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1st Test, Lord's, June 02 - 05, 2022, New Zealand tour of England
132 & 285
(T:277) 141 & 279/5

England won by 5 wickets

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12.45pm: That's all from us today. Make sure you check out Alan's report as your first point of call, and we'll have plenty of written content coming from the ground later in the day. Thanks for your company throughout the last three-and-a-half days and we'll be back on Friday for the start of the second Test at Trent Bridge. On behalf of Karthik, Alan, Chandan and Sudarshanan, this is Matt Roller signing off.

Root is speaking to Sky now. "It feels good for us to win a Test match. It feels like such a long time. Great to start strongly under Ben and Brendon and a great chance for us to kick on. [Family at Lord's] It feels how it should be, in many ways. There's things we did through the pandemic to keep the game going... it feels good to have it back to how it should be. [Walking out] It was quite emotional, to be honest with you. It was very special. [How difficult was captaincy in Covid era?] A lot of people will talk about my personal performances, run-wise, but it's never enjoyable when you're losing. For us to start like this under Ben's leadership, it's a really exciting time. [Resignation?] Of course, it is [hard] but I'd thrown everything at it and it was starting to take an unhealthy effect on the rest of my life. I couldn't leave it in the car or at the ground. It was taking a toll on myself and my family. [Support for Stokes?] I've made it very clear that I'll always be whatever he needs me to be, as he was for me. I want to make sure that if there's any way I can shoulder a bit for him, I'll do that for him as he did for me.

"[Approach?] There was a specific moment in the game when it turned for us, the second time they changed that ball. It didn't swing as much as the one they had previously. It was quite a slow wicket. They ended up putting some sweepers out for me which I enjoy. I thought Ben was very smart. You saw that match-up with the left-arm spinner - that was a really important over. Once I was in and I felt comfortable, trying to get ahead of it last night was a smart play. That was a really important factor in what we were trying to do. [Stokes no-ball reprieve/Ajaz match-up] We knew that if me and Ben had a partnership this morning, we'd be close to it. As soon as we got 10 or 20, there would be more chances for us to score. It was nice to give the crowd their money back. I'm sure the MCC won't be too happy with that. [Potts?] The lengths he bowled were brilliant. He's got a very difficult action to pick up early on in your innings. He will get a lot of wickets in his first over because he's hard to line up. It's a great trait to have, to come in and perform like that in your first game shows your character."

A reminder to send your #PoliteEnquiries over to Andrew Miller and Valkerie Baynes. Hop over to Twitter to get them in, and don't forget the hashtag.

Joe Root is the player of the match: "It feels fantastic, more than anything for us to have won this Test match after such a long time. It's been so enjoyable. Hopefully we can use this as a way to step forward. [First-innings reception] We always get fantastic support and are always very grateful for that. It was nice to see them get their money back today! [Retreat to the ranks] It's easy, actually. The number of times Ben has won us Tests under my leadership, it's a great chance for me to give back to him. I love batting. I want to score as many runs as I can and win us as many Test matches as I can. As long as I've got the energy and the drive to do it, I'll do it. I couldn't wish for a better person to be leading this team."

Ben Stokes: "Amazing. A great Test match. It always seems to be, England vs New Zealand - especially at Lord's. Regardless of being captain, the first Test of the summer always has a special buzz about it. It was a special week with all the build-up and to come away with the win makes it even better. [Baz] It's been pretty good. The language he uses in the press is similar to what he uses up in the changing room. We're happy leaving here with a win but one thing that everyone needs to take into account is that it's a change of mindset for everyone and it's not something that's going to happen overnight. [Small margins?] Everyone had a laugh at that incident yesterday. The game ebbed and flowed. It was first innings vs second innings and third innings vs fourth innings, no-one had the upper hand at any stage. [Root?] Scoring a hundred and 10,000 runs - what a player, what a man. [Potts?] He absolutely loved it. I got the opportunity to play three games, watching him progress in a Durham shirt. You saw the impact he had every time he got the ball in his hand. I tried to use him when I felt like I needed a wicket. He's got an amazing attitude. Young lad, fit lad. Very exciting to see. Amazing start, hopefully it can continue. [Confidence?] It was massively important but it's going to be a long ride. It's not going to happen overnight, we'll have tough times, no doubt. But it's about how we respond. The way that Leesy came out and played yesterday, it was only 20 but it was the best he'd looked in an England shirt."

Time for the presentations. Kane Williamson: "The game ebbed and flowed the whole time. We saw how difficult it was when the ball was hard and then how much it changed. Today we came here with high hopes and thought there might be some assistance from the overheads but it wasn't to be. It's about moving on quickly and taking the learnings. There's always plenty to take forward. [Ball change?] It was pretty difficult. We saw it changed a few times and thought if we could inch one out, we might be right in it. But it was a fantastic game of cricket which took an incredible innings from an amazing player to get them across the line - full credit to England. [Root?] Truly an unbelievable achievement, recognising the quality of the player and also his longevity. [2nd Test next week] Everybody wants to be contributing more. We saw the assistance with the harder ball. Definitely a lot of learnings. We'll reflect on this and look forward to the next one."

Ryan: "Worried about Williamson - injuries, lack of runs and poor captaincy are towering over one of the all time greats from NZ"

12.08pm: The players shake hands and Root drinks in the applause as he walks off, saluting the crowd with his bat. A tear in Root's eye as he soaks in the occasion. Stokes and McCullum shake hands and share a quick hug on the balcony as England's new era starts with a win at Lord's.

England seal their first win since the Headingley Test against India last year while New Zealand's struggles since their triumph in the WTC final last year continue.

