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England vs New Zealand, 2nd Test at Nottingham, ENG v NZ, Jun 10 2022 - Ball by Ball Commentary

2nd Test, Nottingham, June 10 - 14, 2022, New Zealand tour of England
553 & 284
(T:299) 539 & 299/5

England won by 5 wickets

Player Of The Match
ENG 2nd Innings
Full commentary
end of over 5014 runs
ENG: 299/5CRR: 5.98 
Ben Stokes75 (70b 10x4 4x6)
Ben Foakes12 (15b 2x4)
Trent Boult 16-1-94-3
Matt Henry 15-3-67-1

5.54pm I'm not sure I can follow that, so I won't. It's been a sensational run-chase, and England's mood is transformed after a dismal 18 months. From Miller, Sudarshanan, Venkat and the team, thanks for joining us, and see you at Headingley in Amsterdam on Friday!

The Player of the Match is Jonny Bairstow for his blitzkrieg hundred.

"It was great fun, one of those things when you get in that mood, just go with it. Do or die, so you've got to do. Not sure about 'picking the right ball'... strip it back, it's only you and the bowler there. Just watch the ball, that's the zone and you have to get in it. Can't say I'd looked back to [Jessop] in 1902. Cheese and ham toastie, and a coffee.

"Ben said don't even think about hitting one down, hit it into the stands..." And so he did...

"When there's been so many runs scored in the game, you don't look at it as a record run-chase, we saw it as a one-day game. Pitch good, outfield fast, positive approach, the brand of cricket, and the players who can play that brand of cricket. Let's see what's going to happen because it's going to be a journey."

"The pitch was good, that never-say-die attitude allowed people to go and flourish. Joe and Popey set up the way we capitalised at the end. This is No.1 for me, tricky not to be, a lot of chatter around England's Test cricket, some of it's been harsh, but we've battled through a few things. And if we can keep close as a group and go forward, the sky is the limit."

Wow, manifesto stuff from Jonny.

Ben Stokes arrives to a huge cheer. "Got to give credit to the boys for all five days, phenomenal performance. Today was set up perfectly for how we want to go about it, run into the danger rather than back away or stand still. Credit to Leesy at the top again, two really important knocks for the team again, everyone's contributed. Test cricket isn't necessarily about what you've seen there, but we wanted to put pressure back on their attack, a seamer down a huge advantage, and once Jonny gets his "Jonny eyes" there's no stopping him. Foakesy gives the bowlers confidence and the slips confidence, and a vital knock

"The way we bowled, out there a long time, change of plans but have to be proactive, not reactive.

"[The knee] is fine..."

"Ollie Pope, I was very clear about him being in my team, the word that gets used is repaying the faith, but he doesn't owe us anything. We've seen what he's all about this week. A huge shout-out to Nottingham for what they did, don't under-estimate the power of a home crowd."

Tom Latham "At tea it was still in the balance but the way Jonny and Ben were able to play was outstanding. A great surface to bat on, wickets hard to come by, to be in with a chance at tea, a couple of wickets there and it's a different story. A bowler down doesn't help but they kept coming back, and wanting the ball.

"When Jonny plays an innings like that it makes it harder, emotions raw, pretty gutted, another chance at Headingley. Daryl Mitchell has played fantastically well, a great fighter for us. We've a bit of a gap to the next one, a lot of families here, with the WTC on the line, however many we can get is great."

What's next? "Headingley... we're going to come harder..."

5.33pm Don't forget to send your #PoliteEnquiries for Osman and Alan... some talking points tonight I suspect...

Andy C: "24 - Most sixes in a Test in England (smashing the previous 18 in the famous 2005 Edgbaston Ashes Test)"

5.24pm Well, there we go. England said they were going to go for the win, and here is the proof of their pudding. Ben Stokes salutes a rapt crowd as he marches back to the pavilion. What a tremendous display from the skipper. Second fiddle in spite of making 75 not out from 70 balls, as he ceded the post-tea stage to one of the most astonishing onslaughts ever seen in Test cricket. Jonny Bairstow's 77-ball hundred, and 136 from 92 all told, tore this game from New Zealand's grasp, just when it seemed that the massive wicket of Joe Root was going to tip the game their way.

Alex Lees played a massive part too, with 44 including an agenda-setting sprint-start, and Ben Foakes was a calm companion to the close, to continue a fine personal series. For New Zealand, there's no pretty reading. The absence of Jamieson to a back injury was crucial - it left too much on their remaining trio of quicks, including an off-colour Tim Southee. Trent Boult never gave up with eight wickets in the match, but with a massive 1675 runs in the entire game, this was not a game in which to be a bowler.

dale: "So the record shows that in 2022, NZ were beaten by 5 wickets in both the 1st and 2nd Tests. Ahem.That is not even close to the full story. That's why we love Test cricket."

Alistair: "At Headingley in 2001 I had the greatest day of my life to date watching Mark Butcher lead a chase against the Aussies, my mum couldn't afford to take me to sporting events so when they had day 5 for free we were there. I fell in love with cricket that day, and it's amazing that so many others will have done the same today" Very similar vibes to his chase, it has to be said. What a day, what an innings!

