdulla to Jackson, 2 runs

nudges this length ball through midwicket, gets to his fifty

Abdulla to Yadav, 1 run

pushes that down to long-off

Abdulla to Yadav, FOUR runs

comes down the track and executes a perfect inside out drive over the extra cover

Abdulla to Yadav, no run

turns away from a length, can't connect as he strides out..

Abdulla to Yadav, no run

digs that out towards the cover region..

end of over 1273 runs
ROI: 461/6CRR: 3.62 
Sheldon Jackson49 (70)
Jayant Yadav8 (13)
Jay Bista 22-0-92-0
Iqbal Abdulla 41-2-139-5
Bista to Jackson, no run

digs out and just 20 runs to get from here of the available 6 overs..

Ravi: "can we get report on light?" - It's quite bright, no problem at all..

Bista to Yadav, 1 run

works this away for a single into cover region

Bista to Yadav, no run

off the inside edge and down the track as he took a big stride out to block a length ball..

Bista to Yadav, no run

short and turning in, goes back and tucks it to shortish midwicket, can't beat the man there..

Match details
Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai
TossMumbai, elected to bat first
SeriesIrani Cup
Player Of The Match
Karun Nair
Hours of play (local time)09.30 start, Lunch 12.00-12.40, Tea 14.40-15.00, Close 16.30
Match days6,7,8,9,10 March 2016 - day (5-day match)
India Image
Nitin Menon
India Image
Virender Sharma
TV Umpire
India Image
Abhijit Deshmukh
Match Referee
India Image
Prakash Bhatt
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