Jay: "Today we witnessed a legendary performances for the ages. Joe Root is now in an elite club. It's been an absolute pleasure to watch him over the past decade. He's always made runs when his team needed it most, Wow, with a capital w."

Dean: "Somebody said no one has won a test from 12-4 in the first innings and they still haven't!"

Sampath Bandarupalli: Root now has the most Test 100s scored in England, a record he shares along with Gooch, Bell, Pietersen and Cook.

Jon: "Who still wants Buttler or Bairstow to takes the gloves at Foakes' expense?" -- After all, Buttler doesn't have much of a track record of vital runs in fourth-innings chases of 277...

Richard: "Big thumbs up for Foakes… 32 runs but over 90 balls, allowing Root to do what he does, and sparing the tail and rest of us from a tense finale."

Talha Qaisar: "Root was lambasted for his captaincy post Ashes but no one bothered to talk about how exceptional he was with the bat despite the mediocrity around him. Today is further evidence that he is for sure the man for the crisis moments"

Ayub: "Very poor captaincy in this Test by Williamson"

Even better new for the fans at Lord's is that England have cantered home so briskly this morning that they get a full refund on their tickets!

Southee to Root, FOUR runs

swung over midwicket, England win by five wickets! On a length, angling in towards the hip, and Root's eyes light up. He swings hard, pulling it through the leg side, and punches the air after sealing a brilliant fourth-innings run chase. Root ends 115 not out, Foakes 32 not out, with the partnership unbroken on 120.

Southee to Root, no run

width outside off stump, comes forward to punch through the off side.. but the man at point flings himself to his right to keep the game alive

Southee to Root, no run

nearly chops on! Nips back down the slope, cramping Root for room as he looks to play his release shot again, and his bottom edge isn't far away from cannoning into his own stumps

Southee to Root, FOUR runs

half-volley, pounded through mid-off! Overpitched from Southee, Root gets forward and punches it through straight mid-off for four. England need 2 more

Southee to Root, FOUR runs

on a length outside off, Root plays his release shot and guides it through the gap in the cordon! A hint of width, Root opens the face and guides it away, threading it through the gap between slip and gully on the bounce

England need 10. Still just one slip and a gully.

Rishabh: "Cook completed 10,000 runs at 31 years, 157 days. Root completed 10,000 runs at 31 years, 157 days"

Zozza: "But wait....Eng lost 5 for 8 in the first innings, so never say never."

Owen: "Discuss: How high will Root get on the list? I am going for 2nd"

AussieBren: "Joe is not even 32, and has joined the exclusive 10,000 club. Surely he has the time to overtake Ponting, maybe even Tendulkar??"

end of over 783 runs
ENG: 267/5CRR: 3.42 
Joe Root103 (165b 9x4)
Ben Foakes32 (92b 3x4)
Trent Boult 24-3-73-1
Tim Southee 23-5-75-0

10 to win for England, 5 wickets for New Zealand... but it's time for drinks. Is there still time for a twist?

Boult to Root, 1 run

full bunger, wide outside off stump. Root is forward to drive, squeezing it out to deep point

Boult to Root, no run

yorker, punched back down the ground. Boult gets a hand on it in his follow-through and Foakes dives back to make his ground, though the deflection is just wide of the stumps

Boult to Root, no run

fullish, tailing away from him down the hill. Defended into the covers

Boult to Root, no run

fullish, angled across him. Punched to mid-off

Alex K: "Unbelievable that this is Root's first 100 in the fourth innings"

Boomerang: "It's been a while since Root will have actually looked forward to post-match interviews..."

Boult to Foakes, 1 run

on a length, angled across him. Foakes leans across and whips across the line, out to deep backward square leg

Boult to Root, 1 run

full on the pads, tucked out to deep backward square leg. Root runs the first hard, looking for a second... but it's never there

end of over 773 runs
ENG: 264/5CRR: 3.42 
Joe Root101 (160b 9x4)
Ben Foakes31 (91b 3x4)
Tim Southee 23-5-75-0
Kyle Jamieson 25-4-79-4
Southee to Root, 1 run

full, swinging into the pads. Clipped down to long leg, inside-edging onto his front pad. Retains the strike, England need 13

Southee to Root, no run

fullish outside off, punched to mid-on with a full face

Bazza: "Love the mathematical symmetry: Root's innings runs (100) is the square ROOT of his career runs (10,000 = 100 squared)"

Alfred: "Do you write your own scripts, Joe?"

Southee to Root, no run

on a length, defended watchfully down the pitch

Southee to Root, 2 runs

full and straight, aimed at off stump. Root comes forward and clips into the leg side, out to midwicket, and charges back for two! Root has 100, and 10,000 Test runs. Standing ovation from everyone at Lord's, including the England balcony. Loud applause, before "Rooooooot!" rings round. Root looks almost overwhelmed by the emotion, holding back a tear

Southee to Root, no run

nips in off the seam, down the slope. Root is forward to defend, pushing to mid-off

Southee to Root, no run

on a length outside off, steered away towards point with an open face

One slip and a gully. In-out field.

Change of gloves for Foakes, and a quick swig of water. England are 16 runs away.

end of over 763 runs
ENG: 261/5CRR: 3.43 
Ben Foakes31 (91b 3x4)
Joe Root98 (154b 9x4)
Kyle Jamieson 25-4-79-4
Tim Southee 22-5-72-0
Jamieson to Foakes, 2 runs

back of a length, drags the pull across the line and shouts "two, two, two!" as it dribbles out towards Boult at long leg

Jamieson to Foakes, no run

on a length, angling in. Foakes comes forward to defend. It spills out into the gully via the shoulder of the bat

Jamieson to Foakes, no run

angling in towards off stump, Foakes defends into the covers

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