(f/o) 233 & 184/4
Match drawn
end of over 534 runs
NWW: 184/4CRR: 3.47 
Oraine Williams8 (15)
Stuart Thompson3 (8)
Phil Eaglestone 11-4-29-3
Jacob Mulder 13-3-39-0

Its been getting darker and darker, the Umpires have conferred and are taking the players off for bad light.

That should be stumps because this day has just dragged on and on and on.

The overrate today today, even taking into account has been truely appalling. Where is Alex Hales when you need a refund?

In all truth the Warriors needed to show some fighting spirit in this second innings and they have done.

Both Andrews, Austin and McBrine played very sensibly and built up a huge third wicket partnership.

Its a shame that both of them lost their wickets and don't get a chance to start again tomorrow. The light was just too bad and I suppose thats what you get when you are still playing an hour after the scheduled close of play.

It does set up an interesting final day, with the Warriors 17 runs ahead. Still another 104 overs to go, literally anything could happen.

So thanks for following my commentary today, please join me again tomorrow. Till then this is Justin Smyth saying goodnight from Comber.

Match State: Stumps - Day 2

10:40am Good morning and welcome to coverage of the final days play in the Hanley Energy IP Championship here in Comber.

After cricket's version of the longest day, just under 9 hours. We could well have an exciting day ahead of us. The Warriors are effectively 17/4, with another 104 overs due today the Knights will be heavy favourites to complete the victory.

Yet today we might be all looking to the skies... There are little drops of rain falling onto the ground, the covers are still on and we will have a delayed start this morning.

Its the type of day that if you were already playing you would stay out, but the Umpires are reluctant to start.

Could be another long day ahead of us.....

Match State: Delay - Day 3 - Play delayed due to rain

11:45am The Umpires have been out in the middle and the light rain is continuing to fall. There is nothing that we can do until the rain finally stops.

That might be a few hours away.....

12:45pm Its still raining, bah. The Umpires have decided that we are going to be taking an early lunch at 1:00pm.

Hopefully by the end of lunch we might have some better news, although looking at the radar I don't give it much hope.

1:40pm Well lunch has come and gone, the rain is still coming down. It does seem a touch brighter, its just a shame that this fine rain still keeps coming down.

The groundstaff are walking onto the ground, but that might just be to adjust the covers. The aren't taking them off yet!

2:40pm The Umpires have been out for a look at the middle. There is still an odd drop of rain so work has started on getting some of the water off the top of the covers.

If the rain doesn't start again the Umpires will inspect in another hour. Just they don't seem very hopeful of getting a start time.

If it starts raining heavily again they might just call it.

3:40pm The Umpires have had another look and we are going to be taking an early Tea now. They are going to look again after that. If I were you I wouldn't be holding your breath though....

4:00pm Just after tea the rain comes down harder and the Umpires have called the game off. Its just not going to stop for us to fit the game in.

So the Knights finish the game with 14 points, to move to the top of the table.

The Warriors gain 10 points and will still have a chance to win the championship. The just need to beat the Leinster Lightning in two weeks time.

That just leaves me to thank you for following my commentary for these last three days, its a shame that its ended in such a damp squib. This is Justin Smyth saying good bye from a very wet Comber.

Match State: Stumps - Day 3

Eaglestone to Williams, no run

its another straight ball and Williams gets forward and defends

Eaglestone to Williams, no run

Wilson comes up behind the stumps and Williams has to defend from the crease

Eaglestone to Williams, no run

Williams leans onto the front foot and defends the ball back down the pitch, Eaglestone picks the ball up

Eaglestone to Williams, no run

its outside off-stump and Williams lets the ball go through

Eaglestone to Williams, no run

Eaglestone comes round the wicket and he pushes the ball down the legside, wilson gathers the ball in

Eaglestone to Williams, FOUR runs

its wide of off-stump and Williams gets a thick edge past the slips. There is no one on the third man boundary so it goes to the rope

end of over 52Maiden
NWW: 180/4CRR: 3.46 
Stuart Thompson3 (8)
Oraine Williams4 (9)
Jacob Mulder 13-3-39-0
Phil Eaglestone 10-4-25-3
Mulder to Thompson, no run

gets forward and defends

Mulder to Thompson, no run

hits the pad and pops up into the air, short leg grabs the ball and they appeal for the catch. Didn't touch it

Mulder to Thompson, no run

defends the ball into the legside

Mulder to Thompson, no run

goes back in the crease and gets some bat on the ball, goes into the pad and there is a huge appeal. Not out

Mulder to Thompson, no run

gets in a big stride and Thompson defends into the off-side

Mulder to Thompson, no run

loops the ball up and defends

end of over 513 runs • 1 wicket
NWW: 180/4CRR: 3.52 
Stuart Thompson3 (2)
Oraine Williams4 (9)
Phil Eaglestone 10-4-25-3
Robert McKinley 9-1-29-0
Eaglestone to Thompson, 1 run

clips the ball through square leg again, its not timed as well and they can only get a single

Eaglestone to Thompson, 2 runs

Thompson clips the ball through square leg to get off the mark, quick running means they get a second

Eaglestone to A Austin, OUT

Eaglestone bowls him, follows up the short ball with one full and straight. Austin can't get his bat down in time and the stumps gets knocked over. So ends Austin's fine innings

Andrew Austin b Eaglestone 84 (170b 11x4 0x6) SR: 49.41
Eaglestone to A Austin, no run

its a short ball to greet Austin's return, he plays the ball well and defends into the off-side

What is it with these Warriors batsmen, Austin has walked into the players tent to get a new box. Is there anything that hasn't happened today?

The players are just hanging around waiting for Austin to return to the field

Eaglestone to A Austin, no run

its another hit on the box, its a good length ball and Austin leans into the shot. Its an inside edge and hits him on the box.

Eaglestone to A Austin, no run

its a slower ball outside off-stump, hits the ball to extra cover