11th Match (N), Hambantota, Dec 4 2020, Lanka Premier League
(19.2/20 ov, target 149)151/4
Kings won by 6 wickets (with 4 balls remaining)
player of the match
Dinesh Chandimal
Colombo Kings

That's all from us tonight. Come back tomorrow for another LPL 2020 doubleheader. I'm Peter Della Penna, good night!

Man of the Match Dinesh Chandimal: "I'm really happy with the innings today, especially against the new ball. I had a game plan before I go out to bat. If I stay through the Powerplay, I thought I had to finish this game. It was going to be tough for new batsman to come in [on this pitch]. The first two overs I tried to hit boundaries. Hasaranga bowled extremely well. [Russell] was cool as a cucumber. I know he's going to be a matchwinner. He gives so much advice, told me to stay in and he will go after the bowlers. The conditions were good. It was tough with the new ball, slightly spongy bounce, but at the same time you have to rotate the strike. I'm really happy with how we played."

Colombo Kings Angelo Mathews: "We were a little bit lethargic with our attitude in the last few games but today I thought we were there and we wanted to win and played some really good cricket. It's all about discipline and being aggressive. Jaffna has a very strong batting and bowling lineup so we had to play our A game to win against them. We are really happy that [Visyakanth] played today and I wish him all the best."

Jaffna Stallions captain Thisara Perera: "It was not a good score with this batting lineup. We were trying to get past 180 but it didn't work and we need to take some lessons. We lost too many wickets in the Powerplay. We need to take positives and negatives from this match. I am really impressed with [Visyakanth] and his bowling as a newcomer."

11.37 pm Despite Hasaranga's heroic efforts, Jaffna Stallions finally have a blemish on their record. Stallions were always behind the game after the triple-strike by Qais Ahmad in the first innings and Andre Russell's late flourish calmed any nerves that may have been building in the Kings camp.

Dhananjaya to Chandimal, FOUR runs

short and wide, slaps this through cover and it'll go to the rope. Chandimal ices the match with a boundary to cap his unbeaten half-century. Colombo Kings clinch victory by six wickets with four balls to spare.

Dhananjaya to Thikshila, 1 run

full and wide, tries to punch this to the cover rope, fielder nearly overruns the ball before knifing it off the bounce and relaying back in.

3 from 6 balls needed to win with six wickets in hand. You never know...

Dhananjaya to bowl the last over.

end of over 196 runs
CK: 146/4CRR: 7.68 RRR: 3.00
Thikshila de Silva9 (7)
Dinesh Chandimal64 (50)
Chaturanga de Silva 4-0-21-1
Binura Fernando 4-0-41-0
de Silva to Thikshila, 3 runs

full and wide, backs away from leg to create room to drive over the off side. Was really aiming for cover but sliced this more off the edge and it sailed over backward point. Great hustle to drag this back in at the rope by Binura. Saved one run as they come back for the third.

de Silva to Chandimal, 1 run

charges down the track to convert this into a knee high full toss on fifth stump, driven to long-off.

de Silva to Chandimal, no run

quicker ball darted in as a full toss at waist height on sixth stump, slapped straight to extra cover on the ring.

de Silva to Thikshila, 1 run

flighted full on the stumps, driven to long-off.

de Silva to Thikshila, no run

flighted full and wide, goes to drive and is beaten outside off.

de Silva to Chandimal, 1 run

flighted full on the legs, chipped along the ground to long-on.

end of over 189 runs
CK: 140/4CRR: 7.77 RRR: 4.50
Dinesh Chandimal62 (47)
Thikshila de Silva5 (4)
Binura Fernando 4-0-41-0
Chaturanga de Silva 3-0-15-1
Fernando to Chandimal, 1 run

short on the legs, pulled along the ground to deep square leg.

Fernando to Thikshila, 1 run

full and wide, driven to deep extra cover for a long single.

Fernando to Chandimal, 1 run

short on the stumps, pulled behind square to deep backward square.

Fernando to Thikshila, 1 leg bye

another full toss, this time on the knees heading down leg, misses out on a freebie boundary and instead it flicks the pads to short fine leg.

Fernando to Thikshila, FOUR runs

low full toss, punches forward and gets a thick edge that skittles wide of the keeper to the third man rope.

Fernando to Chandimal, 1 run

slower ball cutter lands short on the legs, shuffles across to flick behind square.

end of over 178 runs • 1 wicket
CK: 131/4CRR: 7.70 RRR: 6.00
Thikshila de Silva0 (1)
Dinesh Chandimal59 (44)
Chaturanga de Silva 3-0-15-1
Binura Fernando 3-0-33-0
de Silva to Thikshila, no run

full on off, prodded into the off side. Can't find a gap though.

Chathura stays around the stumps bowling to the new batsman Thikshila.

de Silva to Chandimal, 1 run

flighted full outside off, driven wide of long-off. They settle for a long single.

Russell is gone, but equation now under a run a ball after his flurry of sixes.

de Silva to Russell, OUT

this one is even wider outside off, no doubt it would've been called a wide had he left it alone but Russell is in hitting mode and tries to tonk this over long-off again. Instead it comes more off the toe and swirls over long-off. Avishka settles under it 10 yards in from the rope and takes the catch with palms facing into his chest.

Andre Russell c WIA Fernando b PC de Silva 32 (20b 2x4 3x6) SR: 160
de Silva to Russell, SIX runs

floated full and very wide, almost off the pitch, but not out of the reach of Russell who reaches out and flays this high and deep over long-off.

de Silva to Chandimal, 1 run

short and wide, cut behind point to the sweeper.

de Silva to Chandimal, no run

good length ball on off, punched to backward point.