Abhishek: "Think this is tectonic..will have a (positive) impact on how teams will play Tests. I already feel part of old timers having watched last 25 years of Test match cricket.."

Alex: "Games like this show why pitches in England should be flatter. Look back at 2005. Runs following, 5 days of cricket, need point of difference bowlers. No more green tops or slow pitches where 2 an over is good going" Well, yes, there might be some truth there

Boult to Stokes, FOUR runs

cut away, cut away for four! Ben Stokes finishes it with a reprise of his Headingley hack through extra cover! Width outside off, and crushed to the rope! This has been a simply sensational run-chase!

Boult to Stokes, FOUR runs

low full toss, clipped off the toes, beats short midwicket. England are four runs away!

Boult to Stokes, no run

a huge wind-up with single figures needed. Somehow that sneaks past off stump! Boult sinks to his haunches. He's deserved better than this!

Boult to Stokes, SIX runs

Another six for Stokes! He's on the romp now! Clears the front dog, hoons the blade through the line, high and mighty over long-on again

Vishal: "I think we cannot see the actual effect of this new English side until Away tours. Credit where it is due, but beating England in England is not easy irrespective of how strong you are" This is true. Pakistan on flat decks will be interesting with this approach though!

Boult to Stokes, no run

opens the face, and dabbed out to cover

Mohit: "Poor Root, under his captaincy Eng had 1 win in 17 games and now they're about to have 2 in 2. Such is life."

Boult to Stokes, no run

down the leg side, Stokes swings into a pull but can't connect

end of over 494 runs
ENG: 285/5CRR: 5.81 
Ben Foakes12 (15b 2x4)
Ben Stokes61 (64b 8x4 3x6)
Matt Henry 15-3-67-1
Trent Boult 15-1-80-3
Henry to Foakes, no run

fired past the legs to finish the over

Henry to Foakes, no run

eased off the front foot, into the covers

Henry to Foakes, no run

in the air, punched to short cover, Bracewell dives to his right, and can't cling on! Drop number 12, but this horse has bolted. He went with one hand, nearly snuck, had several attempts as he fell to earth. Off his shoulder too!

Henry to Foakes, no run

beaten outside off, on a wide line, nipping away from the bat

Ahan: "I suppose we'll look back at the end of this series and see that New Zealand have played the more solid cricket but England have just had that extra je ne sais quoi at crucial moments when matches could have swung either way. All Hail Baz-ball!" Feasibly... although 39 for 6 and all that at Lord's suggests there have been flaws on both sides

Henry to Foakes, no run

driven from back of a length, into the off side

Henry to Foakes, FOUR runs

shaping into the legs, an easy clip through midwicket. Right back on the stumps and that's sweetly timed

Bairstow on the boundary looks almost beatific... He's just taking it all in

end of over 483 runs
ENG: 281/5CRR: 5.85 
Ben Stokes61 (64b 8x4 3x6)
Ben Foakes8 (9b 1x4)
Trent Boult 15-1-80-3
Matt Henry 14-3-63-1

Rahul: "With these two losses NZ are surely out of WTC and it will be most likely IND vs AUS at Lords in 2023 though SA have fair chance!!" Indeed... England already needed snookers...

Boult to Stokes, no run

right up to the bat, flick-driven to mid-on

Aaron: "Unfortunately for England fans they will now have to wait about 20 failures and bairstows career back on the line before another innings of 'substance'" It's how he rolls. It's why he's so utterly compelling! But if this is the new England way, this might be his making too

Boult to Stokes, no run

short, sways inside the line, as the ball chases him from over the wicket

Boult to Foakes, 1 run

slower ball bouncer, Foakes hops inside the line, watches it well, and dabs a pull down to fine leg

David: "Technically, Leeds is in the People's Republic of West Yorkshire."

Ah yes, that'd be it. Case closed

Boult to Foakes, no run

opens the face, and glided out to point

Boult to Foakes, no run

banged in short, down the leg side, a flash of glove on the pull, and an appeal... but nothing doing from the umpire

Boult to Foakes, 2 runs

flipped off the legs to deep square leg, a scamper to the other end of the pitch

Twenty-one needed, no need for risks. But the beans are clearly pumping!

end of over 476 runs
ENG: 278/5CRR: 5.91 
Ben Stokes61 (62b 8x4 3x6)
Ben Foakes5 (5b 1x4)
Matt Henry 14-3-63-1
Trent Boult 14-1-77-3
Henry to Stokes, no run

drilled through the line, sets off for an auto-single, but that's an exceptional stop and shy in the followthrough, and a direct hit would have been out! That'll strain the knee...

Aditya: "Most run laden match in England... Is Leeds not in England?" Good point , I'm being fed duff information. But suffice to say, a lot of runs!

Henry to Stokes, no run

full length, speared into the toes, and blocked down into the crease

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