2nd ODI, Belfast, August 25, 2008, Kenya tour of England, Ireland, Scotland and Netherlands
(8/50 ov) 18/2

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end of over 83 runs
IRE: 18/2CRR: 2.25 
Paul Stirling4 (20b)
Andre Botha11 (19b 2x4)
Peter Ongondo 4-2-7-1

4.10 pm As expected the match has been called off, the bowlers run-ups showing little improvement despite the sunshine. We will be back on Wednesday at 10.45am for the final game in the series, do join me, Chris Busby then.

3.20 pm No further news here, the sun continues to beat down but there is still a lot of concern over the bowlers run-ups, particularly at the City End. There will be an inspection at 4pm local time (3pm GMT).

2.45 pm The Umpires have just had a very lengthy inspection and it doesn't look good. They are particularly concerned with the bowlers run-ups at the City End where water has seemingly leaked under the covers. The ground staff are hard at work as we speak, but the prospect of a resumption in play now looks doubtful

2.30 pm Better news here, the sun has come out and the skies look much kinder overhead so there is a good chance that we will get some play at some stage later in the day the sodden outfield will ensure that we are still in for a lengthy wait

1.30 pm The rain has stopped but for how long is anyone's guess, it really did come down hard for the last half hour or so. The players are taking lunch at the minute so hopefully we will get some play later in the day, more news when I get it...

12.50 pm The rain continues to fall in Belfast, and the skies overhead don't look very promising. I would guess that we will probably take an early lunch in the near future- there is certainly no prospect of play in the next couple of hours

The rain is coming down really really hard and the Umpire's have no choice but to send the players off and call the covers on. We could be in for a lengthly delay I'm afraid

Match State: Delay - Rain Stopped Play

Ongondo to Stirling, 1 run

good length delivery guided to third man on the front foot and they amble a single

It's starting to rain now in Belfast

Ongondo to Stirling, no run

driven again by Stirling but again his powerful drive finds the fielder, this time at mid-off

Ongondo to Stirling, no run

left alone outside the off-stump

Ongondo to Stirling, 2 runs

full and straight from Ongondo, a clip through midwicket brings Stirling two runs

Ongondo to Stirling, no run

driven powerfully on the front foot, he picks out the fielder at mid-on though

Ongondo to Stirling, no run
end of over 71 run
IRE: 15/2CRR: 2.14 
Andre Botha11 (19b 2x4)
Paul Stirling1 (14b)
Thomas Odoyo 4-1-11-1
Odoyo to Botha, no run

similar ball and shot, pushing the ball into the covers on the backfoot

Odoyo to Botha, no run

pushed back to the bowler on the backfoot, Botha is starting to look a little more assured out there now

Odoyo to Botha, no run

good length delivery driven to mid-off

Odoyo to Botha, no run
Odoyo to Botha, no run

full delivery, played on the backfoot by Botha, a risky tacic but he manages to get bat on it

Odoyo to Stirling, 1 run

straying onto the pads, allowing Stirling to finally open his account with a flick to fine-leg on the front foot

end of over 6Maiden
IRE: 14/2CRR: 2.33 
Andre Botha11 (14b 2x4)
Paul Stirling0 (13b)
Peter Ongondo 3-2-4-1
Ongondo to Botha, no run

pushed into point on the back foot, Stirling wanted a single but Botha wisely sent him back

Ongondo to Botha, no run
Ongondo to Botha, no run

short of a length, pushed into the covers on the backfoot

Ongondo to Botha, no run
Ongondo to Botha, no run

beaten again, this time it's an attempted drive from Botha. Really hard work out there for the batsman

Ongondo to Botha, no run

pushed into the covers on the backfoot, that ball really reared up at Botha, he did well to keep the ball down

end of over 5Maiden
IRE: 14/2CRR: 2.80 
Paul Stirling0 (13b)
Andre Botha11 (8b 2x4)
Thomas Odoyo 3-1-10-1
Odoyo to Stirling, no run

mistimed front foot drive to mid-off

Odoyo to Stirling, no run

short of a length this time from Odoyo, Stirling shoulders arms on the backfoot

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