(20 ov, target 138)113/7
Leinster won by 24 runs
Leinster Lightning INNINGS (20 overs maximum)
Kenny Carroll c Theron b Mulder3029-30103.44
Dom Joyce c Shannon b Eaglestone810-1080.00
Simi Singh c Smith b Mulder48-0050.00
Max Sorensen c Thompson b Nelson86-10133.33
Lorcan Tucker run out (Shannon)12-0050.00
Tyrone Kane c Thompson b Mulder1213-2092.30
Eddie Richardson (c)c Shannon b Smith2724-10112.50
George Dockrell c Mulder b McKinley2314-21164.28
Joe Carroll not out 2014-21142.85
Peter Chase not out 00-000.00
Extras(lb 2, w 2)4
TOTAL(20 Ov, RR: 6.85)137/8
Did not bat: Yaqoob Ali 
Fall of wickets: 1-30 (Dom Joyce, 4.3 ov), 2-44 (Simi Singh, 7.3 ov), 3-44 (Kenny Carroll, 7.5 ov), 4-45 (Lorcan Tucker, 8.1 ov), 5-65 (Tyrone Kane, 10.6 ov), 6-67 (Max Sorensen, 11.3 ov), 7-108 (George Dockrell, 16.1 ov), 8-131 (Eddie Richardson, 19.5 ov)
Phil Eaglestone401814.50141000
Rusty Theron402205.50102010
Robert McKinley403218.00105000
Jacob Mulder402235.5081010
Lee Nelson201819.0041100
Nikolai Smith2023111.5022100
Northern Knights INNINGS (target: 138 runs from 20 overs)
James Shannon (c)c KED Carroll b Richardson01-000.00
Chris Dougherty lbw b Richardson46-1066.66
James McCollum c Sorensen b Kane03-000.00
Nikolai Smith c Dockrell b Chase821-1038.09
Greg Thompson c KED Carroll b Kane49-1044.44
Lee Nelson c †Tucker b Yaqoob Ali3132-3096.87
Jamie Holmes c †Tucker b Chase26-0033.33
Rusty Theron not out 5437-34145.94
Jacob Mulder not out 15-0020.00
Extras(b 1, lb 4, w 4)9
TOTAL(20 Ov, RR: 5.65)113/7
Fall of wickets: 1-0 (James Shannon, 0.1 ov), 2-4 (James McCollum, 1.3 ov), 3-4 (Chris Dougherty, 2.1 ov), 4-10 (Greg Thompson, 3.5 ov), 5-31 (Nikolai Smith, 8.6 ov), 6-39 (Jamie Holmes, 10.2 ov), 7-75 (Lee Nelson, 15.5 ov)
Eddie Richardson402426.00153110
Tyrone Kane411624.00191110
Peter Chase411323.25171020
Joe Carroll302006.6662000
George Dockrell201407.0052000
Yaqoob Ali302117.0080200
North Down Cricket Club, Comber
TossNorthern Knights, elected to field first
SeriesCricket Ireland Inter-Provincial Twenty20 Trophy
Series resultLeinster won the 2016 Cricket Ireland Inter-Provincial Twenty20 Trophy
Hours of play (local time)17.00 start, First Session 17.00-18.25, Interval 18.25-18.45, Second Session 18.45-20.10
Match days22 July 2016 - daynight(20-over match)
Ireland Image
Michael Foster
Ireland Image
Philip Thompson
Reserve Umpire
Ireland Image
Gary Blair
PointsLeinster Lightning 4, Northern Knights 0
  • Lenister Lightning Innings
  • Powerplay: Overs 0.1 - 6.0 (Mandatory 36 runs, 1 Wicket)
  • Northern Knights Innings
  • Powerplay: Overs 0.1 - 6.0 (Mandatory 20 runs, 4 wickets)
  • J Theron 50 off 35 balls (3x4, 4x6)